Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year from Goodnewsguy....

I'd just thought I'd sign off for the new year, kiss all the rellies and make a few promises I'll never keep. I'd like to get something off my chest and say that maybe I did eat a drumstick off that stuffed chicken that was cooling by the hot plate, but I never ate no stuffing and that bothers me because there's nothing like the stuffing you never ate.

I know there's been some talk that me and Nos aren't talking since, well since ,I had to sell his fridge to pay my rent and, as anybody would understand that I had to use his truck to get it to the pawn shop, I pawned the truck as well. It was only a bloody truck, and I've offered to make him a cd of me going 'brmm brmm nos' with a live air horn sounding in the background and simulated rough gear change noises that he doesn't talk like to talk about.

Though apart from, life hasn't been too bad in the hen house this year with those Rhode island reds and that fox I won't let out. There's nothing like a fox in the hen house just so you can keep an eye on it and listen to all those sly fox stories once the lights go out and the fox's eyes shine red.

I might catch a train south next year, or maybe I'll hang around.

Talking Heads.

Noting that 2 of the sisters were able to resist hopping on the band wagon of the announcement of the honouring of James McNeish for his literary career. Because of course, it is to note his career over a long period of time.

In as much as the Mask of Sanity was a successful book it didn't deal with the new evidence that has arrived since the book was written. I'd expect that James McNeish would draw different conclusions now particularly in view of the blood spatter evidence. One of the difficulties, and pleasures I suppose, in writing about a piece of history is that one can only rely on what was known at the time of writing.

So too for Joe Karam, he didn't know at the time of writing his books that the 'blood' on the rifle wasn't blood at all. He also didn't know about the blood smears on Robin's hands that can't have arrived there after Robin's death. Equally he didn't know about the spatter on Robin's shoe that can't have come from his own wound. In that absence of that knowledge in particular, he went forward with some conclusions that might not survive the test of time. Of course that is the province of some writing, or risk the less confident make, when drawing together information to lay it out in a cognitive pattern for others to read. I suspect, from the obvious writing talent of both men, it was a challenge they enjoyed and we may yet see further work from them updated with the new evidence that featured at the second trial.

Something else that neither writer knew was that there would be a steady flow of information spread to damage David before during and after the trial. A situation no doubt that horrifies both men, and particularly more so James McNeish for whom it was simply another part in a long literary career and certainly not intended to be focal point for people intent on using it for harassment and law breaking. Because it was particularly the case that McNeish laid bare a time in Robin and Margaret's life that was most disturbing and which arguably could be traced as the point when spent passion began to take a toll on their marriage and culminated in a complete tragedy for the family.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I just wish to think now of that 8 year old boy and his family.

I'm sure others do so as well.

In the often combative world that is this blog I always try to remember the children and the old folk. So for the boy's family, who are said to speak little English, and for that poor, probably impetuous, and adventurous boy, I bow my head.

Helpless, helpless, helpless...

'New' evidence on the incest allegations. That'll explain the brain matter on the shoe and the father's blood and dna in the barrel.

It seems 'recovered memories' were in the xmas gift packages in Dunedin this year, they just needed a little help to be 'reshaped.' One needs to be careful reshaping memories, it's a difficult task that requires sharp acumen and insight. Be careful when they arrive if there is belated celebration and a hint of 'we were right after all,' an offering than enlarges on their worth. Putting one's name to them can be fraught with danger when the analysts arrive, and for what? To explain the upward trajectory shot and that lack of blood spatter screening on the lounge floor? I don't think so.

Recovered memories, recovered formerly 'missed' evidence are common features in a floundering investigation - 'silver or golden bullets' as the Americans call them, alert as they are to their arrival.

Helpless, helpless, helpless...

Kookycoatsy celebrates a victory.....

LMAO - that is hilarious! President of the Crystal Ball Society.
I wouldn't be putting too much store by your "nose for the law" dearie, it's failed your camp thus far.
kulkkulbelle (337 ) 12:52 pm, Thu 30 Dec #564

How to turn 5 not guilty verdicts, a couple of hundred defamation allegations, and a continuing compensation procedure into a victory.

Well done. But I wonder, on that scale, what a loss would have entailed. The mind boggles, kooky - a land for the deluded. Turn it up bro.

I see you're denying your claims about the PM report. But don't worry I'll publish them for you, just to help you out and enable you to enjoy your victory.

Herald Editorial re Compensation Procedure....

Lawyers for David Bain have failed to convince the Justice Minister to short-circuit Mr Bain's claim for compensation for wrongful imprisonment. A financial settlement, they argued, would be a good deal less costly for the taxpayer than the case they say they could bring to establish their client's innocence.
"We are concerned that the cost of proving David's innocence - which we are quite confident we can do - is going to be much greater than the amount of any compensation we would be claiming," said Michael Reed, QC.
He is almost certainly correct. Even if compensation is denied, the process will be costly for the taxpayer. Nonetheless, Justice Minister Simon Power was right to have nothing to do with the proposal.
Mr Bain's legal battles before he was found not guilty last year of the 1994 murder of his parents and three siblings have already proved very expensive. His High Court retrial last year, after 13 years in prison, cost $2.3 million in legal aid. A further $456,000 was paid for his appeals, including to the Privy Council, which quashed his original convictions.
Now Mr Reed says Mr Bain's compensation bid, for which he will seek legal aid, "may end up costing everyone about $10 million". Compensation of about $2 million is expected to be sought, based on a benchmark rate of $100,000 for every year spent in prison, plus expenses incurred or money lost.
The compensation process is neither speedy nor sparing. Essentially, it will involve Mr Bain having to prove his innocence "on the balance of probabilities" to a Queen's Counsel, who reports to the Cabinet on the merits of the claim and appropriate compensation. That burden of proof is a substantial step up from acquittal by a jury based on reasonable doubt.
And because Mr Bain did not have his murder convictions quashed on appeal without order of retrial, and was not given a free pardon, he must also show his compensation bid meets the standard of "extraordinary circumstances".
Mr Reed presumes this will mean "calling about a couple of hundred witnesses from all around the world". With precedent suggesting legal aid will be provided, a heavy cost looms. Yet this process has proved satisfactory in practice.
Equally, as Mr Power says, this is not appropriate territory for some sort of short cut. The Cabinet guidelines provide for none, and neither should one be contemplated. Indeed, to do as Mr Reed suggests would mean handing Mr Bain a sizeable sum without him having had to prove his innocence on the balance of probabilities. A precedent that effectively guarantees payouts in such cases would have been set. Sidelined would be the sterner test, despite its desirability when compensation is being sought.
Adhering to the current process is also justified by the immense public interest in the Bain case. Indeed, the access that the Queen's Counsel will have to any suppressed evidence should throw more light on it. Both the first jury and the retrial jury were denied evidence that has been variously interpreted as aiding or hurting Mr Bain's cause. A Queen's Counsel who has everything at his fingertips clearly stands a better chance of arriving at a fair and accurate verdict. The public will be wiser for his work.
There is reason to sympathise with Mr Bain's plight. As Mr Reed says, he will effectively remain in limbo until his bid for compensation is decided. However, any short-circuiting of that process would have to be based on tenable judicial grounds, not justice on the cheap.
Mr Bain faces a high hurdle of proof but not an unreasonable one for a claim that could run to millions of dollars. His case should take its course.

(part of the following is used with permission)

Having the Government involved in deciding quilt or innocence is a mediaeval concept dispensed with by the Magna Carta. For all the editor's preening and posturing about proper consideration, it remains that Politicians are interfering with due process with an opportunity to find public 'favour' by its decision. Due process, which to this point has scaled the ultimate test of guilt or innocence, ie trial by one peers and not by the King (or in our case, the Government.) Here the Government have invited elephant sized complexities into a case that is straight forward, firstly by its own evidence and secondly by having already been judged in the time - honoured way. Once again, we allow dithering over people being extracted from miscarriages of justice while continuing with a haste that allows continued mistakes in the 'public interest' and dire, death like, consequences for the falsely imprisoned.

Mr Power's decision may yet be Judicially reviewed, or any later decision may be reviewed. What remains patently obvious is that we don't have an appropriate facility to correct miscarriages of justice, and have not empowered the Courts with one. We remain relying on an outdated concept that proposes the Government of the day, and The Crown, are not one and the same. We stand and watch the Government interfere both in the realm of the Courts and with the principle of due process. The use of executive power in this way makes us all subject to serfdom and the whim of the King.

The new evidence the liar phae on TM wants to mislead the public about....

Phae, you are a lying idiot. You are a persecuting dog.

A brief summary:

>fresh blood on two pairs of trousers in Robin's caravan
>a bloodied hair on the sweatshirt in the commer van
>the footprints: first trial said that they must be David's because they matched the (unstretched) length of his socks (280mm). Second trial showed David's feet to be considerably longer (300mm)
>blood inside the barrel of the rifle showing the shot to Robin being a close contact shot
>Laniet was shot through something and this intervening something introduced yaw in the bullet creating a larger entrance wound: not a contact would as previously thought.
>Laniet had told several people that her father molested her (possible motive, not brought out at first trial)
>The fingerprints on the rifle from David could not have been blood
>there were numerous other prints on the rifle (partial/unidentifiable)
>the proposition of Robin shooting himself being impossible or extremely difficult was shown to be false and that it was relatively easy
>the blood spatter evidence was new
>the blood spatter evidence that showed the blood and brain spatter on Robin's shoe wasn't his own
>the blood spatter evidence which showed their was no screen (a gunman) between Robin and the spread of the spatter
>the blood spatter evidence which showed that had a gunman been involved in Robin's death the shot would have been impossible without a required distorted pose from Robin (perhaps standing on a chair)
>the blood spatter evidence which showed that the gunman would have needed Robin's co-operation in own death and anyway would have been impossible not to have left a 'shielded' area in the spatter
>DNA evidence was new
>the information about the doubt about the lens placement was new
>the details of the computer turn-on timng was new
>the details or the washing machine cycle duration was new
>some of the details of the blood-staining was new (eg in the first trial the stain on the back of David's shirt was an 'old' stain pre-dating the murders)
>The flap of skin found in Stephens room and 'said' to be Davids was proven to be Stephens.

