Sunday, October 31, 2010

A challenge for Stockdale and Taylor.

Front up boys, if you're not chicken arsed hate-siters.

I've told you who found the evidence about DNA in the rifle and you still deny it, just like you deny that you are persecuting David Bain.

I'll offer you a wager, $2,000 each that you can't prove that Hentschell didn't collect dna in the barell evidence and that it wasn't repeated in Counsel's closing address or that of the Judge. Not only the $2,000 each, but if you do prove that Hentschell didn't have that evidence, I'll no longer blog on the subject of the Bain killings. You say I'm a myth maker, spreading myths. I say I'm telling the truth and that you are both liars or don't know the truth.

On the other hand (and I remind you that you have the transcript - or access to copies of it) should you be unable to prove me wrong, you'll both immediately pay me $2,000 each and stop posting on TM. I'll give you 14 days from the time of your agreement to disprove what I've said. I'm happy to do it through solicitor's offices with costs paid where they fall. You either send your proof there for verification or your money and agreement to stop posting on TM under any identity. If you are able to furnish proof to the required standard I'll pay the money immediately by transfer to the solicitor's account who can send it on to your solicitor on the next working day, in any event the agreement will be enforceable and binding. And I will further put in writing that I won't broach the Bain case on this blog or any other again. First of all we agree on the wager, then you provide details of a solicitor who will act for you on this. I'll ask my solicitor to draft up an agreement that will be enforceable in terms of both issues of the wager. You contact me here by Wednesday 3rd November 2010 by 4pm to confirm your willingness to go ahead and the name of the solicitor you will use, we'll get the paperwork completed by Friday, and run the 14 days until the 19th November 2010 at 4pm. Expecting that you will accept this I'll have the preliminary draft done tomorrow to be sent on and signed on your acceptance. Couldn't be fairer, and a lot more fairer than you've treated people over a case you are either unwilling or incapable of understanding.

Oh look, Lindsay Kennard is not going to sue me.

steve1958 wrote:

God that idiot's gotta be a f%$kwit . Nah . Dont listen to that wanker . Have yah seen a lawyer on that one ?

No. Have discussed it and decided to treat it with the contempt it deserves, I don't want to feed his ego.
Any way it gives an idea of the DB supporters mentality.

Quotelinz4me (276 ) 1:26 pm, Sun 31 Oct #28794

I wonder if it could be because that, thick as he is, he knows he can't sue others for what he has publicly said himself. That will be it, and also I'd be able to ask him more details of his claim, find out the result, and it might look bad for the pedo supporters hate-sites he belongs to.

Don't forget you can post over here Lindsay, if you want to refute anything you said. I see you got some support from Steve. He's the man that didn't have the guts to rescue his daughters from a gang pad I recall. There's a lot of gutlessness that goes with being a hangbainer isn't there Linz? A lot of things in common between you and the others.

Would Kent Parker be this stupid.

Well, yes he would...

Having had his 2nd statement of defence rejected for not complying with the High Court Rules and implying that the Judge was at fault, he now acknowledges that he'll use the extra time to get his defence together. So which is it, that it's together and doesn't comply or that he will get it together using the extra time?

The continuing delays in the proceedings means that we have more time to get our defence together and to assemble witnesses and evidence to support our arguments.

And would he be so stupid to admit publicly that he is using delay tactics? Well, yes he would.....

All of this goes totally to our advantage and the fact that we are representing ourselves and not paying lawyer's fees means that we can continue with this kind of activity ad infinitum.

Rome is burning Kent, and you're fiddling - how very appropriate. You're a right old fiddly bunch over there. No lawyer. No idea of what he's doing and he thinks the Courts will entertain him ad infinitum. He's outsmarting everyone all the way to the holding cells. I hope Mr Karam's counsel doesn't bring Kent's behaviour and comments to the attention of the Judge, well I do actually.

Of particular interest to me is this admission....

Meanwhile at counterspin and on message boards at TradeMe and elsewhere, we are free to carry on undoing the errors, omissions and misrepresentations made by Karam in a responsible and respectful manner, as we have done, until some kind of balance is restored, that being our aim.

Thanks Kent, you beauty.

We know why Lindsay Kennard......

Lindsay Kennard's wife said he is a kiddie fiddler...
and I agree with her, the core reason for his advocacy of Robin Bain - another kiddie fiddler. Lindsay is part of a group promoting fiddling but not of the musical variety.

which is pretty clever considering I don't have one.

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Quotelinz4me (276 ) 11:28 am, Sun 31 Oct #28789

Of course you no longer have a wife Lindsay Kennard and it's obvious why. Don't you recall your own posts, or is it another post you now regret having made? It certainly enhanced your friendship with other pedo supporters from your hate-sites.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wiping out the barrel

Rifling Impressions

A bullet is slightly larger in diameter than the bore diameter of the barrel in which it is designed to be fired. The bore diameter is the distance from one land to the opposite land in a barrel. As a result, a rifled barrel will impress a negative impression of itself on the sides of the bullet like those seen below.

Very high pressures are generated within a firearm when a cartridge is discharged. These pressures force the bullet from the cartridge case and down the barrel at very high velocities. When a firearm is discharged, the shooter will feel the firearm jump rearward. This rearward movement of the firearm is called recoil. Recoil is for the most part caused by the cartridge case moving rearward as an opposite reaction to the pressures generated to force the bullet down the barrel.

This is why the blood in the barrel couldn't survive a rifle discharge and proves that it was Robin's dna found there after the last shot, the evidence of which (the dna) was located and given by Hentschell. It is the sort of thing I would have thought most people would know but then again twisted sisters are not 'most people,' fortunately. For anybody so bewildered, bullet projectiles are softer than the rifle bore which why if found intact will have signs of 'rifling' or characteristics of the particular firearm they were discharged from. The generated heat, velocity, the suppressed fit of the bullet inside the barrel all contributed to the reason why the dna was placed there after the last shot drawn in both by vacuum temporarily created in the barrel by the discharge and the back pressure escaping from the wound to Robin's head.

Is the defendant Kent Parker deliberately wasting

Court time? Is he trying to put off the inevitable or is he proving to be the idiot most people think he is, someone without any understanding of the legal crisis he is in and deluding himself with the idea that he is an innocent victim that people should feel sorry for?

Probably both in my opinion. Additionally, the reality that he is a defendant is unwholesome for him, that his 'friends' have largely fled after posturing about paying his defence and that payments were likely to be rewarded with a return when Kent 'won.' The payments were even hailed as an investment but the reality is little was paid and Kent is probably struggling to meet his bills. I say that because a competent lawyer would not be butchering a defence once, let alone twice. I recall Kent writing that he had 'found' a lawyer who was going to appear for him on cut rates, but even if that were true cut rates still need to be paid and as we all know a lawyer who offers a helpful discount could either lack competence or experience and regardless of that will always prioritise full paying clients. It could even be so simple that Kent won't take advice, he's shown in many ways what an idiot he is and the common sense is a foreign concept to him, so a lawyer might simply walk away from a cut-rate fully qualified idiot client.

But more to the point is that Kent is frustrated that he has no defence, two misses already should have told him something, and common sense would have told him a lot before he started foolishly opening his mouth last year and courting a waiting press. Even the press are gone now. He's a slowly sinking bitter Titanic and I for one will patiently watch him sink along with the Stockdales, Taylors, Memberys and Camerons of this world along with their pedo secrets and hate.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Come out Milton Weir, time for you to front up.

Where are you Milton?

Don't think about hiding away all the time, getting someone else to do your dirty work. Front up. I know you are there Milton. Come on out, free yourself with the truth.

Your old pal


ps Stick him em up you whoso.

Denise Cameron the liar....and still no answer from you as

to where the secret photos are you lying pile of crap.

And still no answer from te regarding how being shot through a white cloth could expand the size of Laniet's wound to be so much larger than the wound to Robin.

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Quotedcameron (55 ) 7:39 pm, Fri 29 Oct #28752

Lindsay Kennard's wife said he is a kiddie fiddler...

and I agree with her, the core reason for his advocacy of Robin Bain - another kiddie fiddler. Lindsay is part of a group promoting fiddling but not of the musical variety.

Retards are go......

Dazzling performance today. Ralphie has endorsed supergoof's learned opinion that it is the Judge's job to repeat everything counsel say in their summing up. I suppose that is in case the Jury didn't hear it the first time because they were having a party in the boy's room. We can take by this that Counsel say whatever they like and indeed refer to evidence and witnesses that do not exist. This is a great leap forward, and in the future no witnesses or evidence will be needed at a trial, both Counsel will say whatever they like, which the Judge shall repeat and maybe add a few tidbits of his own just for fun and entertainment and then it will go to the Jury.

Would that be enough to keep a retard party going for a year in full lift off? Well just in case it isn't old retard Rachael happens along main street Otorohanga riding a broomstick horse and making horsey noises at Mayor Colgate. She's on a winner this time. She's a gunslinger and it's high noon. This from her.....

it would seem that it was the children that were providing the angst to the killer, not the mother and well it would have definitely been suspect for Robin to have suicided using more than one shot

Quotegoldnkiwi (608 ) 3:15 pm, Fri 29 Oct #2874

'definitely been suspect' go Rachael whoa whoa. Been at the plonk bottle already have we? Would 15 shots to the head have raised any suspicion that it wasn't suicide? But I see what you mean, one shot proved suicide. The sisters won't like that coming from a fellow hate-siter racy rachael, the hornblower at the local hunt club. Go Rachael honk honk.

Rifle suction for Ralph Taylor and Mike Stockdale - Science triumphs over hate-siters

Peer reviewed.

scenesetter wrote:
Exactly, a big problem for the prosecution, one of many of course. Do you have any information about the pressure inside the skull increasing because of a gunshot and how that might relate to the DNA finding it's way inside the rifle and silencer?

