Monday, February 28, 2011

More claims by the hate-sites discredited.

One of the great leaky planks the hate-siters used with almost hysterical glee was the fact that Robin Bain's prints were not identified on the rifle from the many that were found there. Many of the prints were not of satisfactory enough consistency to be helpful, of these, some of which were later destroyed, tests in more recent times would have been able to be done to exclude the fingerprints from having been Davids. Of course an exclusion is as important as a confirmation in a case that relied on much circumstantial evidence, prejudicial assertions and downright fabrications.

Much was made of the fact David's prints were found on the rifle in a carrying position as opposed to a firing position. In many ways the fact that David's prints may have been on the rifle or may not have been was redundant to proof of anything one way or the other. The rifle after all was his. This sensible conclusion was avoided by Jones the fingerprint 'expert' he was able to determine that the fingerprints were 'fresh.' His evidence on this may one day be assessed in the awarding of compensation to David, additionally he was able to say that David's fresh fingerprints were in blood and that the rifle had been wiped down. Of course at the retrail Jone's evidence was totally discredited along with his extrapolations. The British expert was able to say that under polilight the blood was shown not to be blood at all.

Of course there were already problems with trying to convince a Jury that a rifle that had been wiped down for fingerprints would still have many unidentifiable prints left on in. Jones not to outdone in his 'work' was also about to make the extraordinary claim that prints rather than flatten under pressure, sharpened into clearer definition which for me was probably the most outlandish allegation of the entire case. But what place does this have in the determination of Justice, an 'expert' claiming a rifle was wiped down whilst all the time knowing that prints remained on it. The same 'expert' claiming that prints were in blood, an interpretation that opposed established scientific knowledge to allow yet more 'non' evidence to exist against David where in fact none existed. The same officer anticipating he would be believed that something as soft and with the pliable texture of skin actually sharpened definition under pressure rather that doing the opposite (and normal) thing - flattening.

But just on these points, of liberties taken from evidence that didn't exist, was omitted, or hidden in every case (and there are scores in the final total) the net result worked against David. Everything worked against David, leaving the inevitable conclusion that the case against David Bain was orchestrated at every point. How did this happen just in the last couple of years in a Country where when some things are finally addressed there is always comment that the situation has moved on from there and the same mistakes wouldn't be made again? Why do we see here a repeat of the same old same old and anticipate the obligatory explanations that things have improved. It was less than 2 years ago that Jones repeated his nonsense evidence in a belligerent way that showed he had lost sight of his need to be objective and that his purpose was to serve Justice not to endeavour to manipulate it.

Less that 2 years ago much information became available in various forums, a number of peer-reviewed studies over thousands of suicide deaths by firearms. Although the results varied, the average finding would be around only a 5% chance that any fingerprints of the suicidee are found on the firearm. Or a 95% chance that none would be found on the firearm, this from studies that go back decades, not months or years but decades. But what happened in the case 'against' David?

In the case against David it was offered as 'proof' of his guilt that the 95% chance that his father's fingerprints were not able to be determined as being on the rifle (though may have been among the prints unable to be determined as belonging to Robin - and therefore not David's.) So somehow nothing, a 95% chance of nothing compared to a 5% chance of it being somehow 'evidence' was immediately weighed against David by inference by the Prosecution and by 'proof' from the hate-siters.

Moving onto the behaviour of a couple of the hate-siters in particular, Stockdale, no less than an administrator of a hate-site, repeated 1000s of times that the rifle had been wiped down for prints never offering a satisfactory answer of how the rifle if wiped down still retained prints. He never missed a beat on it, kept repeating the same story.. rifle wiped down, rifle wiped down... until it became a 'cyber fact.' I'll return to Stockdale in a minute but first will address the similar hate-message from one his cohorts Ralph Taylor.

Ralph Taylor liked to make fun of the idea that Robin had shot himself 'got up' and wiped the rifle down after he was dead. This amazing 'fact' culminated all the absurdity that Taylor claimed was part of David's defence. Of course nobody contended that Robin wiped the rifle down, the Crown contended David did but had only opposing proof that he had. Fast forward to Coroner Tim Scott decision delivered in a case where a husband shot his wife and fatherinlaw in Fielding last August. He concluded the differing ranges of the shots pointed to the husband Desmond Winnie as the killer. He also described how there were no fingerprints on the rifle, found between Winnie's legs, a feature he said that was not uncommon.

He went onto say 'It may have been that the offender wore gloves or wiped the firearm clean. I'm satisfied that....finding a firearm without any prints is not necessarily indicative of anything sinister,' he said. 'It may have related to the condition of the firearm or the fact that the firearm had to be handled by the police after the deaths. It may have related to the packaging of the firearm.'