Overall the forensic proof proves Robin the killer.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look, kookycoates explaining that her failure to produce the report relates to the 'ignorance' of somebody else...

project_hr wrote:

Not if the dead person was a murderer, like this one was, no I don't have any respect for his reputation at all. Alive or dead.

Your previous comments about David Bain demonstrate your lack of respect for him, but it's ok to be disrespectful to a free man, in your books. How hypocritical of you, but very typical too.

PS where's the autopsy reports you said you have? Got them ready to show people yet?

You show your ignorance of basic autopsy procedure on a female when you keep on blathering like this

Quotekulkkulbelle (337 ) 11:17 pm, Wed 29 Dec #479

Sure kooky, 6 days now and falling. Sort of sounds like a ballad - 'four foot tall and rising.' Just produce the goods.

Face it Stockdale....

even your own mates know you're an idiot and a welcher, having long ago accepted that you're a liar and a sicko.

What other titles are you going for, fiddler of year?

Addendum to 'Looking for Responsible Journalism' below

As an addendum to the original message below and to show the general irrelevance of the posts and threads starting by Stockdale, the hate-site administrator, 45 of the last 57 posts of the Bainholics thread have been by Stockdale himself. They include deletions to which he claimed were 'experiments' that 'happened' to co-incide with him 'achieving' the 15,000th post on that thread. They also include weather reports as he converses with himself in the absence of anyone showing interest. The value of this man's contribution is zero when compared to the lies and propaganda he spreads. Pull the plug on the fool and leave him to post his crap on his own 'secret' site or the walls of the psychiatric institution he's soon sure to be enclosed in.


Parker's right hand man dingbat Stockdale popping in to say hello to himself and give a weather report....

So the defence said"Let's not watse all this money",did they cyber?
I don't know how one watse's money,but no doubt you can explain that.
But I tell you what,I don't think David will be wanting a public airing of all those lies he has told,I don't think he will want to have a bar of that.

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Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 2:00 pm, Tue 28 Dec #15006
Just thought I would pop in and say hullo,I am busy on another thread at the moment.
The weather is much improved from yesterday,light winds and sunny.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 9:32 am, Wed 29 Dec #15007

This on a thread he recovered from the distant archives and where he has made 45 of the last 57 posts including a number of deletes so that he could 'just realise' that the thread had reached 15,000 posts. What a sad sack piece of crap.

An ex junkie beside himself with jealousy, how sad.

flowbee wrote:

Great to see that David has spent time with his extended family.

And who exactly was this member of the 'extended family' and what is the connection.

Propaganda in its purest form ... but who would have expected anything but from that outfit !

Quotetherafter1 (14 ) 8:42 am, Wed 29 Dec #381

Get a life you freak.

Looking for responsible journalism....

Currently there are two new Bain threads running, a third has been brought back from the death by a hate-site administrator Mike Stockdale. In relation to Mike Stockdale he attempted to start several Bain threads on which to CP material from his hate-site, TM prevented this. But did not however prevent him bringing back the old 'Bainholics' thread which serves his purpose of continuing to defame both Joe Karam, David Bain and others. Apart from my obvious objections to this I must voice my concerns that TM still continue to allow this type of thread to run and be posted on or started by people identifiable as members of hate-sites. I struggle to think of any other jurisdiction in the world where this would be allowed to happen and draw your attention to the Message Board of sella, where once having been availed of the activities of the hate-site members, now refuses to let any Bain threads run at all. That is responsible in the overall environment and you should be aware that the hate-sites have extensively used TM for over 2 years to the point that in the public mind many 'facts' about the case are distorted out of all shape and a casual reader would, and is, being left with a deliberately false impression of the evidence.

On the point of the evidence I would be happy if you or anyone at TM could legitimise the claims made about it by the hate-site members, the fact is that can't be done and therefore falls into publication of material likely to incite hatred against not only the main characters of this unfortunate situation, but others such as witnesses, jurors and so forth who also invariably take the brunt of the fevered temper and hate these publications incite.

A new year begins soon and I hope you will reconsider allowing such threads to continue at all. One started by obook yesterday with the deliberately inflammatory title of
"Pay me compo to go away" - Bain; Govt says no
gained the desired response for the author, a man who has a history in the spreading of propaganda about the case and who in particular has a specific background of defaming Karam and the Jury. Someone whom I would expect is already noted in Court Documents or who will certainly be.

Surely, it is time for proper journalistic standards to be applied in what is now recognised as the same format as the print media. Posts on any Bain threads should be pre-checked for content before publication and failing that should not be posted at all. These people are telling outrageous lies without factual supporting evidence, the result of which harm is being done not only to the main participants but to the respect of our Courts and the Law.

If you are constrained to act by some policy or directive I urge you to at least limit the Bain discussion to a single thread, refuse posting rights to identified hate-siters, and respond in good time to specific complaints as a compromise in the Public Interest.

Yours etc

The calm logic and argument of a hate-siter knitting at the gallows, a flea bitten dog by it's feet...

If I was a low life scum bag that murdered my own family, Id be low enough to lie to get of. Its not about me, I could never even comprehend an act that vile. The proof is indisputable. That part has been debated ENDLESSLY so no need to do so further. He wont be able to prove his innocence in front of intelligent people so it will cost NZ millions more. I cant see the reason why we cant sue back. Whats the harm? If he can prove his innocence, then giVe him the money. But if he is a GUILTY low life scum sucking leach? HANG EM!

Quoteskylab6 (143 ) 11:01 pm, Tue 28 Dec #347

We are to take it from this frothing idiot that the 'proof is indisputable.' Another great advertisement for Kent Parker and the 'girls.' His explanation of how the father's blood and brains got inside the rifle, and the blood and brains of his children on his right shoe is so indisputable he doesn't even explain it - if the idiot even knows about it.

The idiot Melanie White sings the same song as the other idiot Coatesville.

One wrote a false confession, the other has a PM 'report' that no one else in NZ has seen, together they both peddle the same lies....key members of hate-sites that spread lies and stalk people.

After all, in the second trial, they needed TWO people to show how Robin committed suicide as they couldn't do it with one.

Quotesweet_ad (156 ) 10:50 pm, Tue 28 Dec #22

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look there, mama Kent's back...

The initial investigation was not botched. That is pure propaganda that you are peddling there.

Quotenewzeal2 (3 ) 9:44 pm, Tue 28 Dec #336

Exactly right Kenty, it was only an actual miscarriage of justice, apart from that it was all peachy, peachy, wonderful.

Where's kenty now?

Cat got his tongue?

Bro Trevor Willaim Fox, the fiddler supporter has a point to make....

an innocent person would not need four lawyers.

Quotelucky_trader (1313 ) 7:56 pm, Tue 28 Dec #323

Straight out of the dark ages, same as... if he's not guilty he'll drown when we hold him under the water, or if he's guilty he won't have blisters on his hand from holding hot steel. I know what you mean Trev. I bet you loved the Crucible Trevor, made you feel like putting your gown and hat on. But don't get too excited Trev, maybe a innocent person wouldn't need any lawyer, and if he wanted a lawyer it would be because he was guilty. Did you think of that Trev, when you were fiddling with yourself under your gown. Don't bring the team into disrepute Trev by supporting a dead fiddler and showing what an idiot you are. Try to think of what you're doing, who you are really harming you f...wit.

Anyway Trev, did you ever learn to count?

Kookybelle...I don't want to stand on your Coatestail,

but I think it is about time you fronted up with the PM report. Two years is long enough to wait for something so important. Especially when you continue to LOL like an idiot, as below, after claiming to have a copy of that report. Now two years is a long time to persecute somebody with a lie isn't it Deb?

Do you think it would be fair to publicly name somebody who deliberately lied about some 'evidence' in order to persecute somebody else. Do you think there is some other remedy for such a situation? In some ways you don't seem to care because your attack is impersonal in that you apparently think you have anonymity. But all of your hate-site mates thought the same and leaked all the names and identities to the world.

I think enough time has passed, time which you've used to facilitate the harassment of Joe Karam and David Bain, to mock them as you do below. I recall you bragging about how much money you had to support the hate-sites defendants but as at the time of the last conference they didn't have enough money for a lawyer. You play dirty don't you kooky, you're a dirty player and a liar. Then again, maybe you do have a PM report so I'll give you a week to post it or withdraw, otherwise you can joined the named ones because that's what a liar and persecutor deserves. Check it out.

LOL, I do look forward to that bit of theatre in court with paint trays of pig's blood and who knows maybe even chairs and maybe even rods and helmets to assist.

Quotekulkkulbelle (337 ) 5:06 pm, Tue 28 Dec #276

By the way arsewi.. the rod and helmet was a Crown exhibit you idiot.

Idiot Parker again....

David Bain did not have his sentence quashed. He was granted a retrial. He was not given a pardon. He was not acquitted. He was not allowed to pass Go and get $200. He did get a Get out of Jail Free card but that was about all. He did not qualify for compensation under any circumstances except for extraordinary ones and as you well know now he was turned down.

Quotenewzeal2 (3 ) 4:39 pm, Tue 28 Dec #263

How does a rejection for a quick settlement become a rejection of compensation, when the claim continues on? This guy is a certifiable nutcase. Lecturing on the law when he couldn't get own defence right and thought his second defence had been rejected when in fact it hadn't. Head nutter.

Kent Parker, hate-site owner in full flight.....

The police had no involvement. David Bain had been convicted and locked up for more than a decade so no further evidence was needed and there was no compunction for people to come forward. Since the retrial verdict, they have been coming forward and making themselves known to the media and to the Ministry.

The Bain team is reluctant to retest this case in court because they will be faced with a lot more incriminating evidence against David Bain now that all the physical evidence has become old and deteriorated. David Bain's peer group, the Mark Buckley's and Gareth Taylor's of this world who knew David Bain personally are now adult and are coming out of the woodwork with their stories. Having them in the witness stand will create a much more compelling case against David Bain than some old and worn out fingerprints on a gun.

Edited by newzeal2 at 4:25 pm, Tue 28 Dec

Quotenewzeal2 (3 ) 4:23 pm, Tue 28 Dec #260

The idiot pretends that there was not a team of 26 officers working on finding new evidence for 2 years before the retrial. He's a lying scumbag.

