Tuesday, January 31, 2012

N Z Herald on Kit Dotcom (Imperial granny can't keep it up, just like grandad)

Today the Editor of the N Z Herald steps in to shore up the ill at ease about the NZ Government's involvement in surrendering one of it's residents to the United States following an over the top 'raid' probably unparalleled in NZ history.

The editorial quotes Kit Dotcom as saying that he and his 3 co-defendants have nothing to hide and therefore the editor points out that they should therefore not resist deportation to face the charges. Clearly the editor is naive enough to consider that having nothing to hide equates in full measure to a belief that the United States authorities are playing with a straight bat. Of course this is despite the international concern that the United States are acting on behalf of private interests in what in other jurisdictions, if provable, would result in civil action. Additionally, the editor also fails to realise that while hopefully Dotcom and his fellows would not be subjected to a 'rendition' in order to find out the 'truth,' it might well be that Dotcom's confidence is not high in the US Government. Having reached that point after considering the nature of his arrest, that his business has been closed down whilst he remains without any conviction on any of the charges brought against him, and certainly not withstanding that the 'good faith' employed by the FBI saw the FBI effectively take ownership of the property of users of the megaupload site - some would call that theft.

Consider say a police exercise targeting an individual home-owner, but which for some reason requires a general evacuation for safety reasons of 30 surrounding houses. The owners co-operate, the arrest is successful but then the police don't lift the evacuation order, but instead confiscate the homes. Effectively users of Dotcom's site have had their property taken, not just in circumstances of a specific evaluation of their property and perhaps it's connection to the charges, but every one's property regardless of the circumstances.

All so think of an implicit message the actions of the FBI have shown to internet users - 'if you belong to a site of interest to us, not only might we close the site down, but we will take any of your property stored there regardless of your property rights.' To me that makes good reason why Dotcom probably realises that he shouldn't in anyway co-operate with the task ahead of him by surrendering what rights he has after others have already been stripped from him.

Even the money which Dotcom is said to have made and invested in NZ to the satisfaction of the authorities now becomes reason for the Herald wishing to see him taken from these shores as soon as possible and into an uncertain future far from a level playing field. Where once Dotcom was celebrated as an investor in NZ, a resident, and now millions of dollars worse off for the 'experience' he should be immediately placed into the hands of our overseas masters, discarded it seems.

The Herald discusses copyright laws, concluding 'but countries such as ours should be unequivocal in their support of efforts to police global copyright.' The Herald rightly points out that 'masters' in this scheme invest heavily in their technology under a Hollywood brand of film and music. However, heavy investment that ultimately costs end users more money and limited choice has always been superseded throughout the ages because of demand for popular goods and a resistance to wealthy cliques, or providers, benefiting from a captive audience that has no choice.

It's far from clear what the case against Kit Dotcom might be, or the validity of  the charges he faces and indeed what protection he has due to his rights as a NZ resident. But something which is clear is that he's been dealt with heavy-handedly and out of all proportion to say crimes of violence, or those where the victims are left in poverty, losing their homes or something of that nature. He's also been seen to have been dealt with using maximum 'dramatic effect,' his victims are those whose revenue in even  a small period of time could eclipse that of many of our larger businesses in a whole financial year, even his customers have been dealt to, stolen from. The Herald sees Dotcom as slaying his own golden goose, however millions of users are looking for more cost efficient access to products of their desire, artists support less 'conformity' to the requirements of cartels who look only to produce bigger golden eggs despite the fact that cyber technology and the way people do business continues to evolve. The story of the Golden Goose is century's old, a wonderful simple illustration of the dangers of greed. Both films and cartoons have featured the story, Hollywood films with no doubt Hollywood music scores - but who is it that time will reveal has slain the Goose, having it trapped for so long and to the point of being unable to discern greed from fable.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Kent to Purkiss. A proven mad man addressing an imbecile.

Vic Pur

> Could we re-present the petition to the MOJ? Wouldnt they have to include

> it in papers present to the judge?

 Kent Parker

> No it is not relevant to the case. But it gives members of the public an

> opportunity to express their opinions about it. Any kind of criminal trial

> is a public event and all members of the public are entitled to

> participate or give an opinion if they wish. This is a basic right.