Yes-the paper I referenced is: Karger et al 1996, "In case of gunshots to the head, backspatter is reported to result from either a rapid expansion of gas trapped between the elastic skin and the skull with a resulting backwards stream of escaping gas (Fraenckel and Stragmann 1924; Werkgartner 1924; Weimann 1931; Stephens and Allen 1983; Pex and Vaughan 1987) or from high intracranial pressures caused by temporary cavitation (Weimann 1931; Sellier 1982).

From the same paper there is a "momentary suction effect of the barrel aspiring material into the muzzle (Brining and Wiethold 1934; Knight 1977)" This suction effect could contribute to Robins blood being found in the barrel.Clearly it needs to be a very close range shot for this to occur.

His paper is titled "Backspatter from experimental close-range shots to the head"

The paper explains how the spatter from intercranial over pressure can travel quite large distances (2m) compared to the initial very fine spatter that travels only about 1/2 m or so
by parapenter
on 03:15 pm, 03 Feb 2010

Spy 'Master' Annette Curran objecting to someone being a 'spy'

golfergold wrote:
Parapenter when you signed up to be a member of the other forum, I'm sure you were well aware what the forum was about. We never claimed it was anymore than a forum where people who thought David Bain was guilty could post without abuse from hinkleman and nostalgia. I guess it was during your period where you thought David was guilty that you were happy to be a member of the forum. I don't recall seeing any complaints from you while you were a member.

I find it very cowardly for people to join a forum either to just spy or else not have the courage to speak out there, and instead rubbish it elsewhere. You had plenty of opportunity to speak out there before I put you out of your misery and banned you.

Accusing someone of murder using a pseudonym isn't exactly a paragon of courage is it Golfer?

Thanks for banning me-that's great ,you've saved me the trouble of undoing my registration.Actually one does need to register in order to see what the website is about & to see how unbalanced it is.

I did consider posting on it but the trouble is there are a lot of people who post there who simply do not know enough about the evidence.No attempts are made by the moderator ( if indeed there is one) to correct posts that simply are not factual.If journalistic integrity is a sea, then your website is a beached whale.It would be an exercise in futility for me to kick it back into the sea -I simply don't have enough time & don't want my foot covered in the putrid blubber of disinformation.Besides the forum structure is not one I prefer, the TM system is better.
by parapenter
on 12:11 pm, 03 Feb 2010

Speaking of twisted sisters another emerges from the mire...

Annette Curran Trial Postponed after juror nods off
about an hour ago · Comment ·LikeUnlike · Flag

Yes, Annette Curran puts in a first appearance since the revelation that her 'secure' hate-site was bleeding, deliberately choosing a tumultuous day when motherkent was convulsing and barking more than usual - Annie took a little sneak in the backway. Sneaky, backward Annie.

Welcome back Annie, thanks for all that info. A Government Investigative team would be hard pressed to reveal all that information you did into the public arena about you and your fellows stalking, tracking the Jury and so forth. You have supplied a great deal of new and confirming material all very helpful to the cause. You have reason to be very proud. I hope you liked your new award 'Spite: Live your Hate.'

Zero hero nina_s

Oh look, zero hero nina_s, the person who denied being janejetson(0),bonecrusher(0),slimdusty(0) or that she was a member of a hate site is upset about other zero heroes like herself.


I've noticed that a whole bunch of zero traders have appeared promoting the unions view on the Hobbit.

And all you zero's are busy filling the message board with threads on your labour/union propaganda.

Go away. These boards are for genuinely held opinions, not political party propaganda.

Quotenina_s (94 ) 7:48 am, Fri 29 Oct #1

The person(s) previously employed to spread sub-judice propoganda and defamation takes on a 'holier than thou' role. How quaint, touching, sweet even. Nina_concertina, how does your garden grow?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ralph Taylor : Retard of the Week.

Yes, it's retard time again
Ralph's gonna lead you
I can see that far away look in his eyes
It's retard time again
and Ralph's the winner.

Congratulations retard head - you're the winner

Well, we've seen Ralph struggling on, trying to figure which way is up and why his hair stands on end when he puts his finger in a socket. We've seen him feverishly going through his wallet looking for his licence to find out what his name is again, only to discover he can't read. The whole world is against him and his fiddly, fiddly ways.

Labouring the point that he can't find ........'s evidence regarding the DNA in the rifle and clearly suspecting that the Judge was telling a big whopper just to fool old Ralphie doodle, going round and round in circles and bumping into Mike going the other way, mumbling under his breath about Mike's odour and flatulence, and propensity to wear black lace and stockings. That's a perfect reason to name him as Retard of the week but I've been holding out on him for a few awards because I like the look of bewilderment on his face when his cigarette burns down to the butt and his lips get burnt or when he gets that sly, cunning look on his face after he spots old Mike's wallet on the floor, but when dives for it Mike pulls it away on a string much like he did with his offer to pay campmother's bills. They play like that for hours, it's a true retard moron relationship, so touching to watch.

But he broke out a little this week, maybe his meds have been changed or something. Now he has another obsession he believes a person with one foot raised on a chair and instantly demobilised would fall forward? Forward, like your standing knee is the first thing to collapse and your weight is already measured to the rear - but Ralphie true retard he is reckons you'll go forward. He also says that there is no recoil to a .22 which is unamazingly enough true, but he can't fathom that a bullet entering your skull and not exiting is not a feather touch.

So Ralph just for being a consistent trier to prove what is obvious to us all - you get The Retard of The Week Award. You champion you, if Mike wasn't so tight he'd shout you an ice cream, but he wouldn't want campy to find out because he's told Kent that he lost all his money on a turtle race.

Hey Stockdale and Kulkkulbelle..

Time to front up with the cash. You know the money that you bragged about having to fight the defamation case, when you were so haughty and disdainful that the event might be very expensive but that you would sponsor the defence. Money talks and all there is silence filled with momentarily wailing and sobbing from Kent and Victoria.

You promised them help, said that you had deep pockets, stump up with some cash, a lot of cash so that a lawyer can tell idiots Kent and Victoria that they don't have a dog's show, and one more failed effort at a defence and lack of competent counsel will see their defence struck out - just like it should be.

Your filthy hate sites burn while you all run like the cowards you always were.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh dear, campymother strike two....

October 27 Teleconference
As a result of the teleconference of 27 October, the Parker - Purkiss defence team have been requested to rewrite their Defence yet again, due to supposed breaches of High Court Rules. The Second Amended Defence is due to be submitted mid December and another conference is scheduled for 16 February 2011. On the agenda for that conference is the setting of a trial date. Given that the waiting list in the High Court, which is typically 6 months in most districts, is likely to be most of a year in Auckland, a trial date is not going to happen any time soon.

The more that the Plaintiff draws out the pre-trial proceedings the more expensive it becomes for him. At present, the plaintiff has neither furnished a response to the defence nor an explanation of supposed problems with it.

Poor campymother, can't get his defence right. Poor campymother is struggling to understand that it is really all over for him, that he can't defend his position with accusations against Joe Karam, or claims about David's guilt. Poor campymother is a woeful soul, a woeful soul is he.

Dear sisters, twisted friends all, imagine what Kent's not telling you when he so easily spouts the peril he faces, that you face likewise. He can't even grasp that his defence is in peril of being struck out and that Joe Karam it seems has asked for that, not been willing to engage with documentation that has no place in a Court and which is certainly not a genuine defence. Poor campymother, and victoria, they can't even get the job as orange boys in their own demise. They're working against themselves and don't even know.

Moron of the Week - everybody's favourite superplonker Mike Stockdale.

Congratulations Mike, any of the following would have done. But I suppose having so much proficiency at being a Moron you have heaps of moronship to spare which you do so generously without a thought for the sane - a true introverted sign of moronism.

Over on the JFRB thread I have had to repeat that testimony from David Bain's aunt about him mentioning to her that he was wearing his mother's glasses I don't know how many times,some people just don't seem to be able to accept that.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 4:30 pm, Wed 27 Oct #167

Here, we see Stockdale at his moronish best, struggling with the most basic of things. Well Mike, David's Aunt (later to be beneficiary of Robin and Margaret's will) claiming that David 'mentioned' to her that he was wearing his mother's glasses is different to the evidence he gave, where he said he hadn't worn them that weekend. Of course most people realise that wearing glasses without lens is of no benefit and those glasses when recovered had no lens at all, and the lens (one, recovered 'after hours' by an officer who was not involved in the manual scene search, was dusty and found under clothes. There was no blood on that first lens or the second despite Stephen's room having a lot of blood spray.) So people are entitled to make up their own minds - just as the Jury did. You say 'some people just don't seem to be able to accept that' seldom do you ever say anything that's true, but here you have. Some people don't accept it for very good reasons, you want them to accept it so as to justify your lies about David and your intention to persecute him. I don't need glasses to see that Mike, the fact that you are unable to grasp things in their wider context (rather than what you want or hope for) shows exactly why you are a Moron. Keep it up.

And here's another humdinger from you Mike, it's called 'where the bullet didn't come from.'

David Bain then leaves the alcove and goes into the lounge.He carries out a safe unloading procedure which would include removing the magazine and pulling the bolt back.If there was a round in the chamber it would be ejected.That is why that bullet is on the floor of the lounge.Simple as.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 1:26 pm, Fri 22 Oct #28499

Later, when he has 'discovered' the rifle had a live round in the chamber when found Mike re-explains...

David Bain was hardly likely to eject a live round from the magazine that was in the rifle,was he?I doubt that even his defence team would have been able to explain how a dead man could clear the rifle.

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Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 9:23 am, Sun 24 Oct #28543

I'm beginning to learn that a fundamental attribute of a Moron is to never admit a mistake. A person who isn't a Moron would realise that it's better to acknowledge a mistake and move on because if you pretend otherwise, or choose to ignore it - you come across as a Moron - just like Mike. Good work Mike, it's so effortless for you that you must drive the other Moron hangbainers green with envy.

Here, lucky, lucky, lucky.