He then tells us what the Bain team is reluctant to do. So he expects us to believe they talk to him about their reluctance to do things when in fact they only speak to him to reject his grovelling attempts to settle without a substantial payment.

You're a dreamer Parker. How great it is to see you posting anonymously while your hate-site burns, how far the mighty have fallen into a heap or excrement of the pavement.

If you knew anything Parker, today's news is old news. The top barristers always make an effort to settle because it's expected by the Courts as you will find out if you ever find someone that might represent you. Don't bother predicting something you don't understand. Go away and lick your wounds again, change your name and do whatever you can to settle in the hope you won't be financially crushed.

Wow, the wobbly ones are on fire......

A hate-site stalker, Rachael Membery, telling others to mind their own business!

thank goodness i wondered if it was a hoax lol, u seem overly concerned with what others do, is that face book page any of your business, i doubt if you are an intended recipient, mind your own business.

Quotegoldnkiwi (610 ) 2:09 pm, Tue 28 Dec #31319

Interesting comprehension levels of the hate-siters....

very interesting, compensation has been denied.......

kalnovitch ( 0 )
10:58 am, Tue 28 Dec | #6 | Rating: -1

Thick and thicker.

Aah, the stakes increase.

Mr Power still wants the role of King in pre Magna Carta times, how quaint for him and how expensive for the country.

The sisters feeling isolated?

A few threads have disappeared, but only since a couple of newbies have appeared. I think the mod's need to look into this

kalnovitch ( 0 )
12:01 am, Tue 28 Dec | #1

Cowpat Kal struggling to work out that the message board sella don't want to be sued for entertaining the vitriol of the sisters and being placed in the same position as Trade Me are by having allowed a bunch of stalking idiots use of their boards.

Now what was that favourite abbreviation of Kalnovitch's that attended just about every post? Oh that's right, LOL.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A question from the disenchanted..

Remind you of anyone?

Quotejmhb51 (1 ) 9:26 pm, Mon 27 Dec #14997

Well yes, Joanne Black.

An addendum to 'folie a plusieurs' below, from the sisters legal advisor kennard.

First Kennard explaining how I tracked down somebody overseas that I don't even know

oh Nos tells the world he spoke to my ex to get the information I admire the honesty in that

Last edited by Lindsayr at 3:01 pm, Mon 27 Dec
Lindsayr ( 5 )
2:54 pm, Mon 27 Dec | #87 | Rating: -2

Then the summation of his reply that he posted the information about himself publically.

Firstly, Nos saw the post when you made it on TM and did not need to go searching through thousands of pages on VMN. Just as I saw the post when you made it, and thought was a stupid thing to do. It stood out so loud and clear. You posted it, at least own your own actions.

You stated "Putting out stuff about oneself that is unpleasant is known as honesty, something totally foreign to you is the concept of honesty". So you are honest are you? and yet in an earlier post you said that Nos had researched and stalked you to get the information, that now you admit to posting yourself.

Last edited by Allebesor at 3:52 pm, Mon 27 Dec
Allebesor ( 115 )
3:51 pm, Mon 27 Dec | #91 | Rating: 2

And of course a hate-site signature slips from his lips....the standard narrative of hate and stalking....a threat.

But be careful I just might be a vindictive psychopath with a death wish. Go crawl back into your hole and pull the slush in after you.

oh Nos tells the world he spoke to my ex to get the information I admire the honesty in that

Last edited by Lindsayr at 3:01 pm, Mon 27 Dec
Lindsayr ( 5 )
2:54 pm, Mon 27 Dec | #87 | Rating: -2

So we have it all, a full display, all the things that kennard, Stockdale, Williams, Cameron, OBrien and Newton blame others of but in which in fact they simply make up. We see first the lie about Kennard's self-information, then the adornment that the information was gathered from a person tracked down overseas, then finally when the proof is revealed Kennard outed himself for being accused of a crime against his children, he finishes with a threat. Not an imagined one, a real and public threat. Why would an organisation try to legitimise itself with people like these above as administrators, or try to legitimise itself by the use of lies and never depart from a lie about the evidence even when found out? Well, folks it ain't normal, it's sick - a fiddly kind of psychopathic, narcissistic, sick, where people and their families are devalued and debased without feeling or consideration. A bunch of sick perverts and psychopaths that peddle their lies and hate and expect to be taken seriously while they search into other people's lives and that of their families. Thanks for the further help Kennard, I hope you recall the message I gave you and your buddies a couple of days ago, your false complaints are coming back to bite you in a legitimate and lawful way.

folie a plusieurs: the sisters dearest friend

"Have it your way, then. A delusional belief is not the same as a momentary hallucination. People who claim to have seen the Virgin Mary or a UFO, have typically reverted to their normal lives afterwards. The incidents left a very small psychological footprint on the witnesses. Not so with a shared psychotic disorder. Those affected structure their entire existence around their inane convictions."

"Can you give us some examples?"

"Sure I can. There are hundreds if not thousands of cases meticulously documented ever since the 19th century. Some patients became convinced that their homes were being infiltrated by aliens or foreign powers. An unfortunate couple was so afraid of hostile electromagnetic radiation that they converted their apartment into a Faraday Cage: they sealed it hermetically at an enormous expense and took out all the windows and interconnecting doors. They claimed that the radiation was intended to dehydrate them by inducing diarrhea and to starve them through chronic indigestion."

The young agent whistled and the older one emitted one of his soft laughs.

"In another instance, an entire family took on enormous credits, sold their house, and quit their jobs because they delusionally talked themselves into believing that one of the sons was about to sign a multi-million dollar contract with a Hollywood studio. They even hired engineers and architects to lay out plans for a new mansion, replete with a swimming pool."

The young one could no longer hide his mirth.

"Of course, there's the run-of-the mill paranoid, persecutory delusions about how the FBI, or CIA, or NSA, take your pick, are tapping the family phone, or shadowing its members as they go innocently about their business."

"Why would anyone believe such crap?" - Asked the senior one.

"Because the source of the delusional belief, the person who invents it and then imposes it on others, is perceived to be authoritative and superior in intelligence, or in social standing, or to have access to privileged information."

They exchanged glances and then:

"So, it's like a cult? A guru and his followers?"

"Exactly. The primary case - the originally delusional person - does his or her best to keep the others in relative seclusion and social isolation. That way, he monopolizes the flow of information and opinions. He filters all the incoming data and blocks anything which might interfere, upset, or contradict the delusional content. The primary case become sort of a gatekeeper."

Could it be shattered delusions about the evidence, and the particular failure of the gatekeepers to with hold their 'members' from the truth that makes the sisters so angry this xmas leading from a time when they saw Nos at every turn? Is it because they are now seen as mere mortals, even criminals, delusional ones at that and not the informed, enlightened, arbiters of the truth they sought to be? There were many that invented false truths about the Bain case, about David, Joe, then ultimately about anybody they could access whom they thought were non-believers and therefore a 'danger' to them.

Arthur Millers: Crucible, relived by the twisted sisters.

I need to make a distinction between what will be the body of this post and an associated feature. The associated feature is that the following people have all been involved in clandestine stalking of myself and family, also others and their families, proof is held of that and it is certainly under the attention of the authorities. The people involved in perpetrating these events are under watch, not only just by the authorities and not only for their stalking.

But it is the secondary nature of this behaviour that I will discuss here. It can called the 'Crucible' effect where rumour begins tales of the mark or behaviour of witches arising from innocent everyday events and become in the minds of the so afflicted to hysteria. Something similar to events in Haiti today where men are burnt because they're seen as voodoo men who began the cholera. So too here in the land of the long white cloud, a blend of air, sea, land with the ever presence of the ancestors the witches way vainly tries to take hold.

When Glenda OBrien revealed on the internet that I had sent a threatening letter to her daughter she knew that it wasn't true but deliberately milked it for all she could. No doubt in someway to justify her stalking other people and their families, even in her own sick mind she knew she needed to justify to herself her 'right' to stalk children so she chose her very only lie to give herself the 'right.' When the letter was published (and it has been on this blog earlier) she fell silent as I assume a witch might do when caught in the light, she was silent for sometime before she found another lie - there was a second 'imaginary' letter according to her which of course she was never able to produce. Glenda OBrien said she was going to go to the police with that first 'threatening' letter despite it simply being advice to her that her hatred was in danger of consuming her.

To another Maryanne Newton, attacking David Bain at length, foully and maliciously with the full spectrum of the Counterspin lies while at the same time running an add for her lost cat. A sympathy plea for help to find the moggy. A sharp contrast, on the one hand a 'right' to persecute David with lies while on the other a plea for a lost cat as though lives can be balanced that way - affection for a cat and vitriol and hate for a stranger who you have never met. So I emailed her TM ad asked her why she had her cat locked up (the ad read that she had from memory) and concluded that her cat must have run away from her because it didn't like her. Maryanne Newton complained to everyone in the world for this outrageous thing I'd said about her cat and when not getting the 'appropriate' response changed (a la OBrien) to say I'd sent her daughter a threatening email.

Soon it was Lindsay Kennard saying that I'd sent him an email regarding his drinking and state of mind. All the normal advice was showered on him by the sisters, 'go to the police' that sort of thing. I think he even claimed to be doing (bizarre meaning) some 'lawyering' over the matter. I never contacted linz4me and like the others with their 'hidden' emails (and why would they hide them if they had them) he never produced anything that he could say came from me. I say what I want to say to Kennard in public, here on this board set up for the purpose of outing these witches and their lies.

Either just before or just after the linz event, Christine Williams claimed to have got a phone call and to have called out my name down the line in 'fear.' She also got the customary condolences and advice on what to do by her dear, equally enraged, sisters, but of course I had never phoned the idiot. She was playing the 'Crucible' routine to a live audience who also took part in the same play.

Then Mike Stockdale, only suspecting that I was a person that rang him, I say 'suspecting' because I've read his board communication about it and have it saved, yet in short order all suspicion was removed and it was definitely me and I was going to meet him somewhere. Problem was I didn't know about it and the only place I want to see Stockdale is in Court explaining why he was stalking a friend of mine earlier this year.