The ever hopeful Purkiss imagines that a petition which numerous people have signed more than once, which was in the control of a illegitimate 'hate site' might somehow be worthy of consideration when deciding Bain's compensation bid. He obviously imagines that a petition that managed to at least find a few hundred nutters that might sign it, and who in the majority are sicko hate-siters, is of some material value. The poor sad bloke, I wonder if shock treatment might help after a plant transplant from a snail as a donor?
Kent, sly devil he is, paranoid self-lover, knows there's no chance because the Ministry have already told him they don't deal with nutters who can't control the urge to sign petitions in as many names they can think of before starting again on the next page in the same manner. So he explains a current delusion that 'all members of the public' are entitled to 'participate' in a criminal trial. Why yes Kent, I seem to recall you sitting on the bench waving at the TV cameras during the Bain  trial in Christchurch, pushing the Judge out of his seat in your excitement, and I also recall Christine Williams and Annette Curran holding effigies aloft in from of the Jury and trying to set them alight as an expression of their opinion and their public 'rights.'
Old Kenty has no idea at all, the public don't take part in trials, the public also don't have the right to express opinions in a way that is defamatory or hateful. If the world was, and how Kenty now, wishes us somehow to believe, that the hate-siters were good folk, simply expressing an informed opinion based on facts and of public importance he and Purkiss would not be facing 100s of defamation charges while 16 others wait in the wings ever-hopeful they'll not be dragged further into the litigation than just by name - another interesting story yet to be revealed.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Kenty,

I don't want to be insensitive to your difficulties. Many that there might be, with both your self-admiration problems or your non-registering IQ. In fact I urge you to remain positive on those issues because you never know, one day you could get some brain activity and learn to hate yourself.

But that isn't my only reason for writing to cheer you at this time. I'd also like to remind you, that your old mate Joe's book is released to sale next week. You've been stoic in hiding your real enthusiasm by saying that the book was never going to be written, so I know that you'll be relieved to finally get a copy.

We've had our differences kenty old pal, but I've always hated your guts in the nicest way possible. To show that, for indeed Kent, we must spit on our enemies at some time, or even just give them the fingers, I've decided to send you a copy because I know down you're on your luck.

So nice to see you again, tut, tut all that old bean.

Your old pal


Friday, January 20, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow - unless you're Kenty.

Then it is like a recording of the last waltz  where the needle is stuck on the record, going round.
Mainly because even after he's said goodbye you realise he just has to hang around., the clue should have been the words 'Counterspin' because like walking the wrong way in traffic as did the protagonist in Midnight Express, the effect remains going round and round in circles, the only difference being the wrong way. Poor Kent, no wonder he and the dizzy Harriet Bond (Melanie galpal) think that everything is normal in cuckoo land.

Kent ParkerOK, so I am now having second thoughts about that email I sent out to some people about counterspin. As you can see I have not made any changes. My life is about to change radically but that doesn't mean I should remove the effectiveness of what counterspin stands for. Thanks for those of you who chose to discuss it with me and for your posts here. I have more or less changed my mind.
Pity you didn't also reveal that you've tried to do a runner Kenty.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kenty updating his latest psychotic episode.

The Counterspin Freedom of Expression Tour will consist of at least three fund raising events held in different locations around the country involving various forms of entertainment including music.

Update: The focus of the tour is now changing to freedom of speech and the new nominal name is Counterspin: Freedom of Expression Tour.