Some remarkable similarities between Mr Scott's finding and aspects of the Bain case, no fingerprints, offender wearing gloves or wiping the rifle clean but which serve the unavoidable concerns of the prosecution of David Bain and the efforts made to re-manufacture evidence or lack of evidence as being some how conclusive in the failed case.

Back to Stockdale in concluding this piece, Stockdale's other pet lies were, that there was no blood found inside the barrel - although he eventually backed off from that, but didn't note the obvious result (note Scott's conclusion about the differing ranges of shots in the Fielding case,) also that David was not stripped searched and so the scratches to his chest were not found or seen by anybody on the morning of the murders but were (according to Stockdale) still there. Stockdale's claims (mimicking the Crowns) that David went out of his way to be 'seen' on the paper run to some how prove that he did the paper run when in fact the papers in the boxes were absolute proof of that - something Stockdale would later put down to his belief David needing to be seen could somehow related to his (David's) acting skills.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A bloke called Grody


Tippany Lane is a no exit street, you can see that by looking at the
lamp post sign which points down inside the lane. It’s an old Auckland
street, filled and tar-sealed in 1905. Immigrants sailing up harbour that
year would have seen the shoe factory at the end of the lane, its closer
ground made barren by acid and oxide wastes. By the nineteen eighties
the shoe factory was a boarding house with cheap rooms that attracted
students from the other side of town. Others who lived in the lane
appeared to see it as a refuge from the vagaries of life, a place close to
harmony. Near the boarding house, on both sides, are old garages with
wooden doors that never seem to open. The garages serve apartments
which have become almost identical in appearance, much to the
confusion of drunks. There is a pub adjacent to the main road, Andersons.

The original Anderson had lived across from the hotel where the
Post Office stands on land commissioned during the Second World War.
On one corner of the lane is a tobacconist, on the other a park. The park,
even though there is no sign to say so, is called Anderson’s Park.

The park has a green wooden bench and one day Grody appeared
there. Even if any of the generally reticent lock folk would speak about
his arrival no one could say exactly when it was that Grody appeared. He
just turned up.

For the first few days he arrived at nine in the morning and just sat
on the bench as though waiting for something that would surely arrive
through patience. Then one day he began to feed the pigeons with bread
from the black duffle bag of the type seen carried the world over by men
in threadbare coats. From then on the pigeons waited for him each
morning. Soon after, Grody added to his ritual. As well as bread, he
produced a bag of meat and cats also graced the banquet.

Murray Anderson had taken over the pub when his father died. A
bachelor, he set up home there, three rooms and a bathroom upstairs. He
was a large unexcitable man with immediate authority over any wayward
behaviour in the bar. A man without the accepted notions of ambition. He
was happy to remain in the lane and be silently imbued with the
complexities of life which came through the doors of his hotel. He would
not have been surprised when, one morning just after ten, Grody cleaned
the park bench, crossed the road and walked inside.

Though he never drank, Grody placed claim on a corner table.
Anderson watched him each day. At first Grody merely sat at the table
waiting as patiently as he had those first days in the park. Then as though
visited by secret inclination he began, when the bar was empty except for
Anderson, to draw scraps of paper from his coat pockets. He would
furiously scribble on them with a pencil before returning them from
where they came. Much of this time he was in conversation with himself.
He could be seen to transfer notes from pocket to pocket, master of an
ordered filing system.

As though there was a pattern of things to be uncovered by staring
deeply into silence, one day Grody began gathering the empty bottles in
the pub. This new dimension occurred despite no word or
encouragement being passed by Anderson. Murray responded by
providing Grody with a plate of food each day at noon. Grody accepted
the meal without reaction, as he did the $30 Anderson took to providing
him each Thursday. They never spoke or shared eye contact.

Following the first occasion on which he was given money, Grody
began rolling cigarettes at nine thirty on the park bench. All his actions
were timed – the same each day even though he never wore a watch or
looked at the Post Office clock. Within a few minutes he would have
made a small pile of cigarettes. Later, when provided with his lunch in
the pub, Grody would present the ‘roll your owns’ to Anderson. Although
Murray did not smoke he still accepted the gifts.

Other things began to occur in the lane after Grody’s arrival. It
became not unknown to hear music from the apartments and to observe
nods of recognition between the occupants of the streets where formerly
there had been none. The garage doors would sometimes be left open to
reveal old couches, newspapers and green bottles. There even seemed to
be a new rhythm pulsating in the footpaths and street. The students often
brought their classmates or parents to visit as though proud of their
humble dwellings. Someone raised a New Zealand flag above the
boarding house and an art student painted a mural across the tenement
with cats and pigeons venturing through the coloured lines. Children took
to bouncing a ball along the street in the early evening when there was no
traffic. Sometimes a game of soccer would be played with the older folk
sitting on their porches to watch.