Here boy.
Don't be a chicken.
Be a good cat.
Come and get your worm tablets.
How come you're not so brave anymore pussy?
Cat got your tongue?
Hens come home to roost?
Here lucky lucky.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Retard Rachael, I want be a Mayor or even a mare will do.

i for one appreciate ur understanding of the issues, even now it is confusing, i vote for professional juries

Quotegoldnkiwi (608 ) 5:38 pm, Mon 25 Oct #28607

Finally admits what was obvious all along that she's confused. I'm confused too Rachael, how can the opening of a silencer be smaller than the bore of the rifle it's fitted with?

You know Rachael, when the electoral officer said that you could have been cheating, did you tell him you were confused because generally you only cheat when playing snap with the children in the local kindergarten? How long has your confusion lasted? Do you suspect that the results of your brain scan (the findings of which were that you don't have one) might provide an answer for your general bewilderment? When you lost the election for the third time, did you, in an interview with the local paper, report that you were perplexed by the outcome and state that some of the voters might have been confused by the gifts you gave them, (you know the toothpaste squeezer,) and voted for Colgate instead of you? Is by chance the new Mayor's name Colgate?

Old Moron head....blurtha butt, or blerta to his friends (if he ever gets one)

We don't know...We don't know... which case he could have...
But Arawa was probably....
..was either close contact or from not far away..
would have been a bit of a blur to David Bain, but would not have been big blurs...

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 3:52 pm, Tue 26 Oct #28636

I don't know, I reckon, I betcha, I could've, I wanta, maybe, probably I did.

Yay goosehead!

Anybody remember luckytrader posting as Trevor? in the beginning at freeforums?

I'm happy to accept the situation at face value (that Neil is not luckydispster,) which of course does nothing to deter my interest in luckytrader who was particularly active in planning and directing the stalking from guilty.freeforums. Luckytrader, I seem to recall, may have posted under the name Trevor at some point, I think when first posting of guilty, then swapped to posting as luckytrader.

Who is Trevor?

Well who is luckytrader then?

First this from a correspondent..

Do we believe him?

Neil purkiss, I mean? about not being luckytrader?

I'm not sure I do. Too many coincidences:
same posting style, same abuse of punctuation;
both cockneys (NP is on facebook as from the East End of London, on TM misspw had a rhyming slang exchange with lucky trader as having been a cockney)
both posting almost identical things , NP on facebook, LT on TM at the same times
both connected to the juror who wrote that letter in some way

hmmm. I reserve judgment. It's possible they are not the same person - but it's also possible that they are not the same person in the same way that Christine Williams is not misspw (her daughter Amiria's account)

Well folks can judge for themselves. I do recall luckytrader implying that he recruited or attempted to recruit into some secret service of some type. However, putting things in perspective he would be up their in terms of whackiness among the other hangbainers.

Anyway, I'm sure to find out. I've made an inquiry to Trade Me about him and others, which will now form part of a legal proceeding that I should have sworn and ready for filing by Friday.

Just as an aside it was interesting to read on guilty.freeforums that Kalnovitch was actually laddiefatcat even though she vehemently denied it. All this from people who held themselves out to be honest and believers in Justice, how the mighty have fallen and will continue to fall as the scent of blood and hate that drove them blindly along is diluted to the smell of their own fear. What a turnout!

I have just received the anonymous message below...Signed by Neil

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Luckytrader the Purkiss?) questions ...":

I just done a search on my own name to test my privacy settings and came across this!! I am very sorry but I am definatly not LUCKYTRADER. Please remove any mention of me in regard to this.

Accepting that this message is sent in good faith and is genuine, it seems that Neil is not Luckytrader afterall which must be a great relief for him.

Monday, October 25, 2010

For those that might not have noted from below that retard Rachael 'goldnkiwi'

is well known on google. At first I thought it was a joke, now I find that it is in fact a joke. A sick joke, made upon a number of people because it's true that Rachael is a law graduate, a real estate agent and a local body political hopeful.

What does this say for the judgement of this woman, that she would belong to hate forums where discussion and encouragement of stalking takes place along with stalking of Jurors and misrepresentation of the truth in order to persecute and defame others over evidence she has demonstrated time and again that she can't follow?

Rachael, should know the core of law and order is respect of the law and a willingness to operate within for change or justice - not to become a member of a hate-sites where members fantasise over sex with children, or watching 'lynchings by torch light.' You have no judgement Rachael, and no respect for the law or the rights of others. You are a disappointment Rachael, willing even to influence votes in your favour by free gifts in some apparent delusion that you may do what you wish without respect for others, let alone for the law. It's no wonder you found your way to being a hate-siter and supporter of persecution on Trade Me. No wonder at all.

Congratulations Rachael - you lose.

How thick is he? from Kent Parker....

The following arrived in the mail box. Thanks Kent.

Submitted by Kent Parker on Mon, 25/10/2010 - 12:37pm have published what appears to be a statement from David Bain and Joe Karam. I assume that an interview did not take place because David Bain giving an interview would be a news item in itself. Rather this article looks like it is the result of a carefully crafted media statement timed perfectly to coincide with the recent publicity surrounding Rochelle Crewe's call for a re-investigation of her parents' murders in the wake of Ian Wishart's book on the subject.

Well Kent we all realise your paranoia would be at its highest at the moment. Interesting that you are so insanely jealous that anybody but yourself might be interviewed about the Bain case - even David. Don't be jealous Kent get over yourself. You're old news now, there's no interest in what you say, the papers won't print your press releases and wont run your advertisements. Having said that there is an extremely high interest in your expected demise in the Auckland High Court. Why don't you concentrate on that Kent, David giving an interview should be the least of your problems. 'carefully crafted media statement timed perfectly' is a little too far on the jealous side Kent, but if you may feel you're been given a lesson by someone with more brains and savvy than you - why simply not admit it. If you feel so absolutely left out I could consider you for the Moron award although I've been waiting for your complete capitulation to do that.

In the statement David makes a public appeal for a formal declaration of innocence from the Crown. I figure if the Crown was going to do that then they would have done it by now, but the reality is that there are far too many impediments against such a move, including the large amount of evidence that incriminates David in the murder of his family. Joe Karam may claim that there are 14 key items that indicate Robin's guilt, but there are at least 114 key items that indicate David's guilt, and the Crown calculates 'innocence' on the basis of balance of probabilities. 114 minus 14 equals 100 in favour of David Bain being guilty. As a well known justice campaigner once said: "A jury does not always get it right" (this was Joe Karam no less). I am not an expert on the history of juries, but I understand that the system was established to enable guilt or innocence of alleged criminals to be judged by a group of "peers" rather than by a group of people holding a privileged position. The trial system provides an event during which a select amount of evidence is paraded before the jury according to a complex set of rules that have gradually accumulated over the years. The judgment happens at a distinct point of time, when the jury delivers its verdict, and cannot easily be contraverted. There is ample opportunity within this system for the truth to be lost, for weak lawyers to inadequately argue the case, or for court rules to allow key evidence to be held inadmissable. The legal system acknowledges this by maintaining that a not guilty verdict does not equate with 'innocence'. If there is public unrest about a verdict and/or new evidence is found, a case that previously brought a not guilty verdict may be brought back to trial and deliver a guilty verdict. In the legal system, trial verdicts are often held in a state of flux awaiting new evidence or appeal.

I hope the above is not an indication of the formulation of your defence Kent because you'll quickly find yourself in the holding cells for contempt. Of course I understand that you have 114 key items that you believe indicate David's guilt, but imagination is no defence Kent, and David's guilt or innocence is no defence to the charges you face. Thanks for your history on the law, but you haven't the foggiest idea of what you're talking about and I would remind you that trying to give the Judge of your trial a history in Law will result in you being placed in the dungeons that still fill the pit below the Auckland High Court.

We can forgive David for being naive about the true nature of his not guilty status, but in reading his statement we cannot avoid the probability that it has been engineered as part of Joe Karam's propaganda campaign to garner public support for his compensation bid. The latest news on the bid is that there is no news. There is nothing to report.

What planet are you on Kent, why would you imagine David Bain would won't to be forgiven by somebody like you. It is you that should ask to be forgiven by him. He's done you no harm, you've never met the man, apart from coming like a thief in the night to steal your way into his life and that of his late family.

In relation to the Crewe case, Joe Karam has the following to say: "If they want to satisfy the public they need somebody like me to work with them because I have an understanding of police files and court documents and procedures. Nobody could then accuse the police of another cover-up." Joe Karam is on another planet. His handling of the Bain case hardly represents "satisfying the public", so what makes him think that he would be any better with handling the Crewe case? This statement reflects very poor understanding by Karam of how "the public" view him. If Karam was to play a part in the Crewe case, then, defamation action notwithstanding, "the public" would be accusing Karam of a whole myriad of other things instead, as they have already done as a result of the Bain case. His controversial reputation and lack of impartiality would be enough to immediately exclude him from any such involvement.

Typically here, as always, your true motive is to attack a man you have driven yourself crazy with jealousy over. Someone who has knocked you off your high horse, who would never have heard of you or bothered with you if not for your attacks against his reputation, something you continue with today, acting like a childish prat that has no understanding of the situation you are in. It's your understanding that is at fault and that's why you are in court. You've stalked people, mounted campaigns based on lies and mistruths and been caught out. Don't you have a decent bone in your body, a mere pulse of brain activity that would tell you that your big mouth and careless ways has only just begun its toll on you.

Plead for a settlement Kent and come clean about your partners in defamation and harassment. It's your only hope and, afterall, it will continue to come out anyway. But anyway I'll see you there, I look forward to your arrival in the Courtroom.

PS. I forgot my manners. Thanks very much for the additional material.

Maryanne Newton - dustproof, objects to being called a dick.

This woman, who has made a 'fine' art of abusing and defaming David, Joe Karam, numerous witnesses, an entire Jury, even the Crown and others, objects to being called a 'dick.'