Don't worry folks it is going to happen because Kenty says so. Put your doubts about him starting his own political party, about raising a petition that 20,000 nzers would sign before he sent it to the previous Minister of Justice, his claim that David Bain would never apply for compensation, that he, Kenty, would never spend a minute inside a courtroom with Joe Karam - put all those unfair doubts aside because Kenty's summer concert programme has been amended, again. He's even thought up a new name designed to bring a tear to the eyes of even the most sceptical - yes, it's now the Freedom of Expression with events in at 'least' three different locations around the country. After discreet inquiries with his booking agent Melanie White, aka Miss Bimbo Bond, who told me she could arrange a free pass into her bedroom  any time on the single condition that I was least breathing - what high standards she has. Miss Bimbo Bond has confirmed that the first location will be in Kenty's hallway where he'll talk to Vic Perkiss on the phone to reassure him that everything is fine and dandy and that Vic should stop crying and wailing, the second site will be in Kenty's study where he shall steel himself to look at certain pics of Ms Bond she has insisted he finally view of her, naked as a jay bird arising from the black waters of her pool fountain covered in emerald green frogs and spitting out live tadpoles to the sound of kent's most recent music collaboration titled "Kiss this frog baby."
You guessed it, the third concert location will be kent's newly renovated outhouse, that has had the 302 weta's removed to a wildlife park, where he will puke freely into his long drop.
I'll donate to that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The demented world of Kent Parker and Melanie White.

Money Invention. Of course last year Kent announced a 'musical' tour to raise money, something along the lines of a Dave Dobbyn tour over the xmas break. What obviously didn't occur to Parker (and this shows the extent of his disorders) that he's not Dave Dobbyn, he's neither a recognised musician nor singer, he doesn't have a single record and outside the circle of his hate-sites he is virtually unknown apart for bizarre interest in how a mad man falls and burns. He's a consummate and practiced liar, unfortunately he lies to his handful of supporters in a blatant way, and they, showing similar mental incapacity, believe each one. His attendant friend the desperate and lonely Melanie White supports him in all he does not realising for a minute that kent has long since crossed over to being a dangerous messenger of hate. White sees no reason to object when Parker lies, she has long since crossed the line from decency to a twi-light world that lies and stalking are okay for those who are enlightened by the truth. A mother herself, she has never objected to the attacks Parker and his cohorts like the very sick Christine Williams have made on the families and children of those that object to the persecution these people seethe. Similarly, when Annette Curran and Glenda OBrien, Maryanne Newton, joyously discovered personal details of opponents or their families to exchange or harass, Parker, the dangerous and demented fool, had neither the decency or moral definition to protest at either the wrongness of such acts or to express or comprehend how such acts would soon make it seen, across a broad section of society - the hate and dangerousness of these people.
Before moving on from this, one thing that has struck me over the last few years, is the comparison between the hate-siters and some very tough and dangerous individuals I've known in my life. Apart from one or 2 exceptions there has been generally a rule in times of violence or potential violence to leave families and children out of it. Then I consider the rabid enthusiasm of the hate-siters to even go on line and threaten children and families, Christine Williams even threatening to take children away. Think about that folks and see the bankruptcy of decency and soul in these people and realise why they must be fought. Even years after a trial they still twist the evidence and lie - good people, with good causes absolutely never do that, nor even consider stalking the vulnerable.

Character Invention.
Much fuss was always made about this by the hate-siters, but when, thanks to Annette Curran, a raft of information leaked on line we found out that the hate-siters encouraged one another to have fake identities, realised that the 'venerable' Glenda OBrien was also, as suspected 'laddiefatcat,' that Christine Williams adopted the identity of her own daughter as did the beekeeper William Rodie, who incidentally is even using a fake identity on JFRB and Counterspin of Bob Smith which might be a cover for the introduction of 'leaked' material - but the results of that remain part of another story. Not at all ironically, OBrien, Williams and others used their fake identities to get back on line to immediately start threatening their targets - lost to them in their anger that it was a give away, and that additionally much of what they were intending to do was being pre-advertised by Curran herself.
But to more recent times, indeed the last few days. Kent Parker has become Andrew MacKenzie and Melanie White has become Harriet Bond. Just consider for a moment the credibility of a hate-site administrators who not only condone false identities but go on to assume such themselves. In this case they'll no doubt sign their own petition to add to the many other times they have signed it, but as an indication of inanity of all of this they even 'like' their own comments on a forum where they have been spamming lies. And like everything they do covertly, they betray themselves and their shredded credibility without thought.
These are the people that talk about Justice for Robin Bain, they see Justice as not needing truth, something to be arrived at with hate and lies, something that allows the utilisation of attacks on innocent people or children with no interest or even awareness of the case of the dead and disgraced father.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kent Parker - what's the best he can expect?