The tobacconist, a hawkish and intense man behind thick glasses,
saw Grody rolling tobacco day after day. He became angry. He could not
see how he could hope to run a profitable business if undermined by a
scrounger who bought his tobacco elsewhere. It occurred to him that
business had been tailing off since Grody’s arrival. There were the
pigeons for one thing and the smelly cats for another. Not least, was the
objectionable presence of Grody himself occupying the park bench as
though having the divine right to do so. It was no wonder customers
were beginning to stay away.

The shopkeeper determined that a direct approach was best, he
knew how to deal with vagrants. He marched across the road manfully.
Grody was engrossed in rolling tobacco. A more patient man than
the tobacconist might not have interfered. “You’ll have to go,” he told
Grody. “You’re keeping my customers away. I will ring the police or
council if necessary. I am a tax-payer. Are you listening?”
Grody showed no reaction to the tobacconist’s tirade, although the
The birds fluttered discontent and the cats skulked away.
“Have it your own way,” said the shopkeeper. “You have been

The following day, when subjected to formal approach by two
Constables, Grody showed equal ambivalence. It was only when escorted
to the police car, that this eyes flickered and danced in accompaniment to
his hands which searched through his pockets.

In the weeks that followed Grody’s departure there was a change
in the Lane. A gradual and barely discernible process, which, like a
pebble dropped in even the calmest pool, sent ripples all around. The
stereos seldom played and when they did the music was a harsh intruder.
Cats and pigeons were not seen. There was a fight in the pub in which
Anderson broke his hand. The doors of the garages were left firmly
closed. The people became oblivious to one another once again. Even
the tenement mural seemed to fade and the barren ground beside the
factory became even more hostile and resistant to life.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christchurch aftershock...

300 dead is a lot to think about, to put down, place aside somewhere tidy that doesn't rip mine, and your, heart apart.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Quake, a friend is there.

The morning will have dawned just as wretched for those that were able to capture some sleep after a terrible day. But that friend will still be there today and for more to come, the friend that might be any age, any sex, any culture, that helping out friend who transcends all things to make us one. He or she who often is left forgotten behind another life where all things are ordered, all social positions set and lines drawn. The friend works busily among the disorder, works to help uncaring of all things but human kind. The friend is you, us, reaching to clear the rubble, lend a hand pushing off the broken wood and stone, making tea, hugging the crying. He and she are the friend we all are to others when we know the friend inside ourselves.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's going to be interesting to finally get the names of 'posters' such as redanimal, green_nz, fkrueger, slimdusty2, janejetson,.....

that will help complete a story. In fact all the banned TM posters from the Bain threads, might require a Court Order - but then again it in the interest in the preservation of Justice and freedom of speech. Not to forget the Jury and witness stalkers as well. I recall Stockdale admitting stalking witnesses and Jurors - another idiot with a big mouth, like Christine Williams, Glenda OBrien and Annette Curran - all stalkers.

The following 'new' poster has arrived on the boards with a full knowledge of the hate-site propaganda, he is using material directly of Counterspin.
This person is clearly a formerly banned poster, he has told another poster to stop posting. The 2nd poster mike2109 wrote on the boards on Saturday of receiving phone calls last September while he was posting on the Bain threads and which caused him to stop posting.

FKrueger repeats that harassment below, telling the poster mike2109 to stop posting.

At a time when the issue of the boards being used for defamatory harassment and stalking is being scrutinized it is disappointing in the extreme to see TM still allowing such behaviour. This 700 strong group of nutters who call themselves fighters for Justice, are little more than deluded morons who have stalked witnesses, jurors, TM member and their families whilst at all times spouting lies about the case, despite that they present a danger to all those that cross them and many instances of their threats and stalking remain on file. In post 15763 below kruger makes offensive comment against David Bain and talks about compelling evidence which is completely false.

These are only two samples of this hate-siters work, spreading lies and threatening other posters.

I will take this material to Court to indicate how the harassment and defamation continues.

Yours etc
Say what you like only a fool would ignore compelling evidence such as the glasses evidence, the bloody fingerprints and his brothers blood on the back and front of his T shirt and his shorts, and as for the Jury member who commented after the trial, these are her words [ “I take exception to this flawed characterisation of David Bain’s not guilty verdict. As a jury, we did not necessarily find David innocent, or Robin guilty. Our task was to determine if David Bain’s guilt was proved beyond reasonable doubt] BOP is a much higher standard again from a trial, so David has no show of compensation and will live forever having the stigma of being guilty on the BOP. He would have been far better off confessing and begging forgiveness to his extended family, its just a damn shame an over zealous Amateur detective intervened.
fkruger1 (new ) 10:50 pm, Sun 20 Feb #15763 wrote:
From a person who started posting on here the 9th February, you certainly seem to know a lot about what has transpiredon this thread since it first started. You must be a quick!!
As usual you are off the subject of this forum, why don't you come up with the evidence that shows Robin is a killer? or stop posting.
fkruger1 (new ) 1:51 pm, Sat 19 Feb #31526

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh look nina_s having a tizzy after being caught out....