Well, you are a dick Newton. You're such a dick you provided proof against yourself of being a stalker and harasser. It would only be hangbainer like yourself that would make such simple assumptions about what might motivate others, or how bright they might be. Nobody I know is influenced by anything about the Bain case other than by facts and logic. Facts and logic aren't on your menu newton, that's why you're a stalking pedo supporter. Your equally dickhead dickmother has a Court date this week and you're so thick you continue to provide evidence against him and Trade Me right up to the last minute.

klrider wrote:

Well you are a bit of a dick, I like the all blacks, hate DB, how they got associated here is a mystery.

Some are blinded by Karam's bs becsause he was an All Black. No need to call me a dick just becuase you didn't know that!

Quotedustproof (48 ) 1:19 pm, Mon 25 Oct #52

Retard Rachael from Otorohanga goes for it again.

She doesn't want to share the award ....

te-aroha wrote:


Mr Ngamoki said the rifle was in good condition, but it did misfeed and jam once while he was conducting firing tests with it.

This required reloading of the magazine, manually retracting the bolt and shaking the bullet free, or flicking it out with an object.

He confirmed to prosecutor Cameron Mander that a bullet shown to him, from the Bain family home, had the characteristics of having been misfed and jammed.

Bain's defence team has raised the issue of a misfed bullet in the lounge where Robin's body was found, and have put it to witnesses that Robin would not have stayed still if David had misfired the rifle and been forced to reload and fire again.

Bain's lawyer, Helen Cull QC, said there were five misfeeds in the house on the morning of the killings.

how would she know that? did David tell her do u think??

Quotegoldnkiwi (608 ) 12:18 pm, Mon 25 Oct #28592

Well, retard Rachael from Otorohanga, the way Helen Cull QC would have known there were fives misfeeds because it was part of the evidence, and if you even read the post you copied you'd see the armourer was able to tell the characteristics of live rounds that had been misfed and jammed. You display again your ignorance and willingness to persecute somebody on evidence you can't understand even when it's before your eyes. You a complete retard, you're so retarded you've spent your whole life crawling backwards down a sewer with your mouth open.

Mike misfed birdbrain Stockdale, bites the dust again...

supersleuth wrote:

The magazine may have been defective,but David Bain still managed to kill four people using it.And he fired at least eight bullets,so he couldn't have had many,if any,misfeeds.


Mr Ngamoki said the rifle was in good condition, but it did misfeed and jam once while he was conducting firing tests with it.

This required reloading of the magazine, manually retracting the bolt and shaking the bullet free, or flicking it out with an object.

He confirmed to prosecutor Cameron Mander that a bullet shown to him, from the Bain family home, had the characteristics of having been misfed and jammed.

Bain's defence team has raised the issue of a misfed bullet in the lounge where Robin's body was found, and have put it to witnesses that Robin would not have stayed still if David had misfired the rifle and been forced to reload and fire again.

Bain's lawyer, Helen Cull QC, said there were five misfeeds in the house on the morning of the killings.

Quotete-aroha (67 ) 11:27 am, Mon 25 Oct #28591

But in all seriousness I think it's a bit on the nose for te-aroha to call him an idiot, doesn't te-aroha have any manners. If he did, surely he would show the man some respect and call him a f...en Moron Idiot.

On the subject of misfeeds that could be Mike's biggest problem, his brain is a misfeed, instead of getting a human brain he got a birdbrain. Bloody misfeeds these days, no wonder he eats birdseed and farts all the time.

Who is the cab driver?

Anonymous said...
Nos, you are presuming they are adults. I fear these people left the realm of adulthood long ago, and have ventured into a reality far beyond any normal range.

They are so consumed by their hatred for someone they've never met,
over the deaths of people they never knew, based on evidence they've never really examined, and a belief in people with very little skill.
When that hatred becomes incorporated with their jealousy over anyone with fame and sucess compared to their own insignificance, they react in a manner that is really 'out of this world'.

An office clerk, a failed psychologist, a retail assistant in a small town liquor store, a imported junk retailer, and a cabby are hardly the upper crust of intellectual and sucessful society.

October 25, 2010 11:28 AM

The above copied from a comment on a post 'from a correspondent' below is fairly easy to follow but I don't recall who the cab driver is.

The office clerk - Mike Stockdale
A failed psychologist - Kent Parker
A liquor retail assistant - Vic Purkiss
A imported junk retailer - ?
A cabby - ?

This is particularly well put..

They are so consumed by their hatred for someone they've never met,
over the deaths of people they never knew, based on evidence they've never really examined, and a belief in people with very little skill.

But some concession to those that are doggedly trying to follow the 'evidence' as presented by Stockdale, but who are unable to see that he constantly changes it, far easier to give up on the idiot because he has no idea of what he is talking about. He thinks evidence is the next thing he makes up to cover for his latest in a long line of mistakes.

A special moment of notice for the stalker Annette Curran

thought you might like a new award for your blog.... Or perhaps a 'special notice', rather than an award.
I'd nominate golfergold for the inaugural one for encouragement and facilitation in provision of a forum for spite

The above was sent by a correspondent and I think it is worth noting the spiteful Annette Curran in this way. Golfergold (aka guilty) was one of the earliest stalkers on the Bain threads. As everyone now knows she had a 'secret' forum that was publishing live into cyberspace. She is someone of special note, a liar, a false identity user but of more interest is her relationship with a poster michellemosse who leaked 'information' during David's trial. Material which was never supported with fact. That information, michellemosse and Annette Curran remain important in the reconstruction of the attempts to pervert the course of Justice that we all now know happened before and during the trial, as well as since of course by people like Neil Purkiss, Ralph Taylor and Mike Stockdale. The later have left substantial trails while (apart from her major blunder on freeforums) Annette Curran still holds information that will need to be made public.

Annette you are gone for the moment, but not forgotten. You will surely be immortalised in some way for your spiteful ways. In the meantime I'm sure you will look upon this token to your spite with great pride. Congratulations for the amount of time you were able to hide your true self.

Oh look, Maryanne Newton - claiming to have a conscience.

Old stalker Maryanne Newton, becoming holier than thou.

Nearly made me throw up reading this part of the article - how dare he? DB and JK have sunk to new depths trying to use the emotions of this poor young woman to promote their own agenda. Karma come on!!

Quotedustproof (48 ) 8:21 am, Mon 25 Oct #30

This fully documented stalker, and a hate-siter, is worried about the emotions of Rochelle Crewe. Well Christine, what about the emotions of the families you stalked, the pictures of children you looked at and discussed on a hate-site that you didn't know was airing live in cyberspace?

Don't adopt the emotions of Rochelle Crewe, she doesn't need the help of a stalking hate-siter. Hasn't the penny dropped Maryanne Newton? The game is up, you publicly outed yourself. Don't try to recover ground by tendering false emotion for somebody you don't know. Rochelle Crewe doesn't need the help of propagandists, hate-siters and stalkers whose ambition is to persecute people they don't know. She wants the truth, and one truth we all know is that you are a stalker of children, just like rotten robin - go hang out with your pedo mates.

Melanie White. Remember her?

She was the one that sought to publicise the anniversary of the Bain deaths and invited the press and public to attend. She claims to be the class mate of Laniet (something who sister made the same claim about - leading to a public argument between the two on one of the hate-sites,) of course most will recall not one person apart from Melanie attended her sentimental, wrought with emotion, publicised memorial, apart from a sole reporter. No other classmates bothered to answer Melanie's pleas for people to attend. No other classmate has come forwarded (except her sister of course who said that it was she that was Laniet's friend and not Melanie) to support anything she says. Melanie even went onto invent a story of a 'confession' of sorts that implied that it was David and not daddy who was the fiddler in this plot, Melanie is a left-out fantasist, a dangerous, deranged individual who thinks Kent Parker is a genius - that fact alone ought to tell people something.

Well, yesterday, probably because of her usual loneliness and need for attention, any attention from anybody - and because even Kent doesn't want anything more to do with her, she claimed there was no evidence that daddy was a fiddler when in fact there is a copious amount, not just from a number of witnesses including a Doctor and others, but by the construction of circumstances that tell their own story, the absent daughter prostituting herself, her problems with drugs, her father's possessive infatuation with her, her father's negligence in helping her other - than as David told police, by 'giving her money and rides.'

Face it Melanie, there is an abundance of evidence that Robin was a fiddler, even now there are those that among his supporters who are self-confessed fiddlers or apologists for paedophiles. But a larger spectre emerges from that morning in Dunedin and hangs still yet in the sky of the history of this case, Robin Bains corruption of his own children and his own morals, and his cowardice that he could not end his own rotten life but that he must take them with him. You are a cowardly persecutor Melanie, you've invented lies to promote you paedophile supporting ways, but you now lie publicly and deny that there were many witnesses who helped uncover what Robin tried to cover with his disturbed, depressed mind and a firearm. Have you no decency, interest in the truth, ability to be constructive with evidence which is widely known, apparently not. It is beyond you, anything other than hate or seeking attention is beyond you. You should be in the whacko ward.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Nos, by Goodnewsguy.

Dear Nos,
Some of the children are worried about you wanting to cook Mike Stockdale in the olde cannibalistic ways of the past to consume your enemy, and leave his skull in the rafters of the sleeping hut so that you will be able to differentiate between the ghosts that visit at night. They've asked me if you have ever heard of Kentucky Fried Chicken for example, or even a cup of cocoa.

It seems Nos, these days, that putting your enemies in cooking pots and eating them afterwards is not considered to be a fast food option after all. I hope this may cause you time to pause, and reconsider your intention of opening 5 fast food cannibalistic takeaway outlets in the greater Auckland area before xmas and increase the number to 10 instead - just for the xmas rush.

