Sunday, October 17, 2010

Luckytrader the questions for you...

With such a good case, the Crown snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Reminds me of certain Pakistani cricket players.
On another subject, has all the money spent on defense - officially and unofficially (one private source alone spent millions) - been accounted for?

Quotelucky_trader (1193 ) 4:40 pm, Sun 17 Oct #28339

Has the fact you are recorded (by your own hand) stalking people in contravention of the Harassment Act been accounted for, that you are in fact a criminal stalker as defined by that Act?

Has the fact that you belong to a Criminal organisation whose intention is to usurp the rule of Law and disrupt the Course of Justice been accounted for?

Did you realise what a moron you were before all the information about you became available on the Internet placed there by yourself?

How do you account for your future now that you know people you stalked now know that you did and who you are?

Now that you know you are part of the focus of an inquiry when formally you called for inquiries, how do you account for that?

What exactly was your role in outing and stalking the Christchurch Jury?

How do you account for your role in defamation and stalking that has resulted in people other than yourself being sent to trial?

Do you think you will be held to account?

Or do you think things will just go away because you are a half-deranged stalking arsew..p.?


  1. What is this idiot trying to suggest? Is he begging for a defamation charge by implying Joe Karam is dishonest with money? What a clown. Hey Joe, my numbers in the book, I'd be happy to be a witness on this one, it's obvious what he's saying.

  2. The absolute idiot can't help himself. He helps his 'cause' by continuing the defamation of Joe Karam? Exactly what Trade Me and campmummy don't need. In war time he'd be shot as a traitor. But we must encourage him to keep up the good work. The world needs to know what idiots, these filthy, self-incriminating scumbags are.

  3. Lucky_trader has always been a very vindictive and spiteful person who comes out with the most outlandish claims. This is another deliberate attempt by him to have a go at Joe K in an underhanded way. Another idiot to go alongside supersleuth.

  4. Yes, a very underhanded pair. The worst news for them of course is that they revealed themselves publicaly for being stalkers and pedo supporters. Their time is not up yet though, I'm sure we will see a lot more of them featuring in their own misfortune. Maybe Joe himself might kick their arses into the High Court if campmother doesn't drag them in an attempt to save himself. And of course the official inquiry continues into events in which they have played a big part.

  5. I just done a search on my own name to test my privacy settings and came across this!! I am very sorry but I am definatly not LUCKYTRADER. Please remove any mention of me in regard to this.