Nina_s who arrived on the message board scene as a person curious about the Bain case just before the trial started has been sprung - but it's not her no, no, no.

She was one of the original twisted, dogknotted sisters, along with fellow stalkers OBrien and Curran. After a less than obvious start she quickly became the biggest defamer of Joe Karam on TM. She was full of righteous indignation, she was so important she hovered above the ground when she spoke and save for an arse the size of The Queen Mary that anchored her to Terra firma would have floated. She was able to pass on confidential information, she began an expert wailer to the moderators, in fact I still suspect she had some connection with TM.

She went onto invent many identities while at the same time trying to out others who she thought did the same. One new identity was quite memorable 'slimdusty2' who started off trying to be blokish, calling people mate and within hours had reverted to the toffee nose moron nina feels herself to be. Nina, in her single great moment, acknowledged that David Bain's 111 call was genuine before working out the 'mistake' she had made. But she wasn't done she began to start disappearing and appearing again from the boards along with her posts, finally she revealed that she had a stalker and it was me! And until then I hadn't known about it, I was so surprised I ate a chocolate. But was she a member of a hate-site no, no, no.

It was great watching her have melt downs and tell the board how she had tearfully complained to TM, usually about me for saying something about the size of her butt, or her buck teeth. And then last year in the strong winds the outhouse blew away and there was nina ginormous butt sitting on the Throne reading her posts on not one, but two hate-sites. 'Miss Wish Were Pretty Pretty' was a proven a liar again, a member of hate-sites that stalked TM members and their families, stalked Jurors in the Bain trial and witnesses. But it was her, no, no, no it was another nina_s, called 'Ninaconcertina how does you garden grow." You nina_s are a stalker and you gave yourself up you potty-mouthed crap artist.

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's fairly clear that the hate-siters have a lot on their

plates. What started out as a feast has turned to manure. I guess it wouldn't be so bad for them to be in retreat if they had achieved something, but all they've really achieved is being brought to Justice. They claimed to be upholding Justice for Robin Bain when they got into their law breaking. They were full of self-righteousness, a common cause, splinter interests from pedo-supporters through to Police cover ups.

But when you think about it those splinter interests were always going to work against each other, particularly so when under the control of idiots like Stockdale and Parker whose major interest was in themselves and self-promotion. Van beynan, somewhere between finding fertile prejudice to promote himself and enhancing his reputation and favouritism with Police. The bros, the pedo-hiders, the righteous, the religious punishing angels, the purely bad who wished just for hangings or expression of hangings to saliva over. The mix was never going to work even before they entered in law breaking. How easily they defeated themselves, those that now whimper and hide.

But I'm grateful to the pen of Stockdale, in establishing the links and splinter groups in a most revealing way. He's done well in his self-betrayal.

Some information in here.

There seems to be a lot going on, and no doubt there will be a lot more.

The following shows the continued vulnerability of board users and members of the public for TM allowing the particular Bain, Karam threads to run. The poster below, having no trades, having just arrived on the boards cites 'information' about the boards and a previous poster ro who has not posted on TM for a long time. Not only is this recycled poster's material offensive and untrue, it adds weight to my ongoing concern that the hate-sites continue to use the small hours, new identities for continued personal attacks on TM member or their families. The hate-siters simply keep reinventing themselves and TM allow it, and which each reinvention the threat to other board members and their families continues because of the common purpose of the hate-siters.
By law this group, acting either individually or collectively were required to have made two 'specified' Acts in the previous 12 months to be seen to be acting as unlawfully, in this case there are literally hundreds, and the harassment, threats, and intimidation continues.

Food for further thought this poster uses the word 'us' in describing behavior, everyone knows who the 'us' is (are) and the intimidating pressure the word is sought to bring, and this from someone just posting but posting of a history. Go figure.


goldnkiwi wrote:
possibly the intent of the harping until the bannings.
Indeed, shocking manipulation of a poor censorship set-up.
One wonders how cybernanee has NEVER been banned, even though she wrote the most horrid things about Robin and some of his defenders.
My guess is, most of us played fair, while she and Ro ratted on everybody at every possible chance. Sad really, how the truth about the executions committed by david bain, is no longer open to ones opinion. As some have already said if this rat vendetta applied by cyb and previously Ro was enforced on the other topics then the this board would be no more.
green_nz (0 ) 11:55 pm, Thu 17 Feb #54

Interesting to note that some morons, and idiots like Rachael Dickleberry, are upset that Kennard and Stockdale are gone. Seem to think it is mischief, well there was mischief from them - deliberate lies now sitting in a Court file along with instances of their, and others, stalking and harassment over a long period of time.