Your old buddy pal,

GNG (Weightwatchers)

Forwarded by a correspondent...
This thread continues to be defamatory, despite having been very frequently
brought to your attention.

example posts only: the thread is defamatory as a whole.
#28511 by supersleuth: alleges that David Bain committed perjury.
#28505 by lucky_trader says that David Bain committed the murders of which
he was acquitted at trial.
#28501 by sophier8 alleges evidence against David Bain (which is distorted)
and claims he is guilty of a crime of which he has been acquitted
#28514 supersleuth states by implication that David Bain is guilty.
#28523 by supersleuth refers posters to the JFRB facebook page and sketches
that supersleuth (Mike Stockdale) commissioned purporting to depict how
David Bain murdered his father
#28527 by dcameron claims that having read the transcript, the Crown case
did not succeed because their presentation of their case was 'poor' thus
defaming not only David Bain but also Crown counsel.
#28528 by jeeves-50 doing the same, saying Crown counsel were unprepared and
#28530 by mazurka (and repeated in #28531 by goldnkiwi) linking to an
animation by poster mazurka of how David Bain committed the murders:
implicitly stating he did so.
How far do these posters need to go before TradeMe recognise their
obligation to stop this nonsense?

In answer to 'how far do these posters need to go before TradeMe recognise their obligation to stop this nonsense.' I think we may well see some recognition by Trade Me of their obligations in the next week, but certainly in the new year. They will obey the law, and these scumbags hate-siters will be routed.

Well I don't know about anybody else but

I'm going to enjoy watching Kent Parker on trial. It's because I have a theory about him. I reckon his eyes are slightly askew. I reckon from watching him that I will see one eye involuntarily drifting off line in a somewhat symbolic sign of distorted logic and an unsound mind. That will be very interesting for me because I believe his insanity will be visible under scrutiny. I saw that photo of him in the SST last year and I reckon he looks like Anthony Perkins in the movie Psycho except of course, unlike Perkins, who acted the part of a mad man, Kent will be trying to act the part of a sane man. I don't think he'll be getting an academy award though, hard luck campmother.

I can hear cages rattling.

I can hear cages rattling, false teeth are flying through the atmosphere. The sisters have got knotted, not dog-knotted as I'm sure some would like to be, no. They've got their knickers in a twist because the man they have claimed at length will not speak, has spoken. The man they have waged a hate campaign against has spoken, confirmed a jury's finding, confirmed common sense and logic, confirmed and verified his innocence.

Personally, I think Lindsay Kennard, Mike Stockdale, Ralph, Vic and Neil Purkiss, shouldn't be wearing knickers at there ages anyway. It's unseemly, however inadequate and sexually dysfunctional that they may be, to be wearing knickers on a Sunday when claiming to be on a holy mission. Spare me the thought of Mike Stockdale in crotchless panties, it was bad enough having him selling that photo of himself on the net.

Speaking of fairies and fiddler lovers, here's another one ...Linsday Kennard..

I am sure that if the experiments had been done correctly the prints would have excluded Robin as the method would have resulted in prints from a person of Robin's build the luminol result would have revealed a print of around 25-26 cm at most and a person of DB build a print of 27-29 cm.

Quotelinz4me (276 ) 10:55 am, Sun 24 Oct #28551

Lindsay Kennard is trying to cover up Robin's footprints as quickly as he'd now like to cover up that he told the world his wife said he was fiddler...

Not only that, he introduces new science, where you don't measure prints you concentrate on the build (if known) of the person who left the print. So by this bewildering logic footprints by measurement are now made redundant in any forensic inquiry and not compared to a suspects foot size, no, it's the build of the person that made them that matters. The fact that a 6 footer might have size nine shoes, and someone five foot eight size twelve, doesn't mean a thing. In Lindsay's world of high alcohol and drug content, with fiddling on the side, Jury's will be shown a footprint and be invited to guess whose it is based on a formula that Kennard will one day work out with help from his psychiatrist.

D..khead, Moron Mike Stockdale is away with the fairies. In fact he is probably a fairy.

Two days ago he said.....

David Bain then leaves the alcove and goes into the lounge.He carries out a safe unloading procedure which would include removing the magazine and pulling the bolt back.If there was a round in the chamber it would be ejected.That is why that bullet is on the floor of the lounge.Simple as.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 1:26 pm, Fri 22 Oct #28499

Now he says....

David Bain was hardly likely to eject a live round from the magazine that was in the rifle,was he?I doubt that even his defence team would have been able to explain how a dead man could clear the rifle.

Edited by supersleuth at 9:34 am, Sun 24 Oct

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 9:23 am, Sun 24 Oct #28543

And I say...You're a f...en idiot Stockdale. You can't remember what you've said from one minute to the next. I bet 'Fiddler on the Roof' is your favourite movie.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

.2% chance that Robin's death was murder....

The following is material posted by parapenter last June. I posted about it earlier to contest the b...s..t from Kennard that there was only .5% chance that Robin had suicided. As we see the statistical research shows suicide was a 99.8% probable event. Of course the research does not take into account specifics about a particular death scene, in the case of Robin's, the blood spatter going in two directions on the trousers of his raised leg, the uninterrupted spatter across the floor and onto the curtains, make the figure a robust 100% probability suicide, before even considering his personal situation, depression and so forth - but least not to forget the unescapable fact of dna in the rifle. Likewise this proves Lindsay kennard is a 100% liar - good work Linzo you sure know how to cover up for pedos.

Homicide Stats with Longarms-
Grandmaison et al, Forensic Science International 2008

41% Contact/Near Contact fatalities are homicides.
Fatalities with Front to Back component to Trajectory -26% are homicides.
Fatalities with Left to right component to trajectory-17% are homicides.
Fatalities with upwards component to trajectory -14%

Therefore the probability of homicide using a rifle in a contact or near contact execution in which the bullet has a front to back,left to right,upwards trajectory is approx 0.2%

Unfortunately the defense have not referenced this peer reviewed study published in a reputable scientific journal.

The chances of Robin's death being murder 0.2% The chance of Lindsay Kennard being a liar 100%.

'Simple as' by fruitcake, Mike Stockdale.

David Bain then leaves the alcove and goes into the lounge.He carries out a safe unloading procedure which would include removing the magazine and pulling the bolt back.If there was a round in the chamber it would be ejected.That is why that bullet is on the floor of the lounge.Simple as.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 1:26 pm, Fri 22 Oct #28499

Simple as according to superdoof, explaining why a live round is on the floor in the lounge. Not so simple is that the rifle when checked by police had a bullet in the chamber and that's why Moron Mike is a Moron. He now thinks the compo claim has been 'withdrawn' I suppose he also thinks mothergoose and victoria purkiss aren't due in court next week. Above he has his 'considerate' supposed murderer making the rifle safe in a way that would have meant that it was impossible for Robin to have suicided, that makes sense if you are a moron. Everyone else of course realises that the live round in the breach automatically occurred as the result of the last round having been fired, because the rifle was semi-auto and self-loaded after the last shot.

Lindsay Kennard, lying for the cause - again

Sorry was not agreeing with the defence just saying having a round in the breech was the only evidence that could with a very strong wind and a steep down hill gradient could make it to the 0.5% possibility Robin committed suicide as opposed to the 99.5% probability of his not committing suicide.

Quotelinz4me (276 ) 11:46 pm, Fri 22 Oct #28519

Dear Lindsay,
I know you are a sorry arse reject, and that your three wives left you in turn. I also know that you have recorded on TM that one of your wives said that you that you molested a daughter. I know from watching you, that another message boarder gave you some friendly advice and that you in turn stalked them. I've read your posts on guiltyfreeforums, they're captured for all time. I know also that Scott Watson's father told you to shut up because you were damaging Scott's chances with your big mouth and lies. I know that you have a presumption to lie because of a 'noble cause' mentality you have in your sick psycho head. I also know that you are lying, dangerous, persecutor, someone who surrounds them self in a permanency of seeking sympathy for your various mental and physical complaints that you labour others with.

You don't amount to much to you Lindsay, when your pride in life is to hurt others to cover up the feelings of hurt you have yourself. Grow some courage Linday Kennard, don't tear down other peoples lives because your own feels torn down, don't target those you perceive to be weak, don't do sneak attacks on others like a cowardly assassin, don't interfere in others lives just because you've turned your own life into a rotten mess - so much so that people, your partners, have left you behind and lain at your feet accusations that you are a fiddler. The world is not a better place because of you Lindsay, you make the world worse with lies and deceit, with self-pity that is suffocating and attacks on those you feel can't respond.

As for your quote above, we all recall where it came from don't we Lindsay? Provided by parapenter along with the details that it was a peer reviewed report of an extensive nature and that you, dog day afternoon, that you are, reversed the figures to suit you filthy persecuting ways. The odds of your rotten pedo friend killing himself with a long arm firearm shot to the left temple with a close contact was over 99%, and you reversed the figures to mislead and protect your rotten pedo friend, the same label given to you by one of your ex wives.

Stay off the booze and drugs and sign yourself in for treatment sicko, meanwhile the world learns more about it and your pedo mates.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bad news for the hate-sites out Luckytrader!

Another fragile leaf of cover is lifted from 'hidden' identities.

The open publication of guiltyfreeforums was unsettling enough for lucktrader and the others, but already abroad was more worrying (for them) disclosures about the discovery of their identities and their activities as stalkers. An American woman, Carla Franklin, who has a ruling from a Manhattan Court gives Google a couple of weeks to identify the stalkers of Carla, says 'The Internet cannot become a safe haven for harassers and stalkers.' However, here in New Zealand, the law is already clear and the net is tightening. Watch this space luckytrader and Christine Williams and others for developments begun against you months ago when you were so sure you were safe to harass and stalk. Take stock of your fortitude.

Supergoof trying for the Moron's Award, again.

The idiot Stockdale, states his claim that David unloaded the rifle, prints a discription of how it happens....Idiot back benchers Neil Perkiss and Lindsay Kennard have mild orgasms agreeing,

snipPull the cocking handle back[thus pulling the bolt back]and check that the chamber is clear.
If there is still a round in the chamber that will be ejected at stage 3.
Another point.