Last in this bizarre list and probably the most bizarre event of all. One night when there was a hangbainer meltdown going on TM, a friend of mine got two calls from who? 'Me' of course, doing what? Threatening the friend and their family, by coincidence the hangbainer who melted down the same night disappeared from the boards but remains part of the inquiry.

So they feed off hysteria, not one of them has the clear judgement or presence of mind to take a breath. Instead they swallow their own lies hook, line and sinker. Even those telling the lies believe them and steam off to the Police or elsewhere, to repeat their lies without for a second considering that their complaints are harmful, false, and deliberately illegal. Their coup de grace, ace card, or winning shot always relies upon who they think I am and the hysteria package that excites them into delirium in the hot night but which disappears in the cold morning light.

Now to link the two behaviours. In the first (the stalking) they've left a trail and it's all recorded. In the second they've also left a trail, false complaints and lies. So how deranged are these people that transfer their hatred and persecution of David to anybody that does not agree with them, the answer very deranged, very bitter and very stupid.

The pen is my weapon of choice, and logic my companion, respect for the truth dominates my desire to reach any conclusion and I am unafraid about being wrong (or admitting it) or having made a mistake because it is something that adds to experience. I never try to make purchase from lies and never lie to benefit myself over another, I won't say my whole life has been like that because it hasn't. I have culminated a wide range of experiences, many of them tough, that have brought me home to a point of having compassion and the strength and love of my ancestors, that is why I will not be silent in the face of persecution, in the face of lying and stalking. I will resist, using the pen and loving the truth. I will use the language and insults of the gutter when required to vibrate the brains of the afflicted so that they lose their direction, I will unsettle them with words and logic but I will never prevent them going away and going about their own lives and business and leaving others alone.

On a final note a message to Kalnovitch, Williams, Cameron and others; a psychopath is a liar who never morally considers or feels responsible in anyway for the lies they tell about others. The lies like responsibility run off them like water. A psychopath is someone who lies about photos, who denies stalking children, who claims false harm in the loudest voice while maintaining harm upon others. A psychopath is one twisted sister.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodboy Stockdale, finally working out to delete your fiddly side.

The member deleted this message.

supersleuth (0 ) 10:02 pm, Sun 26 Dec #14989
Sorry about all the deletes,just practising a new procedure.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 10:06 pm, Sun 26 Dec #14990

Apparently DCameron got a photo album for xmas

but she's got no photos to put in it, hardly the oldkiwi way.

What a relief for superidiot, only about 16 posts...

in a row until one of his pedo pal supporters came along. But lets look at what the idiot is saying now. First of all he claimed there was no blood spatter on Robin's shoe now he admits there is...

Those three pinhead size bloodspots could not have gotten on to Robin Bain's shoe from him committing suicide.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 10:03 am, Sun 26 Dec #14980

And also superidiot admits they couldn't have got there during the suicide. Brilliant, and that superidiot is why the Jury decided that to have his children's blood and brain spatter on his shoe meant that he was the killer.

Simple if you're not a superidiot.

Feeling depressed Mike, people think you're an idiot? Just ignore them, make a couple of hundred posts about what Mrs Clark said, that should make you feel better you moron.

There, there Lindsay, different pills today, plonk bottle empty?

I see nos has nothing better to do than pour on the vitriolic abuse still what a sad life he leads.
I said I hadn't studied the case closely, but I do know enough to form an opinion as to innocence or guilt and I have made that choice based on living in Dunedin and working with people who knew both of those who had the opportunity and a little reading.
The case in itself is of little interest to me intellectually as it does not have anything to do with eyewitnesses testimony but it does have an interest in relation to the fragility of human memory and the ease of manipulation of memory either intentionally or unintentionally, but it is a historic interest but I have sufficient interest to believe that a payment of compensation would be a gross miscarriage of justice. I believe there is sufficient evidence to conclude that it is more likely than not that David Cullen Bain is not innocent of the crimes and that there is little credible evidence to conclude it is more likely than not Robin is guilty of no more than coming inside to pray as was his custom. nos you can play word games till hell freezes over but it was YOU who got you're self banned from Trademe, just has it has been me that has used words that have got me warned on Trademe. Comprende

Quotelinz4me (282 ) 11:45 am, Sun 26 Dec #31309

Actually what you said in relation to the Bain case was that you 'know no facts.' Something that is obvious and which I agree with. Maybe in a sober moment you might see that you have admitted that your persecution of David, and your stalking of both people interested in the case, and those not, is based on 'know no facts.'

You're insanely jealous that the Bain defence succeeded, it over-rules all else with you. Your life is miserable unless you are tearing into the business of someone else, or fawning for attention. You really are a drunken wreck Lindsay. Why not try cleaning up for the new year, give up that which you admit you don't know about and let David get on with his life.

You're a complete contradiction Lindsay, do you really think you have any idea of who I am or what I might be doing other than suggesting to you to shut up because you are making things worse for your 'fine' leader. Such a position would be compatible with Mr Watson telling you to shut up about his son's case for the damage you do there also. Face it Lyndsay, you're a drunken idiot and it's no coincidence that all your marriages failed.

Further update on Kalnovitch and Williams......

Added to the false complaints, they also added to the material against themselves and others. On record are a number of false complaints, overtures to have them 'actioned' to in effect defeat the course of Justice. In their anger they're unable to accept that their word needs supporting evidence not just hysteria and mocked fear. They also have been unable to absorb or consider that false allegations are a serious and criminal matter.

Equally damaging is the obvious, that the 'fearful' do not continue a campaign to provoke those they are 'fearful' of, exactly what OBrien and Williams have done. The list grows and the watchers are being watched and recorded. The rope the hangbainers plaited for David seems to be becoming the proverbial noose around their own necks as they stumble, spit and vomit while they spin in circles.

But more to come. Stockdale has also made public allegations that are untrue, all of this to show that Robin wasn't the killer? How on earth does that work except in a twisted deluded mind. It will only be a few days when I will be able to say an old favourite.....such and such, 'you have mail.'

Perhaps kennard will be left alone, as he seems to have had a change of heart and admits that his persecution of David and others was unwarranted by him because he didn't 'know no facts.' Meanwhile the others are hooked, and more will be caught, those who thought they would never be found out included. Thanks for making it so easy.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

You've said many silly things Kennard but at times the odd bit of truth finds its way in...

Edited in places:

nx wrote:

Bit like Graeme Capill and others of that ilk

Unnlike those who are nos supporters who scurry like rats to complain to the moderators aye cybernana, why did you wait a week before complaining It was most unfortunate (or was it providential) that Trademe told who complained in their warning to me.

I have complained to Trademe about personal abuse that crossed the line from nostalia-nz in his many incarnations. But I have not felt the need to complain about others to sink to their level. For the benefit of nostaligia-nz I do not drink Does that make me better than you nostalgia-nz? No it doesn't, what makes me better is that I don't feel the need to intimidate anyone. I don't feel the need to resort to abuse on a blog. If I have a comment to make about something to voice my opinion I do it to the persons face or directly to the person as I have to DC Pope and Paul Davison QC and the words I wrote were facts not "honestly held opinion" I do not need to hide behind weasel words on anonymous blog sites, or behind false names in emails.
I know no facts in the matter of R V Bain as I have never studied the case that closely

Edited by linz4me at 10:51 pm, Fri 24 Dec

First of all linz4me. Cybernana didn't complain about you and has said so. You have no proof that she complained about you but you post it as 'truth' anyway.

Secondly, you claim to have complained about me in the past and in the next sentence say that you haven't complained about others. That might make sense to you but not to me. Overall, who cares. I know that there was a campaign launched by the hate-sites against me on TM and elsewhere, the proof of that remains on the internet. You wanted me shut up. Further you and others, named yesterday have made false complaints about me to the authorities. Despite attempting to distance yourself from the hate-sites now the reality is that the record holds otherwise. You also accused me of emailing you, something else which is completely false and you use this false accusation in an effort to make purchase against myself and others. You used a lie, just as here above, you lie about cybernana and have the temerity to not post the proof. As it prevails I know why you were warned by TM and frankly I am somewhat amazed you haven't been permanently banned for a number of issues not just those including myself and family.

The purpose of the blog is fairly clear linz4me and one of those purposes is to name people such as yourself, Christine Williams, Glenda OBrien, and a host of others who have lied about others and encouraged stalking of them or their families. It is all on record. You squeal too loudly linz4me, you take personal offence when it is you involved but sit back with both pleasure and encouragement when it is others. You did a particular distasteful thing to another poster who offered you wise counsel, and that is recorded as well. Of course the new year will hopefully resolve a lot of these issues because they have taken on an importance of their own, an attempt to manipulate Justice linz4me, that began before the retrial and which eventually personalised itself into threats, intimidation and stalking - honest people with an interest in Justice don't do those things linz4me. Honest people don't make the truth, the truth is as it exists and as it is understood.

Which brings me to probably the most significant point of all, you said above 'I know no facts in the matter of R V Bain as I have never studied the case that closely' That much rate as one of the most frightening things you've ever written, despite not knowing the 'facts' you happily joined hate-sites and enjoyed attention as a legal 'expert' of sorts. Not only that you've encouraged personal attacks against members of the public in order to silence them, you've done this without understanding the case. That's a very common feature with hate-sites members, I have yet to engage with one who has a truthful interest in the case, at every opportunity platitudes are used and sweeping statements employed to justify persecution. How you can so casually dismember your own position beggars belief.

Just one quick parallel here. I've never claimed an understanding of the Watson case that is comprehensive, there are certainly things which are disturbing about some of the evidence and the arrival of the evidence, but not knowing the situation fully I've never condemned the man or the Police inquiry because to use your words 'I know no facts.' But the salient point is consistency, something that is merely a throw away line with you despite the people you and others from the hate-sites have done to hurt others.