Consider this, if you write an anonymous letter to the Editor, it doesn't result in yourself, your family, your friends, or workmates being stalked or threatened. Cyberspace needs to be tidied up, people can debate freely but those that choose to break the law and target others either physically or with lies are unwanted.

I see posters on TM blaming who they suspect might have led to the demise of superidiot, linzsadsack and when ultimately those people removed themselves having over indulged in freedom of speech until it reached a point of being an amnesty for them (in their own minds) to lie, threaten and stalk. Well that amnesty is over, and everyone, is better for that. I think there will be more changes and I hope a point is reached that the print media and cyber media operate under the same protocols.

But there is a way to go folks, more hate-siters to be addressed, more combinations between the hate-sites and the perpetrators of injustice to be wrenched open for scrutiny.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You can contact me here coolkiwi...

as I didn't get through on that address you sent - my email bounced back.
Anyway, good to hear from you, hope to hear from you soon.

And thanks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh gosh and heck as well.

All them pledged for life stalkers are waving big fat white flags, saying they never meant it.
But if they never meant it, they would never have gone looking for families and children.

They always meant it because they felt entitled, Godly, looking out over other peoples lives and passing Saint like judgement against those they didn't know, and went sicko as well - against the families and children of people who thought differently from them, might have been different coloured, or different nationality, poor even, or just the wrong type to challenge their omniscient persecution.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wanakafan and Annette Curran, they've been so

brave in stalking from the shadows. So brave stalking families and children, but where are they now?

Will they come out into the light, justify their criminal ways or simply stay hiding, shutting down and trying to run away? Are they so cowardly that they will forsake those they stirred into action, encouraged and abetted to hunt down the lives of children for their public feast of hate.

Where are you now Curran and Wanakafan? Do you think you've gone from here, displaced in time and lost from your deeds? So brave you were when you could spin your filthy stalking and lies. So brave, but now you dare not come forward - afraid suddenly to be seen in the light as pedo supporters, hate-siters and lawbreakers. Your hate-sites might be shut down, but the memory of you is not, nor the time for you to be observed under the law you so willingly broke.

Come out you cowardly dogs, spit the fur balls and slime from your mouths, let us see, finally see - what you are without shadow and hate when you tried to touch your filth on my family.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Trevor William Fox, hate-siter and stalker trys to make sense ...again.

Those who have campaigned so long for an injustice should know when to quit, but obviously don't. Like a gambler convinced the next hand will make his fortune, they keep upping the stakes. The madness will eventually end, and the truth will shine. 'twas not a duck, but a big bad wolf cub disguised as a harmless little duckling that quacked while foaming at the mouth.
Edited by lucky_trader at 3:30 pm, Mon 14 Feb
lucky_trader (1403 ) 3:29 pm, Mon 14 Feb #31491

'twas not a duck, but a big bad wolf cub' that couldn't quack..

Good effort Trev, quacking madness.
As a hate-site representative you make a lot of sense. Quack a duck pal.
It all begins to make sense now, when you were stalking you were actually
looking for a duck pond to crack a quack. All good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hate-sites, the downward trend continues....

Of course Counterspin, JFRB and Guiltyfreeforums continue to exclude themselves from public scrutiny, the irony that theirs was a 'public campaign' for right thinking nzers and from which the public are now locked out would be lost on few observers.

There are some reports that what goes on behind those closed doors has become even more bizarre and is populated now by only a handful of nutters. There are no longer calls to arms, hordes invading the boards willing to promote what they now must realise was simple propaganda and a hate message. The fact that David was treated as a suspect from the outset, had a invasive strip search and tests and was not observed to have had any scratches on his chest has cooked the goose for a good number of previous doubters. Add to that the father's blood inside the rifle despite two crown pathologists claiming it was a shot from some distance, and there is overwhelming proof that Robin Bain killed his family and then himself.

Kent Parker is no man's land, his credibility gone, his dreams of political office now realised as idiotic as his endeavours in music, psychology, and computer finesse. Largely it is only the idiots such as Stockdale continue posting page after page of lonely bs on TM while TM watch and hope that it offers them some credibility in their position that they are not a publisher.

Stockdale, transparent fool that he is, seems to believe that he enhances his argument that he is not a hate-site administrator, nor a liar or persecutor or stalker by continuing posting crap. He seems to believe his crap will save him and not in fact expose him as harassing others by perpetual defamation and lies.

Else where on the net the drums beat that this blog (which of course most will know, post dated the TM stalking, outing and harassing) justifies the execution of cyber crime by a number of named hate-siters and some yet to be named. Showing once again the sheer idiocy of these morons who could think crime against a another person can be excused by what that person did before or after the act.