Mike asks the obvious question...and dumbo answers, just like a trained dumbo moron.

mike2109 wrote:

How do you account for the fact that the rifle still had a bullet in the chamber when examined by the Police? Semi autos feed automatically after each shot. The Police had to make the rifle safe at that point.

David Bain needed only one shot to kill his father.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 4:58 pm, Fri 22 Oct #28514

Superdoof was having a good day (in his own bewildering mind that is, up till then) playing 'touchies' with Ralph out in the bike shed. First of all they deny daddy's dna in the rifle, then superdoof says it could have arrived there when Robin was shot from a 'close range.' Sorry doof and Ralphie you old pedo supporters, but for reasons that will be too difficult for you to comprehend - the fact is the only way dna found its way, or could have found its way, not only into the silencer but also the barrel was because of hard up contact shot with at least part of the silencer tip against rotten Robin's temple. The Jury understood that, The Crown understood that, that's why there was a not guilty verdict and a decision by The Crown to accept the verdict. It's very simple for ordinary people but Morons would be totally confused by it, just like you were dorkle with your claim that David 'unloaded' the rifle but that a shell remained in the chamber you great 'researcher' you. It's to do with angles and distance and the circumference of a barrel, also as the purported distance between the silencer and the head wound lengthens, or as the angles become more acute, or gravity has effect, it becomes impossible for the dna to be inside the barrel, and unlikely that the dna would find its way more than millimetres inside the silencer. Don't worry you'll never figure it out, stick to the bike sheds. Good effort, could be another joint award coming up.

So the Crown settle over a case that was never concluded into Judgement.

The Crown paid out Bill Wilson, albeit he lost his career (or so it seems) through no fault of his own judgement. But the conclusion to the situation was not determined in a Court of Law, the only judgment I am aware of was the High Court invited the Judiciary Conduct Commissioner to review the decision regarding Bill Wilson, a Judicial Review in other words of a decision found wanting.

The case might prove interesting for Bain case followers. Here are some of the contrasts, David's case was concluded through the courts following a finding that there had been an actual Miscarriage of Justice, David was found not guilty by his peers, having earlier been found to have been denied due process by the Peerage (Law Lords.) In any event one conclusion follows a finding that there was a denial of due process (a MOJ) and that the case was then tried before a Jury and found wanting. The other (Wilsons) was abridged to a settlement with the Government (well, a month following) after it was found by the High Court that natural justice had been denied the now former Judge, not a Judicial decision (the settlement) but rather a political one to discontinue any proceedings on the basis of an 'offer' by Bill Wilson to resign. It should be obvious the case against David and all the admissible evidence resulted in him being found not guilty. On the other hand, we might never know the true circumstances of what was alleged against Bill Wilson short of the fact that the allegations were prematurely and unfortunately made public and 'tried' to some degree in the media.

Of course David has been 'tried' in the media for years, and remains the victim of a campaign from hate-sites that include as members paedophile supporters, ex police or persons with an interest in maintaining a facade that evidence hadn't been manufactured or withheld against David, nor that the investigation had fallen far below expected, professional, standards. Despite that, David prevailed, because a lot of 'evidence' against him wasn't evidence at all, or was represented in way that was beyond logical reality or cognisance. The man was found innocent, having already been found to be the victim of MOJ. Now a Government 'tries' him again in a manner that undermines all traditional principles of Law, tries him in Camera as a small band of nuts continue an absurd campaign against him.

So while the contrasts are great, but both men fall to the same side when matters are clearly analysed, both were denied due process (David at least initially, and if the need for a retrial is overlooked) but when due process was fully applied both were found blameless - David, though in respect of procedure by a fully informed Jury of his Peers, while Bill Wilson was able to say, argue, that in his case the true principles of Law had not been followed and that no true or just result or Judgement could therefore be determined.

Bill Wilson ultimately used Judicial Review to crack open the MOJ that had been launched against him. That process of Review is, and remains open to David, many of the same principles are at stake for David as were for Bill Wilson or any person before the law, in David's case he returns somewhat wounded and campaign wise from a prison nightmare, while Bill Wilson had not become fully submerged in an ongoing Judicial Process because of erroneous 'evidence' put in the public arena by a former Judge for some apparent sanctimonious, self-satisfaction. In Bill Wilson's case the Government cited financial costs and pragmatism for its reason for 'withdrawal,' issued a figure of around $2 million. In David's case it is more than $20 million and rising, where is the pragmatism, the recognition of due process or false imprisonment, for David? Will it be in a Minister's decision in Cabinet, or will it be in the Courts. Should it ever have been a Minister's decision to try again a person acquitted under the law after 15 years? Either way, he will win.

Why did the Crown settle with Bill Wilson?

There would be only be one reason, because they knew they couldn't win. He'd won his Judicial Review of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner's decision to appoint a special panel to hear the allegations of misconduct against Bill Wilson. They knew they were still in the gun for denying Bill Wilson natural justice so folded up and went home.

Judith Collins was out of line revealing any details that led to a settlement, in particular an earlier 'rejected' offer, hers was a political decision to soften the blow of the fall out she presumed would follow the settlement. She cited pragmatism and future prospective financial costs. The Judicial Conduct Commissioner had made an error of judgement and due process in not letting Bill Wilson know the specifics of what was being alleged against him. Earlier retired Judge Sir Edmund Thomas had made the gravest mistake of all by going public with a 'case' against Bill Wilson which was in fact only an interpretation of what he considered Bill Wilson's 'beholding' position was to a Counsel that appeared for another party before him. Sir Ted's ratcheting up of a phantom financial precipice Bill Wilson was allegedly facing was wrong and based on unwitting assumption. Sir Ted seemed equally unaware or unconcerned of the implication his assumptions held for the counsel Bill Wilson was claimed to be 'beholding' to.

The Judiciary should have been left to sort this out among themselves, if there was anything to sort out at all, and an old Judge who apparently broke a confidence should rue his publicity seeking self-righteous denial of natural justice to Bill Wilson and by doing so the erosion of proper public interest had there been anything of legitimate concern discovered during due process. Bill Wilson is the person most harmed by a storm in a teacup that results in a premature end to his judicial career, and some unfortunate ignominy, for no public or judicial benefit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Salute, Arthur Thomas.

Salute to a man who after all that has happened to him can act with such genuine, humble, honest concern for the Crewe family and for the discovery of truth.
No bitterness from Arthur, no measure of the tragedy in his own life, need for revenge or the construction of hate.
He is the man for all seasons, of the land and all things that make New Zealanders great.

Mike Stockdale, still stalking the Christchurch Jury on Trade Me.

I think you and your mate van beynan have already been warned to lay off the Christchurch Jury Stockdale. I'd take that advice if I was you at least until the investigation of you and Neil Purkiss has been completed, after that you might be able to do your daily reports from your own Court case, that could be fun. You'll be able to wear a t shirt with 'Pedo Supporter's Club' emblazoned on the chest, I don't think you'll find any of the Juror's wanting to hug you though Mike.

I note you still going round and round on Trade Me, desperately trying to prove something to yourself. You must be one of the few people in New Zealand that doesn't understand what not guilty means, even when it's said five times.

I see you bsing away, but you can't get past these that follow from Dempster and Laney, let alone the other biggies like Daddy's dna in the rifle and the upward trajectory shot, or those intimate samples, you're still stuck claiming the rifle was wiped down, you're ten years out of touch Mike.

Dempster..He could not say how old the bruise on the back of the hand was. It could have been anything from minutes to 24 hours.

Dempster again.....a Crown pathologist has conceded that defence explanations on how Robin Bain could have shot himself are feasible and 'quite likely.'

Dempster again....he agreed the test shots with the rifle fired at pig skin tended to support his INITIAL impression that Robin Bain's wound was close contact..

You've never got to the bottom of those intimate swabs have you Stockdale, your co-offender bser mate linzo tried to say they were oral swabs. Why would they take oral swabs from a witness Mike? But they weren't oral swabs at all, we all know that Mike, even you.

And just another to help you out with your garbled nonsense that David was hanging around outside the house to be 'seen,' Mrs Laney said she saw 'the paperboy squeezing into the gate at 65 Every Street.' That was at 6.45 Mike, after the computer was switched on. That's why you are trying everything you can to lie about the case, claim to know more about that Jurors because your pedo mate was identified by them as the killer when the Jury were asked 'Was it Robin or was it David.' So you're hot on them, stalk them and defame them, but don't get too comfortable Mike you could end up in a worse situation than campmother, stalking and outing a Jury is very serious.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Lindsay Kennard: From Doctor Goodnewsguy.

Dear Lindsay,
There may be an upside to having a mackerel in your bottom after all, and I hope the news might cheer you up from the disappointment you must have felt being told that you hadn't grown a tail as you first hoped.
I have taken the liberty on your behalf of contacting the Guinness World Records organisation and sent them the photos. This afternoon I had a call from one of the research officers of Guinness World Records who has confirmed that it is almost a certainty that you will appear in next year's book for the record of having caught the biggest mackerel to date of anyone who has caught a mackerel in their bottom. Not only that, but you will be specially noted as the only person on record as having caught a mackerel in such a way.
It appears that your bottom is on its way to becoming famous worldwide. Congratulations.

All the Best, you old mackerel, sea hook bum you.

Dr Goodnewsguy.

Denise Cameron - Retard of the Week.

This is what she said....

jeeves-50 wrote:

OK where did Karam get his information from if Elliot,Henstchell could not find it ,and Manlove could not be certain.?

Out of thin air, the same place he got a lot of his "evidence".