Friday, December 24, 2010

What sort of mission is Ralph Taylor on.....

goldnkiwi wrote:

MERRY XMAS everyone

Merry Christmas to all here on the Marlabar coast in South India enjoying wonderful time here in South India and the festive season is alive and well here but without the tradition of presents amongst the Christian communities thank goodness but everything else is there

But I doubt very much it is a sentiment shared on that supreme hate blog with all it's abuse and invective habits picked up it seems by certain posters if judging by their more messages.But that should never stop us arising above this,most especially this auspicious time o year

Edited by jeeves-50 at 5:04 pm, Fri 24 Dec

Quotejeeves-50 (3 ) 5:01 pm, Fri 24 Dec #31297
Robin as a Christian missionary would I imagine have felt his faith strongly at this time.

Quotegoldnkiwi (610 ) 7:40 pm, Fri 24 Dec #31298
Bit like Graeme Capill and others of that ilk

Quotenx (625 ) 8:32 pm, Fri 24 Dec #31299

How odd that Taylor is unable to spell the name of a vacation spot that attracts a number of sickos.

A salute to Stu Kearns.

One of NZ's most experienced road policing officers has stepped down after a 28 years career as a traffic cop. Others will have read of what this man did for his community and recognise he completed a job that few would have the courage or fortitude to manage, on call 24 hrs a day to fatal accidents and head of Auckland police serious crash unit. A hero of longevity and endurance that is daunting and incomparable. The sobering words of an expert comment from him '98% of crashes are caused by drivers.' What a great man and what price he must have paid, and be paying for doing his duty for the community.

Christine Williams, [misspew, millie321,] Glenda OBrien , [Kalnovitch], Lindsay Kennard [linz4me} you made another mistake...

Not only did you people stalk me and others, but you fermented a plan to make complaints about me and others. Because apart from being called names (justifiably) by me you had nothing of substance to complain about so you did some inventing. I knew about it sometime ago because you published your intentions on the Internet (which I saved, thank you) when one door was closed on you, off you went elsewhere only to have more doors closed on you - however, the information came to my attention officially.

Of course, I have the right to investigate these false and rejected claims and take action on them or consider laying a complaint. People of your ages should not be blinded by the opportunity for revenge having been caught out and exposed much to your chagrin, because the result is that you become known as nutters who tell lies. Of course, I will look into the matters fully. I understand others are involved but I will hold that information until I have proof. Bad luck, you lose.....again.

You may be interested that what is held on files about you is far different than the little stories you told and quickly changed the focus back to yourselves, caught yourselves out.....again.

Need a clue Stockdale?......

Not quite the 'expert' you thought you were eh Stockdale?

On the first question a clue is there were more than two and less than a thousand fleas on the dog's butt on April 1st 1993.

And as to the question as to how many lumps were left after the dog's ablutions on the morning of the fiddler's suicide it was less than 15.

Hope that's of some help to you bigoted, idiot, arsew..., fiddler apologist.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've got some questions for you Stockdale if you reckon you're the authority on the Bain case..

How many fleas did the dog have on its hairy dog's butt on April 1st 1993?

Where was the last place the dog excreted on the morning of the Robin's suicide and how many lumps were there?

Come on Stockdale, if you're such as expert those questions will be easy for you hound dog bro from the 'fiddling few' pack.

The last plank of sanity has finally fallen from the bewildering mind of Mike Stockdale...

What is the correct spelling of the dog's name?.
Which member of the family did the dog belong to?
How old was the dog at the time of the murders?.
How many puppies did the dog have in it's last litter?.
What was the breed of the dog?.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 9:12 am, Thu 23 Dec #14940

Above he is attemping to prove how much he knows about the dog in order to prove how much he knows about the kiddie fiddler father bro.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

look, bro fiddler kennard is now saving evidence against himself..

supersleuth wrote:

I see that sella has fella over.

Noticed that ss but I took the precaution of accidentally copying the 691 posts until about 1:50 today.

Quotelinz4me (282 ) 6:54 pm, Wed 22 Dec #14927

Good boy bro kennard.

Looking at sella more closely...

here is a summary of some of the communication to which sella reacted...

"more than one person notified Sella admin that the people who are
responsible for Joe Karam's defamation action against TradeMe and
Counterspin, many of whom are now banned from TradeMe, had migrated to the
Sella site. The posts they were making contained many defaming David Bain,
stating he was guilty of a crime of which he had been acquitted, and
threatening and expressing malicious intent towards him. It was suggested to
Sella that they might wish to deal with it proactively"

I have mixed feelings now, the idea that a small few can prevent the free speech and access to information on matters of importance is disturbing. That a small band of rejects can prevent public conversation on a matter of interest and which calls to account aspects of our Justice System is a travesty. Something of the nature of the whole class being held back because Stockdale, Taylor and Cameron were caught fiddling behind the bike sheds. But in reality the information won't be held back and New Zealand I'm sure will learn a lot more about the moment in time that is the Bain case. We need to know.

On the 'counter' side however, the noose tightens on the dear twisted sisters. They become more known and contained with their fiddling ways.

But it was the things he liked teaching children Kennard...

as you know s_a I certainly never got the impression of a "well liked" student, though Robin was highly thought of for his genuine and deep interest in his children's education. A gentle intelligent man with a sense of humour and who loved teaching.

Quotelinz4me (282 ) 7:05 pm, Wed 22 Dec #14928

The same stuff that got you in trouble...

Ralph Taylor's melt down continues...

But nx has the hallmarks of being a member of a cult hence the resorting to abuse and vindictiveness once the central tenets of the cults article of fath are challenged .It is all there on that blog of their's with the typical behaviour of a fundamentalist sect about to start a Jihad.

Quotejeeves-50 (3 ) 6:50 pm, Wed 22 Dec #14925

The kiddy fiddler are getting paranoid. Go Ralphie...

Butt out Melanie White...

this from her...

Well nx I find it very surprising, having known the family that you would think that Robin is guilty. Every person I know that knew the family, including schoolfriends - were afraid of DB, teachers at Bayfield High School were scared of DB, his family, who were so scared of him that they took off and left Dunedin for Australia and other parts of NZ, were afraid of him and his friends were wary of him also. Not to mention the other teachers at Taieri Beach School have all said that RB was a lovely man, the parents of the children at that school report he was a lovely man and his family report he was a lovely man also. I do wonder why, having known the family as you say you do, your opinion is so very different than everyone else.

Quotesweet_ad (153 ) 6:19 pm, Wed 22 Dec #14918

This idiot Melanie White is on record as arguing with her own sister over who actually knew the Bains and it appears that it wasn't Melanie White that knew them. She's an 'adopt the victim' type and even wrote a poorly considered false confession which is also on record. She 'organised' a memorial service for the Bains and not one person attended. With a start like that she above chides with her own 'worldy' view somebody who actually has credibility, who attended the trial and knew the family. So when the public perhaps have the chance to learn something more about the family this idiot comes along to protect the memory of dead daddy. Butt out Melanie White, your a lonely pain in the arse. People don't want to listen to your fantasy, people have a real interst in the real story and would appreciate the opportunity to consider what, if anything nx, might decide to reveal. You act like a typical, frightened hate-siter Melanie White, trying in every way to dominate the 'truth' so it appears with the flower of protection of a dead pedo and that isn't good enough.

I wonder why the message board 'sella' has

decided to remove its Bain thread and will not let anymore begin. This is the message appearing in place of the deleted thread...

Due to the recent court action by Joe Karam against other message boards we have removed this thread and will be removing any further threads on this subject in the future.

sella admin 2:34 pm, Wed 22 Dec | #711

Their explanation appears straight forward and reasonable, particularly because it seems the 'old crew' of sisters were over there persecuting and lying as always. It will be something that TM and JFRB, Counterspin, and Guilty will reflect upon. Probably evident that TM are not going to accept liability for their posters, which is reasonable, however all the law points to them failing on that. But like a falling stack of cards sella have provided a precedent which puts Kent Parker, Perkiss and Curran further out on a limb. sella plainly accept their role as publisher and understand their liabilities, they were not prepared to host the lies of Kennard, Stockdale and co because in doing so the 'truth' defence would have been denied them. But in a broader aspect, and leaving the sisters behind where they belong, sella has demonstrated (whether deliberately or not I don't know) it's appreciation of its role as publisher and bridges the grey area where defamers and stalkers imagined was a lawless wasteland. It never was a lawless wasteland (although gave that appearance at times I admit) which is not exactly great news for TM or the hate-site members. As I explained to Ralphie this morning, there's more to come.

Another hangbainer twisted sister....

struggling to hide the strain of being known as a pedo-supporter of dead man who killed his family...

It's not going to get any easier Ralph...or 'disengebous' either. Consider running for cover now, like the less retarded ones from your lot already have. Try a new cliche 'deafening silence' or as you put it 'defending silence' is as old and boring as Stockdale's underpants and you've seen those a few times haven't you Ralphie?

nx wrote:

Once again you cant get your story straight. The juror said RB was not on trial David was.

Yes and furthermore the juror stated they ddi not find RB guilty as the many members of the cult of David Bain tend to think.Any how the said juror was rather disengebous don't you think?Robin's
Character was on very defintely on trial whilst the defense went to all
kinds of lengths to trash his name whilst his son sat in a defending silence.

Edited by jeeves-50 at 10:54 pm, Tue 21 Dec

Quotejeeves-50 (3 ) 10:51 pm, Tue 21 Dec #14896

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh look, rodney osook is being heavy on the scales...

he's up to 450kgs of crap..

Goodboy tony wannabe...

te-aroha wrote:

I see all the losers (and some of you are here ) and those banned from trademe regurgitating on sella..

do the Trade Me moderators know you are using your posting privileges to promote a rival business? You better stop, or risk having to follow the trend.

Edited by obook at 9:14 pm, Tue 21 Dec

Quoteobook (169 ) 9:14 pm, Tue 21 Dec #31276

Ralph Taylor..xmas time fiddling...

But is it all suprising given that there are DB supporters out there who believe Stephen was implicated and had some sort of painting on his face.Next wiki leaks may even show us now that Robin was
involved in a US govt cover up to implicate his son.

Edited by jeeves-50 at 8:34 pm, Tue 21 Dec

Quotejeeves-50 (3 ) 8:33 pm, Tue 21 Dec #3127

Or show that you are a fiddler ralphie, that's far more likely isn't it ralphie bro?