So interesting times arrive, a chance for some families affected by the hate-siters stalking to test in Court the protection of law against such things, and against ongoing defamatory harassment, breaches of privacy, the question of what constitutes publishing and why their should be any distinction between a cyber publisher and the print media when clearly the cyber publishers in many instances disregard that they have any responsibility or even energy to operate within general publishing standards and societal norms.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Interesting standoff between Brian Edwards and Sunday Star Times brat.

Brian Edwards called for the SST to release the notes or a recording of an alleged conversation between cub 'reporter' Johnathan Marshall and Amanda Hotchin.
It appears that the cub brat is of a generation of reporters who think they have the right to demand explanations and interviews by going uninvited onto property or accosting people in the street. I'm fully sympathetic to the view that Amanda Hotchin and her children are off bounds, so too Mark Hotchin if that is his decision. There is no lawful requirement for any person to submit comment and in fact often the attempts border on harassment. If Hotchin has something to answer for it will be the authorities that make that decision and further more Amanda Hotchin is not under any investigation that I am aware of, so where does brat kid get off?
But you can feel the hostility and arrogance of this 'man' not just by what he has attempted to do, what he has 'quoted' and his failure to back it up, but by his gambit against Edwards who simply asked for notes or recordings of the 'interview' as a way to discover the truth. He, Marshall - in what he must consider an all time excellent punch line - remarked, 'Brian Edwards, I didn't know he was still alive.' How roundly amusing for him, such wit and intellect from a 'serious' journalist. And now that the hostilities have begun with Marshall being asked for some facts, he replied in a manner of contempt. Behaviour from him however, highly consistent with the drip bag he has displayed he is.
Of course we are all products of our environments and the environment from whence Marshall evolves displays it's own arrogance but still produces no proof of the contested comment. I can't recall at the moment how many children the Hotchin family have but it is of another, and more sinister time, when children, where they live, and what they might do is justified as of public interest on the basis of who their parents are or what race they may be. All said and done is there any public benefit in attacking Hotchin's wife and family, invading their privacy for comments about things they were clearly not involved in - no there is not.
And to flippantly speak about 'facts' which are in the public interest, because Marshall has made them so, but not produce them is not in the public interest. While school boy scratching crotches and giggling from a 'reporter' who doesn't know who is alive and who is not tell the public more about Johnathan Marshall than any interview with him would ever do.

The beat goes on....

TM Boards Admin.

Here is another example of a recycled poster using the small hours to launch an attack of defamatory harassment against Joe Karam and David Bain in order to maximise the amount of time the offending piece will remain on the boards.

I further note that the poster Stockdale continues to lie about the Bain case in order to mislead the public, justify his hate campaign and mitigate the circumstances of his long time, stalking and harassment on the boards aided and abetted by TM.

The question of why TM aid and abet the stalking and harassment of their own members and members of the public by members of 'public' hate sites who have long since shut themselves down from public scrutiny and instead use TM as a venue for their hate and vitriol remains relevant.

I wonder what TM's position is in on the fact that TM now publishes that Joe Karam should be in prison. This debacle has gone too far.

In response to your latest letter to me in which you noted I had not sent the url regarding a specific complaint, I remind you that neither I or any member of the public are obliged to provide details of harassment, defamation, or breach of Court Orders on TM boards. TM are wholly responsible for monitoring their own boards and if unable to (which is highly obvious) should simply shut down until that ability (moderation of published material) can be achieved.

As always, nothing personal. All the best.
Quite simple, davey boy admits his guilt, does another few years, Karam gets a couple for misleading the public and privy and then maybe we consider the thing closed.
green_nz (0 ) 12:22 am, Fri 11 Feb #31478

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The case against 3 Stalking Wise Idiots.

The Court. 'And who is representing the idiots.'
'We are representing ourselves Sir, because there is no bigger idiot available. Of that there is no doubt.'
'I quite agree. Well, take those silly tin foil hats off and pop on some undies, there is no need to prove you're eunuchs as well as idiots.'

Gabrielle Giffords speaks.

A voice of tolerance and temperance has survived an assassin's bullet, she speaks again a month after being shot. Her friends and family will be delighted and hope will be abroad for the millions that have been touched by this brave woman that she may fully recover and chose to be a voice of reason and kindness in these troubled times.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All peachy peachy on the hate-sites?

Membership falling, 'right thinking nzers' leaving in droves. Additional members due for Court scrutiny, links being proven to SST and ChCh Press, to stalking and laying false complaints. Sites shut down and silenced, paranoia reigning supreme, no media interest except in the gory details of the collapse of the 'enlightened' ones. Remaining members disproving of Kent Parker and Annette Curran, blaming them for the troubles. Infighting rife, bs still to the fore stroking Parker and Stockdale's ego, Taylor trapped? Melanie White still lonely, kalnovitch still spitting tacks and Christine Williams plaiting a noose from her own grey locks. In all a deep silence, no boasts, no pledges, no petition, no stamina and no where to hide. All peachy peachy then, just a few more stalkers and crooks to round up. Keep the information coming folks, all evidence is good.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Garth McVicar knows he's a crook that's

conspired with crooks to manipulate the law. Garth McVicar is a crook.