Quotedcameron (55 ) 2:56 pm, Tue 19 Oct #28392

Now Denise Cameron is fairly well celebrated for claiming to have worked in a Law Office, even implied that it was the Crown Law Office where she had seen imaginary photos that showed David Bain had scratches on his torso the morning of the murders. Hello, no such photos exist but DCameron maintained her bsing position. She like most hangbainers think invention is in order when it comes to evidence. Eventually one of her own side told her to drop the subject, because that person could see, what DCameron couldn't, that she was destructing the credibility of the hate-sites by patently lying. Some time later of course camp mother and Victoria Purkiss get sued, they're still getting sued for the use of their websites by lunatics like DCameron. Next week in fact they find out if their discovery to the plaintiff is up to scratch and most probably get a trial date, surely a time for moderation at least, surely a time for idiots like DCameron to put a sock in it (or her case a potato sack.) But no, right to the last minute she continues defaming Joe Karam (not to mention David Bain - but that remains another story for now). As each day passes D Cameron adds to the defamation not sensing even for a moment the damage she does to her allies. Now that's retardation, in fact it's so retarded it's moving in reverse at a great of knots, that's full retard.
I read on 'Beyonds' blog the suggestion that DCameron is about to be enjoined in the proceedings. If that is the case how appropriate, she's acted like a mad dog, a rabid mongrel, chewing obliviously at her own tail and when not doing that destructing her own cause and betraying her fellows to boot. Good retardship Cameron, you deserve the award for this week!

Shame on Frank_m.

I see that he has recorded on Trade Me that one of the Jurors hugged the father of the deceased in the Matamata horse trainer's trial. Stockdale and Purkiss will be at this very moment be stalking that Juror and mounting a harassment campaign consistent and proper souls they claim to be. As we speak Denise Cameron, Annette Curran, Maryanne Newton and Christine Williams will be dredging the Internet for clues of the Juror's family and friends. It's not all Frank's fault but somebody has to take the blame and it can't be any of the twisted sisters. No no no, not the sisters.

Kent Parker: Compassion from the Great Leader.

Kent Parker Oh, man, unbelievable! more aftershocks:

I really feel for you guys. (Some might say it is karma resulting from a certain jury verdict...heh)

Strong aftershock jolts Canterbury - National - NZ Herald News
Christchurch has been jolted by a strong aftershock.

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Kent so easily betrays again his pleasure at the misfortune of others. I wonder if this will wake up some of the 'faithful' that this man is nothing more than a persecuting dog who wouldn't have the guts to live in ChCh but who would run leaving others behind and laugh at them and their families. Worry about tremors in the High Court Kent when it will be your turned to be laughed at.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moron of the Week Award...retard Racheal.

This is what she said...

totally unrealistic to say that that blood was there after wearing gloves especially how it was shown on the BB documentary, and you would be hard pressed to say that it can have been much different

Quotegoldnkiwi (608 ) 6:54 pm, Tue 19 Oct #28396

What a Moron Rachael has proven to be over a considerable period of time and the foregoing is further proof. Being a Retard and a Moron on subsequent weeks can't be easy but Rachael has measured up to the task superbly. In Moron Rachael's bewildering world wearing gloves, as Robin may have done at some point during his murdering spree, excludes him from having wiped blood on his palms. But Robin Bain did have the wiped blood of his family on his hands when he killed himself something which you've completely moronised yourself with Rachael. Daddy had wiped blood on his hands. That's why daddy done it Rach, and that's why you're the Moron of The Week, congratulations.

The more settled minded will see that the delusion of the gloves is no different than the paper run alibi. Of course Stockdale and similar idiots still claim that David went out of his way to be seen delivering the papers when the fact they were delivered was proof that he had done his paper round and subsequently was out of the house when dear daddy was doing his thing. Similarly, the weak-minded seize on the gloves as significant, just as Rachael has above, when we have no idea when and for how long during his killing spree Robin may have worn them, but we do know Robin had wiped blood on his palms, bruises and cuts on his hands. Like the rifle magazine in the lounge, who really knows if it wasn't placed upright some time during the investigation (only the person who may have done so.) However, upright or on it's side is not evidence against David. But for evidence against the depressed, angry, shut out from the family Robin, we have the upward rising shot into his brain and the downward exhaust of his dna into the rifle.

Anyway, not to detour for what is a special moment for Rachael, congratulations Rach- you are Moron of The Week.

Dear Lindsay Kennard, from Doctor Goodnewsguy.

Dear Lindsay,
You're lab tests results have just arrived on my desk. Unfortunately, I have to somewhat dampen your aspirations to tour with Stockdale's circus as 'The man with a Tail' because the technicians have confirmed that you haven't grown a tail at all, in fact you've got a live mackerel head first up your bottom, and that's probably why you couldn't co-ordinate your tail flaps with the beat of your music when you were singing 'Only the Lonely' to the receptionist.
Perhaps goofledork might take you into the troupe anyway as a very ugly mermaid. That could be fun.

Yours faithfully

Doctor Goodnewsguy.

Happy birthday dear morons...

happy birthday dear morons,
happy birthday dear morons,
happy birthday to you.

From your old pal Goodnewsguy
just in case any moron is having a birthday today.

3 cheers and bottoms up chappettes, very cheeky cheeky.

Oh look, a retard agreeing with a moron. So sweet, romantic even.

you would think it would have been difficult indeed if Robin did not rest the silencer against his head when he 'suicided' I can't remember other than thinking how ridiculous it looked, whether the 'court' scenarios were all contact to the head, you are right one would assume that a contact shot would have matched Laniets entry wound

Quotegoldnkiwi (608 ) 11:21 am, Tue 19 Oct #28377

This from the two that agreed that a rifle bore is bigger than the silencer bore. Sweet little lovebirds they be. By my calculation they've got eight teeth between them and between their teeth and the back of their enlarged skulls they've got nothing except one another and a few warts and moles with hairs sticking out of them.

Stockdale going for the Moron award....again.

I would just say that I believe this hard contact wound is the wound that caused the barrel to have blood in it.This was probably the penultimate shot fired,and the final shot to Robin Bain's head did not clear all of Laniet's blood from the barrel.

Edited by supersleuth at 10:19 am, Tue 19 Oct

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 10:12 am, Tue 19 Oct #28376

'I would say,' 'I believe,' 'This was probably.' 'did not clear.'

The raving lunatic thinks guilt and innocence is decided on speculative guesswork. If he wasn't deliberately harming people with his inane rambling he might even be funny.

Well, one thing there is no speculation about Stockdale, is that you are a stalker, you are also a pedo apologist. You belong to a hate-site whose members are being sued, you are a liar, you have harassed David Bain in a defamatory way for a long time, you are a name dropping idiot that is so stupid you keep the defamatory harassment going even while a Court date pends for your buddies. You are so stupid that you 'commissioned' a drawing that you bring attention to in a further effort to defame David Bain. The only thing your stupid drawing proves is how completely off your rocker you are grandma. You, like your mate luckytrader, are an arsew..e. Good luck with that. Good luck also with showing how dna can remain in a rifle barrel after a high velocity projectile and gas discharge.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The idiot kulkkulbelle.

kulkkulbelle wrote:

FGS, he wasn't the one who slaughtered his family in cold blood. Why does he need to worry about his "arse" as you so delicately put it

for a start:

anderson was the one who claimed to find the shell in the alcove..

anderson was the one who claimed to have seen the magazine initially standing on its edge..he claims dempster knocked it over..he then stood it back up to be photographed..

anderson was the one who claimed to find the bone fragment by the rifle..despite another stating it was in the alcove..argued at trial..

anderson was the one who claimed to make safe and secure the rifle and secure prints..put on surgical gloves thereby smudging those very prints..but not till 10 hours later at 5pm..

Quotete-aroha (67 ) 2:52 pm, Mon 18 Oct #28355

The idiot kulkkulbelle, who has previously claimed to be willing to fund Kent Parker's defence, objects to facts that point to concerns about Detective Anderson's conduct. The 'coincidences' of Anderson's involvement in a number of locations of controversial exhibits certainly should be scrutinised. But kooybrain is offended and makes the point that he wasn't the killer. Well, I think we all know that kookybrain and te-aroha wasn't suggesting anything of the sort. But not being the killer wasn't the issue, the issue is of the 'convenient' involvement of Anderson in weaving together of unsubstantiated located material that in every event 'incriminated' David. From memory he might have also been the man who had the recalled 'memory' after 15 years of the claim that David asked for 'his' glasses on the morning of the killings - how very convenient memory recall.

So kookybelle te-aroha raises matters that should be of concern to us all, and earlier draws a justifiable parallel to the Thomas case planting of evidence. It's important that these things are dealt with now. As a general principle failings in a prosecution or evidence of potential evidence fabrication have to be ruthlessly investigated, it's important for all nzers, including the Police who have to bear the brunt of criticism that should rightly be laid at the feet of the offending officers and not the whole force. Look at the conduct of a particular officer and if found wanting ask the question of the OIC, because these officers are not acting independently but toward a common task. If Weir ever does write a book I hope he will have the guts not to deny the obvious and tell the obvious and tell the real and apparent truth.

On the point of the magazine being upright. I recall that evidence was 'moved' about during the photographing of the scene to the point where there is no reason to have confidence about what were the original positions of critical exhibits. Further, idiot Mike makes some assertion's about the magazine having been knocked over by Dempster and righted by good old Anderson, I can't recall if evidence was given by Dempster on the matter, but the mere fact the defence might not have questioned Anderson about that particular 'convenience' merely shows that if Dempster didn't give evidence about it then it didn't happen. Keep up folks, now is the time to right the ship.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lindsay Kennard - the drunkard.

Dear Lindsay,
I see you've been getting drunk and signing the petition heaps of times, maybe when you can stay off the booze and pills for half day could you explain how that works. I know it doesn't make any difference because the petition is as dead as a washed up mackerel, but I was interested to know how your booze and drug befuddled brain works.