I hope nx doesn't mind me publishing his xmas message to the drongoes...

supersleuth wrote:

I agree,jeeves,Thomas went up and down the country after he was pardoned,I remember thay were hanging out the windows when he came to Massey University.So let's hear you talk,David,lets hear you answer some curly questions.

You guys really are pathetic. DB has established his innocence through trial by jury and a not guilty verdict x 5. He does NOT have to travel the country proclaiming his innocence, the court has already established that and compensation will follow. He has ABSOLUTELY no responsibility to talk to bigots such as yourselves who for whatever reason cannot accept the verdict. Suck it up it, you cannot and will not affect the course of justice in any way and certainly not by posting irrelevant and repetitive rubbish on this or any other MB.

Quotenx (625 ) 6:17 pm, Tue 21 Dec #14890

If they want a circus, they've already got the clowns. But what twisted people that think David is somehow beholding to them to answer 'their' questions. What twisted, rotten sick pedos they are.

I can recall that nx actually attended the trial so it must be sickening for him to read their take on things they have no idea about, and from memory he is also a proficient and experienced gun enthusiast-shooter. Rather than ignore that, they should have learnt what they could from someone with more experience and greater knowledge than them. That to me is what life is about, not pretending to know it all, but instead keen to listen and learn - which would have been sage advice for the hate-siters before they embarked on getting sued.

Anyway taylor, stockdale and co, take nx's advice and suck it up you morons.

Is anybody anticipating a press release from Kent Parker..

before Xmas, or is there opinion abroad that his next public statement will be that he has bankrupted himself in an attempt to avoid his liabilities.

report from the bainaholics file.....

...only Mike Stockdale and Ralph Taylor fiddling over there at the moment, swapping pictures and rubbing themselves, Kennard will be along soon to show them the mackerel up his bum - apparently that's a bit of a treat for them. Just the thought of it makes me feel ill, where are the SPCA when want them, poor fishy.

Whoops sorry, denise cameron has just dropped in as well with some photos, but they are not of scratches and there is some furious rubbing going on.

sweetad...high as a kite or on the edge of a breakdown?

Its sella Linz, they took over Zillion awhile ago. You find that truth and well put literate arguements are often unpopular as they enhance cognitive dissonance. Being in a state of perpetual flux with what you believe and the evidence presented in front of you to counteract that belief is always very daunting.

Quotesweet_ad (151 ) 8:43 pm, Mon 20 Dec #31268

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh my goodness, just when I was reconciling that nina_s

was a kiddie-fiddler hider. Now it emerges she might be queer, meaning very odd I assume. 'nina_concertina queen of the desert' perhaps. You never know what will happen at xmas when one is tasked with filling up socks. I like her more when she was blokish, say slimdusty2, starting our calling everyone 'mate' like a chorus girl with a moustache then resumed a normal psycho 'holier than thou' broadcast.

well ninas?

s00k it is then? - fancy reporting that - how queer

Quotektodd (599 ) 5:57 pm, Mon 20 Dec #210

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Look there, nina_s covering up for fiddlers...

what a shock to find out that nina_concertina wants kiddie fiddling kept secret. I'd hardly have guessed it despite all the clues!

ktodd wrote:

another supporter of child sex crimes are you nina?

hate the messenger if you wish but whats your opinion on whats being released? ALL GOOD i suppose?

Quite right, none of the shite is his, its the powers that try to blind everyone to their will!

Quotesolster (23 ) 6:34 pm, Wed 15 Dec #122

The mentally beleaguered Denise Cameron...

Also, it was Friday afternoon and according to reports, travel arrangments had already been made by at least one of the jury members. It smacked to me of "For God's sake, let's not argue, just make a decision and let's get out of here."

Quotedcameron (55 ) 7:04 pm, Sun 19 Dec #14869

What reports Cameron you arseho..?
The Jury were never going to deliberate over the weekend anyway you dimwit.
What a disrespectful pig you are, a lying scumbag who still hasn't fronted up with the photos, a filthy, pedo hate-site, administrator.

Letter from a correspondent....showing the sisters 'psycho much?'

The letter, slightly altered with permission...

Morning all!
I think it's probably that they are worried about the defamation case - goldnkiwi wasn't involved in that, and is probably being used. And just the time of year - Christmas to occupy their minds. I doubt that they have changed their minds!

Incidentally, did you notice that thread nina_s started about Assange? saying he was an internet terrorist? That amused me: what Assange did was different only in degree from what that lot did with revealing suppressed evidence etc. It seems to me that what is common to that group is a (to my mind) over-inflated respect for authority: the authority of the Police. And that their level of thinking is such that their authority needs to be personified in some way - so again, police, government ministers (rather than the abstract concept of 'justice'). That would go along with their targetting on individuals (Joe, Reed, other posters) rather than actually arguing the more abstract concepts of the evidence. It would also be consistent with their disparagement of the Privy Council as English ('Kiwis can do it themselves'), or, if not disparaging them, trying to distort the ruling to support their case. If I'm right, then the only argument that will ever work with them is the 'my Dad's bigger than your Dad' type - which is why they keep on about 'the majority'. Personally, if I believe something, it doesn't matter whether I'm the only person to believe it - what other people believe has no relevance except to make me double check my information and assumptions.

But it seems to me that this lends a clue as to where you might effectively go with your thoughts: to highlight their undermining of the police (by continually drawing attention to the incompetent investigation), of the Minister (by making it clear they don't trust the Cabinet to make a proper decision), of Crown Law (by questioning the way the case was prosecuted), of the witnesses such as Doyle and Weir (by drawing attention to the fact that they were not, in the end, credible). That is, if you can make a case for how they are actually attacking their own side. If you use Mike Stockdale and Taylor to illustrate this, they might have pressure put on them to shut up.

To borrow from above again in explanation as to why the sisters feel entitled to stalk and threaten....'And that their level of thinking is such that their authority needs to be personified in some way - so again, police, government ministers (rather than the abstract concept of 'justice'). That would go along with their targetting on individuals (Joe, Reed, other posters) rather than actually arguing the more abstract concepts of the evidence.'....A very valid point, the 'need' to show their own 'authority' of being 'right' in an ordered society of which they are pivotal and important, knowledgeable and so forth. It takes very little for those labouring under such a structured (whilst at the same time being fractured) mindset to see that they are 'allowed' to lead among the lessor mortals and take a stick to them as required. The fact that the sisters don't see such actions as law breaking but rather an enforcement of what is right and proper according to their own frailties and fears is for them a complex precipice in ever understanding themselves. They are safer being haters of a type that select easy and 'populist' targets as, according to the correspondence above describing nina_s, starting a particular type of thread that attacks wikileaks for the very same thing which she and the sisters did - leaked suppressed evidence.

But it goes further, because the obooks and nina_s of the world use terms such as 'project' when accusing others of what they actually do themselves. This is their complete failure in understanding the human condition, their own condition, because they always project away and don't, from fear, absorb. In effect they are lost to change or improvement through their own fears and need to project from themselves and onto others that which they don't like about themselves. They are fear-filled people but without the courage to understand what their 'projections' may do to others, indeed they resolve any misgivings or doubts that they may have about what they are doing by their protective shield of being 'superior.'

Therefore they see nothing inconsistent in being 'authority respectful' or on the other hand attacking authority when their own projections or expectations are not filled. They can't for example say, well I never knew about the blood in the barrel or that on Robin's shoe and therefore change my mind, instead they attack the police, the Jury, the Court because the verdict wasn't in accordance with their opinion. In some ways, it is sad to some degree, but even that would never mitigate the harm they are so willing to cause and be oblivious to from the protection of their own fractured personalities.

I'll end with a couple of old favourites... 'what about the family, the victims' then the procedure of running all the victims down. And another,... David lied when he said this or that, turning later to using.... David said.. as proof of something. Twisted sisters was the most appropriate phrase for that lot.

World Champion Desperate Idiot Competition... the nominees

Kalnovitch....for posting something like forty posts in a row late at night to gain the 'coveted' 10,000 post on a thread only later to pretend is was incidental, then getting banned.

Linz4me....for surviving on three bottles of plonk a day and countless pills with a live mackerel up his backside.

Sweetad....for just generally being so desperate and swooning at the feet of campmother and giving him god-like status for getting sued nearly 200 times. And not to forget, for organising a public event in her home city that no one attended.

goldnkiwi....for her poetry to dead donkeys and for having the 'courage' to sue her own father.

obook....fat Tony for attacking the Jury because he was wrong. And for predicting he would be a forensic pathologist in the year past, but achieving only the status of being a plagiarizer and worshipper of Rodney Hide to the point of calling himself rodney osook in complete idolisation of the MP for Epsom.

dcameron....for holding out on those mystery photos for so long.

kookybelle.....for never producing the post mortem report which 'proved' Laniet had never been pregnant.

luckytrader....for being a persistant arsew...

kirkmaiden....for providing the opportunity to guess who his 'new' id would be and quickly giving the answer by posting the same discredited dribble.

superslueth....for maintaining that it was a 'myth' that daddy's blood was found in the rife or that David wasn't strip searched. For breaking his word and posting again on threads that he started and which got wiped out before hitching a ride on an old thread and talking to himself for days on end.

goobergolf....for selling all her mates down the river and giving the Karam team all the evidence in the world they'll need. She sure knows how to keep a secret.

Apologies, to the many other sisters that should get a mention, but the competition has been tough with the standard of idiocy at world class level....

But the winner must be desperate Stockdale, a world class, desperate idiot!

Congratulations Mike, you're a clear winner and in reality only goobergolf got close to your standard, but you have to take some credit for that because you were also one of the idiots there posting live to the world as you stalked and schemed with the other sisters.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Right on xmas and The New Korean Herald has gone bust...

Some readers might remember this defamation case, the decision of which was given in Judgement by Heath J in the Auckland High Court on the 9th of November 2010. In order to avoid payment the New Korean Herald has gone bust. But what will happen to Jong Ok Yoo and Young Kwan Kim second and third defendants, they can't go bust in the same way as limited liability company can - and essentially walk away. No, no no, they'll either have to pay or do a runner. If they run whatever can be clawed back by the plaintiff Jung Nam Lee will become his property, even bankruptcy is too late because it is after the fact of the Judgement. Of course some folks will remember that Ok Yoo and Kwan Kim were also directors of The New Korean Herald Ltd that and were found as parties to be also liable for defamation against Jung Nam Lee, so they can slip off the hook as directors of the now failed company but not off the hook as individuals successfully sued by tort and without the protection of a Limited Liability company.