It's recorded in her own words that Christine Williams

was party to a false complaint and that Kennard offered advice on such, again in his own words. A picture is emerging that there is a cross over in membership between the hate-sites and the Sensible Sentencing Trust. Largely this is known because of Annette's Currans leaky pants and Christine Williams and Lindsay Kennards leaky mouths.

However, any information on the strength or the strengthening of that 'crossed' membership, the deliberate use of misinformation and lies and vendettas taken out under the banner of SST would be appreciated and treated in confidence. The SST were greatly exposed last year, their underpinning 'values' exposed by David Garrett, McVicar and Rodney Redundant.

The relationship between these parties and the stalking by the likes of Curran, OBrien, Williams and Stockdale needs to be scrutinised. Stockdale it seems, will be first up along the Gurnard and Fox and it needs to be known to what level they have assisted in undermining the Law, what has been their motivation, and what links there might be to SST and the Act party.

We need to know so that the public can be aware and made cautious of being manipulated by liars and stalkers and those unconcerned with the truth over their 'rights of entitlement' and 'leadership' toward a better society.

Annette Curran - borrowed from 'Watcher.'......

Watcher said...
should be Annette Curran, site owner, veteran stalker and harasser as well as Christine Williams, Glenda O'Brien and Wankerfan. The numerous others can all wait their turn. Good to see Annie squirming like a pig stuck in mud.

Actually, you are right. She began the family stalking, she's a filthy bit of work Annette Curran from Kapiti Coast. I'll do that shortly, perhaps her and Kent Parker at the same time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wanakafan and Kalnovitch - things to do.

Write to the owner of guiltyfreeforums asking for the full names of Kalnovitch and Wanakafan, seek Court authority if denied. Wanakafan and kalnovitch are family stalkers and need to brought to task. Christine Williams can wait because she is known and the evidence against her substantial already. Can put Kent Parker in anytime, overwhelming evidence against him as well. Can't thank Annette Curran for all of it, but she played a major part in outing her 'mates' criminally stalking.

Hobsons Choice?

TM Admin.

Some information for you. Since November 2010 some TM banned and current members have attempted to set up their activities on the message boards of Sella, introducing David Bain and Joe Karam topics. As the result of advice to them that the particular people were from hate-sites, and who had been, and were involved in stalking, harassment and defamation along with some facing allegations (at that time) of defamation in the Auckland High Court, Sella stopped all Bain/Karam threads and have progressively stopped any thread where even by subtle suggestion the hate-siters attempt to spread their message of hate. The main 'protagonists' have been the permanently banned TM posters Kalnovitch, DCameron, dustproof and misspw along with a previously banned stalkers Luckytrader and TM's favoured current stalker superslueth (Stockdale.)
It appears what while TM believe is impossible to happen, that is proper monitoring and zero tolerance to stalking and threats, in fact it is entirely possible to removing topics likely to result in further defamation or the incitement of hate through the dissemination of lies and propaganda. Tellingly, the idiot Stockdale, quickly moved on from Sella and back to the 'safe' haven of TM late last year. Sort of tells me something.
Although I am only speculating, it seems that not only do Sella take the safety of their members seriously and apply the rules across the boards without fear or favour, but they also maintain mainstream print media standards to ensure their site acts lawfully, socially responsibly and within centuries old standards. I note that board users easily adapt to this and I expect to see a standard raised where decent language and concepts are discussed on the internet as indeed they would be in person.
These are of course more things that TM will have to deal with and from any point of view it is most unfortunate for those that have fallen foul of the hate-siters stalking and harassment, the irony is not lost on me that TM as the largest national message board act the most recklessly and inconsistently with common sense, good practice and legally while a much smaller board has the capacity and inclination to set standards of safe practice.

Yours etc

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stockdale, evidence is good.

TM Admin

This idiot Stockdale continues to harass another poster.
He is bringing forward old quotes from the poster, some months old, republishing them without the dates as if they are current.
This poster has previously warned the poster he now harasses that he will continue to stalk them.

Here follows the url and 2 of today's 'crop' of 4 'new' posts, followed by the original threat.
TM are abetting him in his endeavours.
But first the original threat to harass from Stockdale directed at this poster on June 13th 2010.
It is no small point that the poster cybernana, who is a prolific trader on TM, should be able to use the boards according to her own will and not on the demands of a menacing, no trade, hate-site administrator.