I've noted now that you claim the Crown threw the Prosecution in the Bain case, apparently as you put it to save money. There's a whole lot of people that you are blaming for being wrong, maybe you should get a psychiatrist to shine a torch in one of your cauliflower ears or up one of your hairy nostrils to see what he can make of it. Maybe he might find out that your nose is blocked from snorting pills while still in the capsule and that your skull is full of wax the result of which has been that you excreted your brain out of your butt and that once finding its way to the sea poisoned that poor mackerel.

You, Lindsay Kennard, could be a mackerel poisoner and at this very moment mackerels could be swimming up your sewer to get revenge. But anyway talk to your psychiatrist about it and use a bucket for your ablutions in the meantime just to be on the safe side because mackerels swimming up your bottom could be very uncomfortable. Your psychiatrist will know what you are talking about. Sometimes Linzo binzo I feel it might be true what you say and that it is all been a big conspiracy that people want to prove you are a sad sack loser.

Yours faithfully


Luckytrader the questions for you...

With such a good case, the Crown snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Reminds me of certain Pakistani cricket players.
On another subject, has all the money spent on defense - officially and unofficially (one private source alone spent millions) - been accounted for?

Quotelucky_trader (1193 ) 4:40 pm, Sun 17 Oct #28339

Has the fact you are recorded (by your own hand) stalking people in contravention of the Harassment Act been accounted for, that you are in fact a criminal stalker as defined by that Act?

Has the fact that you belong to a Criminal organisation whose intention is to usurp the rule of Law and disrupt the Course of Justice been accounted for?

Did you realise what a moron you were before all the information about you became available on the Internet placed there by yourself?

How do you account for your future now that you know people you stalked now know that you did and who you are?

Now that you know you are part of the focus of an inquiry when formally you called for inquiries, how do you account for that?

What exactly was your role in outing and stalking the Christchurch Jury?

How do you account for your role in defamation and stalking that has resulted in people other than yourself being sent to trial?

Do you think you will be held to account?

Or do you think things will just go away because you are a half-deranged stalking arsew..p.?

Kent Parker's trial date approaching....

latest on the defamation case - public at
List of Discovery Items Sent
Today, both Vic Purkiss and Kent Parker sent off document lists for the discovery part of the defamation process. These are to be inspected by a judge in preparation for a teleconference scheduled for 27 October. At that time it is expected that a trial date will be set.

Discovery is a process whereby each side declares the documents that they wish to present to the court in support of their side of the case. This is the beginning of pre-trial deliberations which consist of much going back and forth between parties until agreements are made as to what should be presented at trial.

Even after apparently preparing documents for discovery Kent still doesn't realise his trial is not about the Bain case, it is about him running a hate-site from where defamation entered the public arena. Defamation that he is being taken to task for. Wake up soon Kent you'll miss all the fun.

Confidentially Kent were you asked to discover communications between your hate-site members, between you and your co-defendant?

Kent Parkers frail grip on reality weakens.......

latest publicly open blog at counterspin

The following (abridged) from Kent Parker, when once pared of self-supporting dribble, shows the pressure he is facing and his inability to handle it.

Some Cases Where the Investigation Really was Dodgy
Blog posts at counterspin are by nature opinion pieces. Please adhere to our Terms and Conditions when posting.

In the wake of calls for a re-investigation of the Crewe murders for which Arthur Allan Thomas was acquitted after serving 9 years for false imprisonment, a barrister has commented on cases where police have been over zealous in their prosecution of justice. This barrister mentions the Thomas case, and while he didn't work on that particular case, he worked in other cases that involved the same police officers. The Thomas case is notable in that the investigation into police conduct did actually find the police guilty of misconduct but the powers that be failed to provide sufficient punishment, well in the eyes of many, including the barrister.

Joe Karam has tried to make the Bain case look like the Arthur Allan Thomas case in his quest for a compensatory handout.The worst thing that happened from what I can see is that someone measured the rifle length incorrectly but this was corrected in the original trial and had no effect on the outcome.The simple truth is that the original investigation was good. Joe Karam has made it out to be a shambles and taken every opportunity to broadcast this view, in order to serve his own needs. It helped cast doubt and uncertainty over the original prosecution and trial and provided a very good foundation for the reasonable doubt that eventually arose. What was originally clear and simple, has been made mysterious and muddied. Have a look at the PCA report and decide for yourselves.

» Kent Parker's blog

As can be seen from above Kent Parker feels some alarm at the prospect that there may be those among us that see connections between the falsity of the investigation of the Crew murders and that of inquiry into the deaths of the Bain family.

Of course the importance of this would be paramount in Kent's mind because he is getting his butt sued and might well imagine in his own particular insular way that any Jury in his (Kent's) trial might well be influenced by the much publicised findings in the Crew case. So to preserve his personal situation he must make (what is to him obviously an almost fatal scenario for him legally) distinctions between that case and the Bain case. What follows from that is self-interest predictable drivel.

Of course Kent defends the Trail that was and will forever be deemed an actual Miscarriage of Justice. A trial which for the any passing punter I should say was characterised by with-held evidence, objective only evidence search (that was that David was guilty) an absolute implausible scenario that relied on a clever killer needing to be seen on a paper run when in fact the evidence of the papers proved he'd done the paper round. A clever killer who took ownership of the rifle used in the killings, claiming to be the only one with access to it. A fairly obvious suicide scene with an upward trajectory of an assailant who had blood wiped hands with bruises to one of them. The same mans blood found inside the barrel of the rifle. A refusal by the police to (at any time) investigate a likely motive against the killer, Robin Bain. Kent needs to defend this trial because he sees that along with a PCA report as having more authority that a Privy Council ruling determining that the Trial was a MOJ and later a properly instructed Jury finding the target of Kent's campaign innocent in a unanimous decision after very short time of deliberation. Sorry Kent, you don't get off base 1 with this. You'll need to face up to your responsibilities rather than quote discredited events that you favour but which have been showing to not hold water. Bad leaking in fact, much like your hate-site over a long period of time. Before closing on this point, and just to underline how little of the case Parker has ever understood: the 'mistake' in measuring the rifle, may very well have been deliberate, because there was a deliberate position by the Crown that suicide with a rifle that had a silencer attached was difficult and unlikely, which follows that the longer the barrel the more improbable the suicidee being able to reach the trigger. 'Mistakes' for you Parker is what has come out of your debilitated brain and motor mouth. A psychologist should at least have learnt to think about what they are saying, and the credibility of it before opening his or her mouth - clearly you didn't in the past and still don't.

Kent goes on to say that Joe Karam tried or trys to make the Bain case look like the Crew case. I'm not aware that he ever has, and I'm sure he wouldn't assume that the public would look for connection between events some 20 years apart, different circumstances, different personnel and try to draw anything other than a general connection, if any at all. But what is in fact revealed by kent is that he believes the public to be gullible and influenced by Joe Karam when in fact Kent Parker feelings of public gullibility are that which have landed him in Court.

From JFRB Facebook Wall (abridged)

Blair Huston

I have lost friends & been verbally attacked over my public stance on David Bain. I have lost at least one good customer resulting in significant financial loss. Is that fair? I’m not sure, but its a price I’m prepared to pay given my strong belief that David Bain is guilty.

Hear we hear from Blair somebody also 'victimised' for having an opinion according to his report and clearly not able to discern that you don't argue with customers or try to ram your opinions down their throats. No sign of the psychologist being able to tell a fellow 'victim' that espousing your views in way that gets you publicly 'attacked' or loses you customers is foolish in the first instance and probably futile in the second.

Then like all good comedies where amateur paranoid sleuths operate...Ralph happens along, to enhance Kent's unspoken but implied paranoia....

Submitted by Ralph on Sat, 16/10/2010 - 2:35pm.
Uping the ante
We can expect the Defence to up the ante and try and capitalise on the publicity about further questions about the AAT convictions.Indeed in this mornings Herald a Barrister is describing how police have tried to cut corners secure convictions for career advancement and other dubious motives. No doubt the Bain defence will do their best to further discredit the police investigation in light of Rochelle Crewe request for the Police commissioner to reopen the case.This is where Milton Weir's book could prove to be so timely and further bog down the Defence with more questions and controversies as happened with The Investigator documentary.

We must be vigorous in explaining and advocating the significant distinctions beteween the Bain and Crewe murders.Would it be possible to do a media release if Karam and co get carried away reminding the public of those distictions?.Certainly letter's to the editor could set the ball rolling.Of course, further blogs and postings on Counterspin etc

The 'good' lieutenant who for some reason believes that Kent still has some credibility with the press who might willingly be so dumb to be taken in my a press release from Kent to the effect of 'don't be fooled people, don't think that the Bain case is anything like the Crewe murders and that therefore I should be found guilty of defaming Joe Karam.'

Kent not wishing to be exposed for finally understanding that the Press are only interested in him as some sort of nut from a hate-site that caught himself out stalking a Jury, spreading lies and information and defaming Joe Karam, whilst approving of the idea (a press release) placates Ralph with a mysterious statement that might make sense to a fellow paranoiac.

'but there is only so much you can do and only so much you need to do.'

Submitted by Kent Parker on Sat, 16/10/2010 - 2:48pm.
Yeah, good comments, Ralph,
Yeah, good comments, Ralph, but there is only so much you can do and only so much you need to do.


Quite right, there is only so much you can do and you've done a lot. Mounted a hate-campaign, sought publicity and got yourself sued. No use crying about it now Kent, you were not the victim, you chose to victimise others and held silent while your supporters broke the law when pursuing your objectives.

Footnote: For those interested in some of the abridged material Kent passes derogatory comment about Michael Laws were previously he implied a close and knowing relationship of some sort. Clearly Kent, according to his own words, thinks Laws didn't do a good job in the debate with Joe Karam. When in fact the broadcaster's main interest we must all assume was to get to the truth from the trial transcript and may very well have felt contented that a lot of the misinformation forwarded by Kent and his fellows had been discredited, much like Kent, much like Kent. Perhaps also an indication that Laws may now have an entirely different view of kent's hate-sites and crusades.