The second hook is embedded deeper than the first and they can't escape it with self-imposed bankruptcy to protect any assets they might have now or at the time that the suit was filed against them. It must be hell for them now to realise that implying or stating without credible factual support that Mr Lee was engaged in 'corrupt, dishonest and immoral practices.' Oh dear, watching them panic and squirm must be interesting and satisfying for Mr Lee. Seeing them trying to escape from that which there is no escape, save prostrating themselves at Mr Lee's feet and asking for mercy, must be entertaining for Mr Lee because he has been found not to be engaged in 'corrupt, dishonest and immoral practices' for which a pound of flesh is now due from Ok Yoo and Kwan Kim. The tide has turned and the frenzied attack on the good Mr Lee is repelled, driven to the edge of a cliff from which there is no escape save a big fall into oblivion.

'Oblivion' what an appropriate term at Xmas for those that indulged an attack against Joe Karam just last xmas and who are now defendants in the same High Court that delivered the so sad news to Ok Yoo and Kwan Kim, even though Mr Kim couldn't bring himself to appear in Court and merely rolled over like a repentant cry baby. Cry babies, aren't they so interesting? And speaking of such, we now hardly hear from Kent Parker or Vic Purkiss. I wonder if they have secretly decided to enjoin the dirty dogs Glenda OBrien, Annette Curran, William Rodie, Trevor Fox, Denise Cameron, Mike Stockdale, Lindsay Kennard, et al. Seen at last the destructive pigs for what they are, dirty fiddlers and liars, bros one and all.

I'm in favour of seeing the dirty dogs enjoined either by Kent and Vic or by Trade Me who have given many indications that they will be, if not indeed by Joe Karam who has their miserable fate within his hands. Oh what happy xmas it won't be for the rotten persecuting dogs and their lying, scheming and stalking. Of course I digress from the point, that for sisters there is no escape - it makes me feel all warm in me nether regions watching the fiddlers sink, even the ones with live mackerels head-first up their bums.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally...Len Brown,

steps into the Turua Street, St Heliers dispute. Better late than never from Len Brown, he was starting to appear overawed by actually being Mayor. The same contractor who knocked down the Palace Hotel on Mayor Len's orders had his diggers on site at Turua Street after the floors were taken out of the Spanish style cottages yesterday. The street was largely blocked off Wednesday by local residents wanting to preserve the historic nature of the village.

I spoke with an unsuccessful tenderer for the demolition job and took the opportunity to ask him what he would have done in the face of the protest had he won the job. He told me he would have packed up and left until it was sorted out and recalled a job 30 years ago when he was a supervisor at the Ministry of Works tasked with laying paths, building a retaining wall and taking out a line of trees on the Oakley Hospital side of the Whau Creek. When they arrived on the due date to start the work there were people who had chained themselves to the trees in the hope of saving them. They told the supervisor that the trees had been planted during WW2 in memory of local men who had lost their lives. He ordered his crew away and told his managers they wouldn't be doing anything until the issue was sorted out. Eventually, it was decided the trees would stay. He tells me they are still there today and as the people of the city know the city didn't fail, no catastrophe followed, civil order was not broken because of the preservation of those trees and what they represented to the local people.

I saw a news clip of security person tearing down a sign that an elderly person set against the temporary fence outside the houses. Somebody that probably had a belief in the land and in memory as the guide into the future confronted by a physically dominating person having no feeling for what they might not see or be able to understand. But tonight the houses are safe and may be into the future. Congratulations to Len Brown and the developers Mark and Sandra Markham for listening to the people of the village who stood up to be counted.

Heck, and gosh. Stockdale is annoyed......

I guess what annoys me the most is how the pro David Bainers take the rest of us for a bunch of idiots.

Quotesupersleuth (0 ) 8:25 am, Thu 16 Dec #14818

You got it Mike, a bunch of idiots...still trying to pretend a strip search didn't happen. Why not put some money up Stockdale, you saved some money by welching on Kent Parker and Vicky Parker - put some money up Stockdale. How does $5,000 sound? You lose you pay $5,000 and declare finally that you are what you are, an idiot. Additionally, the 'oral' swab isn't evidence to this point because it came from Kennard (accused fiddler) and maybe part of the oral fascination you and he have with one another behind the bike sheds.

Show some courage Stockdale, you've dined out on lies and idiocy, front up with a $5,000 bet if you're not a idiot pedo-supporter.

Conflicting forces at work.

The inevitability of the aftermath of the disaster continues to unfold. For everything felt and said, for every good intention against the odds, for every hope and aspiration we begin now to fully appreciate the conflict that walked hand in hand with the miners entering the mine each day, the bosses need to drive them underground to extract the black gold at the least cost, for the biggest profit. Men needing work, bosses needing profit to pay their investors. The Pike River Mine may be the last we see where a natural risk or danger is not only accepted but becomes an acceptable 'partner,' an errant 'friend' lulling death into the bowels of the underground.

When Peter Whitten spoke of 'his' mine, I wonder if he understood that the miners saw it as a dangerous beast of which they must reluctantly entertain to feed their families. And so as that conflict became above ground while the men lay dead beneath, many of their families and loved ones listened in hope to what Peter had to say. But who is Peter? Was he not part of the conflict that saw men needing to go underground in dangerous conditions, are we to suppose that he first of all wasn't a company man driven hard by his employers to return a profit at the least cost but was instead some kind of benefactor for good? Should anyone have really been entitled to believe that the mine owners would not cut their financial risk at first opportunity, cut off the money and call in the receivers absolving themselves of any further responsibility or that Peter Whitten wasn't always aware of that role, and his part to play in it, however reluctantly, should there have been a disaster?

Time will tell perhaps of why the mine exploded and what might have been done to avoid it, there may even be criminal culpability, but most likely there will be findings of 'unlikely events,' 'misguided or questionable safety decisions,' or 'preferred safety checks and rescue mobilisation' and 'recommendations for the future' but the owners, unless it can be proven there was criminal culpability, will have walked away, possibly ready to regroup under a different banner and sign if an opportunity presented itself again at Pike River. And still, after all of that, will be the shock and sense of loss for those working men gone underground to build better lives for their loved ones and families and the risk they took. What we may all yet realise that all that mattered was money finally, and now the aftermath is upon the coast it is money and costs that will be fought as strongly or more strongly against than any fire in the mine.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rachael Membery, an from Otorohanga.

Attention TM
The following posts of goldnkiwi # 31234 - 31241 are all defamatory and may be in breach of copy right. The posts are designed to imply that Joe Karam was dishonest in confirming evidence that David Bain was strip searched by the Police, they also imply that there is proof in the writings of Joe Karam that David was guilty and that he wore glasses which did not belong to him.

The url is;

The actual evidence in respect of the strip search is factually reprinted below from the trial transcript. This evidence is not opinion and was not contested by the Crown, having come from Crown witnesses. The poster goldnkiwi is a psychopathic moron with an apparent interest in bestiality and donkeys. Unless Trade Me somehow have 'another' copy of the trial transcript TM's publication of this material from goldnkiwi is defamatory and untrue and should be removed immediately with the poster banned. It's late December 2010 and TM continue to allow hate-siters to post defamatory comment and clear lies in their efforts to defame Joe Karam and David Bain whilst also continuing to persecute David for his father's crimes. It's damaging and not a good look.

Yours faithfully


Doyle's evidence cross examination p150. Context is why they didn't do the GSR tests on David - Doyle's answer was that it would have been insensitive.

Q. He was subjected to very invasive tests of his body wasn’t he? Swabs taken?
A. He was examined by a doctor.
Q. When was that done?
A. Later that day.
Q. On that same day?
A. I think around about midday, half past 12.
Q. And we’re not talking about plastic covers around your hands or being checked, we’re talking about swabs being taken from the most intimate part of your body. And you’re saying that you didn’t mind doing that but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask for a test on his hands? Come on Mr Doyle.
A. These – these tests were carried out by Dr Pryde, there was a police surgeon and he carried them out in the normal way that he would do with any test I’m sure.
Q. And that is a particularly invasive test isn’t it?
A. Oh I’m sure it is.
Q. You have to follow a police directive as to what has to be done by the doctor?
A. The tests are required by the doctor, he has a procedure which is an agreed procedure, he follows that procedure.
Q. It’s an agreed police procedure for a police doctor to follow in a homicide, isn’t it?
A. That is correct.
Q. It involves strip-searching, swabs of intimate body parts, doesn’t it?
A. There are a number of tests, yes, all of those included.
Q. All of those are done?
A. Yes.

It's tough having to kick the crap out of Stockdale, Memberyhead and fiddler Kennard..

But they set themselves up again, on the back of name dropping Stockdale claiming that he got it from the horse's mouth that Milton Weir had a book coming out by xmas. Desperate Kennard went on about what a good read it would be and about his opinion of Weir, Dickleberry was breathless as though she'd just seen a naked donkey in a state of arousal but as usual, and like always, Stockdale was bullshitting even though it would be obvious to the reasonably informed that Weir, what ever has been said about him, didn't have a predilection toward children like the sisters have and therefore would hardly be entertaining of those that do.

For the record.

I note te-aroha having an argument with Mike Stockdale over a number of issues on the old resurrected bainholics thread that Stockdale dragged back from the dead in order to 'circumvent' his promise to the poster project_hr that should pro not post on the Bain threads then Stockdale wouldn't. Firstly project_hr, in my opinion, shouldn't have accepted either the challenge of the word of Stockdale who has proven himself to be a liar many times. Of course Stockdale plainly broke his word or the spirit on their intention and merely chose another 'disused' thread because TM keep shutting down his attempts to launch a 'new and brighter' Bain thread in which he could repeat his tired old lies and inform everyone of what they thought and what they knew. Stockdale is not only a pedo-supporter but also a fraud and someone who thinks that is fine for a father to instruct a child to put fingers inside themselves. That still rates as the sickest TM post of all time I believe, a sick post by a sick minded individual.