You won't get away from old sleuth,cyber,no matter which thread you are on.Go back to bainaholics and see if you can answer any of those 10 questions I put to you yesterday.
supersleuth (0 ) 11:13 am, Sun 13 Jun #728

cybernana wrote: Do you also believe a glass lens could have lain on that floor, close to where the body had been moved from, where Weir said he found it, and not been broken? With 4 days of people in there searching? Beats me how that could happen.
cyber,Weir made a note on his jobsheet that he found that lens under the toe of an ice skating boot.So that lens was more or less protected by that boot. But what puzzles me is that you have also said that lens was dusty,and so must have been there for a while.So you would also have to wonder why it had not been broken,having lain on the floor for so long. And you say four people were in there searching.But the whole house was a crime scene ,not just that room.
Edited by supersleuth at 8:57 am, Sat 5 Feb
supersleuth (0 ) 8:55 am, Sat 5 Feb #15683

cybernana wrote:
Let me see... you have now accepted there was blood on the shoe, after denying it for so long. Now, see if you can find, from the transcript, which direction those blood spots landed from, I believe it was the wrong direction for it to have come from his own left side.
Well,in the Karam/Laws debate Karam said those blood spots were from Robin Bain's head wound,which was in his left temple. So what direction do you think they came from,cyber?.
supersleuth (0 ) 9:14 am, Sat 5 Feb #15684

cybernana wrote:
Was it noted on his drivers license? Was that produced in court? Who saw him driving in them the night before? Did the people who served him at the fish & chip shop testify they had seen him wearing them?
Yes,it was noted on David Bain's drivers licence that he needed to wear glasses when he was driving. But we don't know if he was wearing glasses when he was driving or not.He wasn't seen driving. And he may well have taken those glasses off before he went in to get those fish and chips.
supersleuth (0 ) 9:45 am, Sat 5 Feb #15685

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where are they now?

Those ones that beat their chests and postured,
the hate-filled ones.
Where are they now, when the gauntlet is
picked up, steady and clear.
Where must they hide
from their own coward words?

If the hate-sites were all legitimate why is it that they're

all closed down? Not a press release in sight, no prophesying or boasting of a petition, no pledges remaining of seeing the 'good' work done.
I wonder if it's because of the various allegations of defamation and stalking that have been levelled at them, begin to stick?
What ever the case is, they'll never see the light of day as legitimate as they claimed in the beginning. They were always simply a collection of deranged nutters who falsely recognised in themselves power over others, and over the rights of others - then the wheels fell off and the vibration from their collapse to the ground continues.
But more work remains, as the outer network has crumbled and become redundant, the core root of the evil of the hate-sites becomes more exposed along with the identities of the key individuals and their law breaking. Will they remain hidden, or will they be exposed - those key identities that have betrayed themselves or been betrayed in the boasts of Stockdale and others, and in the 'safe' leaking place created by Curran and her cronies? Just trying to remember who it was that OBrien boasted about writing to for information, ah yes - now I remember.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A time is allocated for 4 unwise souls.

The day is nominated when there'll be no lists by supergoof, no lies from Kennard, no sarcasm from Fox - no stalking from any of them, no use of TM to harass, stalk and defame while singing a hate song. Their mantras will not be listened to, it will only be their behaviour that is of interest, the legality of that behaviour.
The law, that sets us apart from beast - is upon the door step of the hate-siters. First 4, but others who have stalked families are not forgotten and in a retrospective silence ponder now, that you were never entitled, to lie, spread hate, stalk, make false allegations - never entitled just because of vitriol and blood lust to watch by torch light a lynching. When you finally calm, try and make out through your tears, and self-pity, whose face it was that you played your torch upon, and could not quite make out in your excitement, for fear that you hung your own God or yourself.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new kiddie fiddler lover re-emerges...

Seems the hate-siters are preparing to change the guard.

cybernana- Carl Lloyd - was shown to be extremely ignorant for an "expert" witness - he's a pathetic joke - he categorically stated - it could not be blood - yet the crown expert - did exactly that - put blood on a gun - touch it - photographed it - exactly same well - guest what? it showed white - noticed how quick the idiot raced back to england ? - his statement was shown to be 100% false - he didn't even recreate the same test - he's a joke - like the dentist the defense dragged up.
You can repeat proven bs - I think you know his evidence was crap as well - considering your intimate knowledge of the case.
stating known falsehoods is deceitful- shame on you
graemehw (85 ) 7:30 pm, Tue 1 Feb #15658

Not only did the bsing Jones lie about the colour of blood under poli-light, he claimed that finger print definition enhanced and sharpened under pressure. Stick you nose against a supermarket window gramehw and see if it sharpens or flattens you idiot. But don't get excited just yet, there's plenty of excitement in the wind. Even old nina-concertina crawled out of the woodwork today, how convenient when her name is mentioned everywhere in the cached material. But you are probably right, some mouths from the south are about to fall deeply silent and more idiots are for the call up. Good luck arsewipe. Shame on you fiddler supporter.