But to the breast of their argument that David was or was not searched. Detective Sergeant Doyle said he was while another officer gave evidence of taking possession of the samples, so clearly Stockdale is lying his head off. In essence the strip search or lack of it was important to the hangbainers because it allowed the suggestion that David had the chest injuries on the morning of the murders/suicide when clearly he did not. Further to this was the effort to blame the now deceased Doctor for not doing his job properly, something the hangbainers would do without consideration for one dead man to protect the 'reputation' of another dead man who highly probably was a kiddie-fiddler. Stockdale objects to this, lies about it and I think the reason for that is clear.

Another issue of their argument is the blood in the rifle which Stockdale recorded as being a myth, refused a public bet on the issue and when finally unable to resist the truth said that it didn't matter anyway. When of course it does matter, it proves suicide, blood didn't fall into the barrel, it was drawn into the barrel by vacuum and Judge Pankhurst commented about that phenomenon because he clearly understood the proof it levered against the dead man with one or more of his family's blood on his right shoe, his battered hands and the blood smears he had on his hands. Stockdale is interested in the truth only in the 'protection' of a dead bro and I wonder how many of the 'sisters' are bros as was Robin Bain - certainly, Fox, Rodie, Stockdale, Wanakafan and others have all given indication that they are motivated to hide the paedophilia aspect of Robin's life.

Stockdale, and te-aroha has objected, claims that I was involved in arranging a 'meeting' with Stockdale but didn't front. I've never spoken to the man, have nothing in common with him and in fact, as is probably abundantly clear, consider him at least to be a pedo-supporter and I have no truck with such people. There is no reason why I should want to meet somebody that disgusts me for his attitude toward children, I think he sucks. I do however include him among those that I hope to see in Court or brought to task for their behaviour not only the defaming but the deliberate stalking Stockdale undertook against a female board member and which I have the evidence of. Stockdale and the others need to be investigated and brought to task. Stockdale has bragged about funding Kent Parker then reneged on the money he promised. Stockdale is recorded as stalking on several different sites he thought were 'safe' and others he should have known weren't. The man is an idiot, lies are his currency and his true secrets will out in the fullness of time.

Oh look retard rachael membery has finally decided to prove once and for all that's she's a dickhead...

"Blood smeared murder weapon" p15, 16 (D & G) aha "the case as stated by the prosecution." It is interesting that Justice should be termed a win or lose. i believe Justice is more objective than that.

Quotegoldnkiwi (610 ) 1:43 pm, Wed 15 Dec #31237

Good to see Rachael proving she's a dickhead - even though no proof was needed.

For some interesting insights into dickleberry membery donkey lover, go to Counterspin - the sick Truth, and see her and other stalkers at work on public record. See her for the spiteful lying pig she is and understand that she only now 'pretends' to research something over which she has already 'decided.' You're a real dick rach, no wonder stalker kalnovitch OBrien worked you out as a patsy - like they say 'there's one born every minute' even, as it is your case, when born in a donkey stall. eehaw.

Looks like bro Rodie, William Rodie, beekeeper.....

made another cameo appearance with nothing more to say than the discredited dribble he's cut and pasted for over a year. I hope in another of his reincarnations he coughs up and tells the world what his real motives are, what he's trying to hide.

What sort of people are these rotten pedo-supporters like Denise Cameron and Lindsay Kennard?

fraggle2rocks wrote:

A silencer would extend the length of the rifle wouldn't it? Make it harder to use on oneself…

Damn near impossible without using the contortions as demonstrated in the witness box and requiring TWO people.

Quotedcameron (55 ) 5:47 pm, Mon 13 Dec #14751

Denise Cameron is an administrator of a hate-site. She, along with her fellow hate-siters disclaim what they are. They say they're interested in the truth. But Denise Cameron herself 'claimed' to have seen 'private' photos of injuries to David's chest taken on the morning on the murders when in fact none were recorded by anyone present including the police surgeon who examined David after he was stripped and indeed took intimate samples from him. Denise Cameron has never apologised for this lie of hers but insists that her site is not a hate-site. If you lie about somebody, in an effort to bring them into disrepute or public ridicule then you are spreading hate and malicious rumour about somebody in order to harm them, such, being one definition and purpose of a hate site.

Above, although anyone attending the trial, reading the evidence or having a comprehensive knowledge of the case knows that Cameron is lying because she omits to mention a 600mm long skull cap worn by the witness to simulate the trajectory and onto which the rifle needed to be threaded in order to demonstrate rotten daddy's suicide. True dog and hate-siter she is Cameron omits this information and lies about the consequence of the defence using the crowns own exhibit to prove the ease of suicide. You are a piece of crap Cameron, someone without shame or decency. Why do you support paedophilia and seek to hide the evil of Robin Bain Denise Cameron? Meanwhile Kennard, who it is fair to say isn't a complete idiot, but goes close, also knows the truth about the demonstration but holds silent, in the same way Robin Bain held silent on the offending against his family - similar behaviour all round from Kennard fiddler accused and Cameron, fiddler lover.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Accused Fiddler Kennard

: The poster linz4me continuing to post defamatory comment on the boards about me.

This rambling drunk idiot is posting allegations of criminal offending against me. This, from a person belonging to hate sites (and of which he participated) involved in stalking and intimidating members of my family, is highly offensive. This person who has allegations made against him of paedophilia is deranged. He has no evidence to support his allegation which would be a matter for the police anyway if true, not for a public message board made by a deranged idiot accused paedophile. This 'person' is trying to justify the behaviour of himself and other members of the hate-sites, I have all their activities recorded in terms of stalking and outing and am confident that it is evidence acceptable to the Courts, this 'person' on the other hand has no evidence to support his claim.

I think it is high time this idiot was removed from TM boards, in the event that he is not I will hold TM responsible to furnish proof to sustain his allegations because by publishing them TM are taking ownership of them as being 'factual.' His comments are not opinion, he is stating what he claims to be as 'fact' therefore I am entitled to obtain from TM as publisher proof of his allegations.
Nos id in no was giving back what he got it was his own use of abuse that got him repeatedly banned from Trademe no one held a gun to his head. That he copped it in return was only fitting as he abused members of other posters families by searching the net for contact information. Your defence of his behaviour is not unexpected but is regrettable as it reduces any credibility you may once have had.
Bain is only of interest to me for the abuse of justice meeted out to a person unable to defend himself but does have family, siblings, nieces, and nephews who have had to watch a loved uncle be trashed in a most hideous way all totally unproven. Personally I believe that the defence method used is an abuse of process.

linz4me (282 ) 10:46 pm, Sat 11 Dec #31164

Yours faithfully

Let's see you front up with your proof your rotten piece of crap Kennard. You and your filthy arsehole mates picked the wrong people when you stalked my family you mongrel dog. The 'loved uncle' was a fiddler Kennard and you're trying to cover up for one of your bros you sick deviant. Go read Beyond's blog and see your arsehole mate Racheal Membery stalking live...that's called proof.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not only did Robin Bain have the blood spatter

of one of his family on his right shoe, also his own dna deep in the rifle barrel, injured hands but he had blood smears on those damaged hands and fingers as well.

Idiots like Ralph Taylor had much fun over the false claim that the rifle had been wiped clean after Robin had shot himself. Very funny, but like everything that the dimwits do it comes back to bite them on the arse because they can't explain (short of admitting that Robin is the killer) how he managed to have blood smears on his hands and fingers - not spray folks but smears. I wonder why Sergeant Doyle didn't explain those smears in his evidence. There can only be one answer for that, he knew that Robin was the killer because a man shot with a close/hard contact shot to the temple collapses at the knees first - he doesn't in anyway move around making contact with bloody surfaces, only the killer did that and he was the one with smears on his hands before he killed himself.

'It's crying time again....'

Thanks for that. What bothers me .. is that this person has done it before
and will do it again. Such a situation increases the danger to my family and
myself. I hope you will reconsider linz4me's posting rights in view of that.
He continually lies about the Bain case and is a member of all 3 hate-sites.
I've never once seen him in write anything reproachful when his 'allies,'
some of whom are born again recycled posters, are stalking or naming other

That brings me to the question of whether it is of any business of TM that I
may or may not be operating a blog the administration of which cannot
legally be bound by TM rules. I should also mention that there are a number
of blogs which the hate-sites claim to be operated by me. On that point I
have not ever complained to TM about any of the hate-sites because I fully
understand that TM are not responsible for them. What I have complained to
TM about is the activities of the hate-site members on TM, not only telling
lies, making defamatory comment, but more importantly naming other TM
members, their children, families etc.

I will write to you more fully about the issue of blogs at a later date, but
will note now the blog nostalgia-nz has no 'secret' memberships or inner
sanctums common with the hate-sites whose members complain now that they are
getting some of their own medicine. On the issue of the hate-sites there is
a disc available which shows the extent to which the hate-sites have used TM
in particular for propaganda purpose, to stalk and out posters, have posters
banned etc. If you would like to see a copy of that I may be able to send it
on at your request having taken legal advice in the first instance as it may
be discoverable in the current proceedings.

In the meantime please reconsider the merits of allowing linz4me and the
others from hate-sites to continue with their campaign on TM boards. I have
names of all the hate-siters currently misusing the TM boards and can send
them along at your request. In considering what I have written here today, I
think you will understand my (and that of many others) objection to TM
'allowing' itself to be used in a deliberate hate campaign. I think you will
also understand that there is a liability contingent with that use and that
it is in the best interest of most concerned that TM become totally
proactive in dislodging this group from the boards. Lies are not opinion ..,
and that is all these people have.

Yours faithfully


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2010 7:21 PM
Subject: Your Trade Me Enquiry ID#

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Dear ,
> Thanks for getting in contact with us.
> I have looked into the post made by linz4me and have removed it from the
> Message Board.
> In saying this however , we have received numerous complaints from
> members who have expressed their concern about you publishing information
> about other Trade Me members on your blog. We strongly suggest that you
> refrain from disclosing our member’s details on your blog site and that
> you respect their privacy.
> Regards,
> >
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~