Well, it's looked grim since his 2nd defence was rejected in the High Court and the Judge indicated a raised payments of costs to Joe Karam on the basis that Parker hadn't presented a defence, hadn't got over the first hurdle of being able to convince the Court that he had grounds of defence that would warrant a trial. The Judge also directed that submissions be made regarding costs to that point some 6 months ago, raised as a penalty factor that Parker hadn't shown a credible defence for a 2nd time despite advice and some assistance from Karam's counsel in order to quickly finalise what is a fairly clear case against Parker.
So in order, even if Parker were successful finally, in filing a legitimate defence, the preceding procedures would have to be settled before any trial could commence. Looking at that, and reading the Judgement it is unlikely that Parker will make the threshold of proving a defence which might be why he has no lawyer willing to act for him, he possibly has already sought legal aid. But that problem is secondary now, because the costs of his efforts so far have been found against him.
He will not be able to proceed to trial, even by some miracle a defence that hasn't been visible for some years suddenly appears, until he has settled the costs. Why? I think because he is shown as unable to pay the costs to date, Karam will make demand for payment as he is entitled. Parker might then try to seek legal aid, convince the Courts of merits in his case which have been already rejected twice (probably count three as most likely,) of which of course he has no chance. Meanwhile the legal aid authority are not able to give assistance in a defence that has no merit, and in Parker's case, which has already been rejected 2 (3) times. In effect Parker is sunk. I don't think there will ever be a trial, it's all over Rover since the Judgement dated 29th July 2011.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look, it's rachael dickleberryhead... trying to pretend she isn't a lawyer.

Old rach, is reventing herself. There's a new donkey in her life called dumbo, who dicklehead membery has 'associated' with behind the barn and anywhere else available, all the while discussing the next mayoral campaign and how dickhead might rort the system once again. It's so sweet.

I will be interested in the compensation bid process. Has anyone else followed one closely? It has to almost be like a mini trial but just 'on the papers'. I think that is the term. Nice without lawyers interjecting

Quotegoldnkiwi (629 ) 9:41 pm, Sun 8 Jan #72

For those that have forgotten Rachael Membery is a law graduate who sued her father and was investigated when 'standing' for the mayoral seat in Otrohanga but not in the usual 'position.'
Oh Rach, your such a funny moron - I could just give you a big bale of hay and a carrot.

Pedo pal: Ralph Taylor trying to fiddle his way in.

We are all entitled to an opinion and there are a couple of people who are attending who in the opinion of others their innocence is open to question. Now when having an opinion is wrong?If Mr Bain is so sure of his innocence then he has nothing to fear from being open to critical scrutiny at the conference by either those attending or the media.

Edited by jeeves-50 at 1:54 pm, Sun 8 Jan

Quotejeeves-50 (10 ) 1:51 pm, Sun 8 Jan #60

Ralph Taylor laying down the conditions that he feels David Bain should expect at the pending Injustice Conference.
This is the same guy that continued to lie about the strip search of David Bain, and the blood of his father found inside the rifle barrel. He perpetuated these lies and has never retracted them. He also refused to take a bet on the validity of his claims, a man without conviction.
Now he deigns to offer what acceptable behaviour and scrutiny would be for those speaking at the conference. A liar who wants to impose conditions on others - don't think so Ralphie, like always with you - these something fiddly about that. Tut tut.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kent Parker - will he sing?

Will Parker choose to co-operate with any investigation as to who supplied his group the lies to leak to the media before, during, and after the trial? Even to co-operate frankly with Karam when Parker's defence collapses and probably tens of thousands of dollars of costs are awarded against him before he goes to trial?
Parker is in a dangerous situation now, he will be seen as a liability and be on the outer with those that might have used the gullible fool, fed his ego and presented him with 'gifts' of information to carry out his hate campaign.
I am going to present all the information I have on the hate-site activities to Justice Binnie with the request that if it is not looked into that it be referred for investigation, and that the activities at least are reflected in any recommendation for compensation.
I recall a poster michellemosse (?) addressing me on TM in the post trial fracas that she didn't want to be in the position she was in. A rather unusual thing to say, if she or he was not feeding information on behalf of the police or prosecution before and during the trial. Remember the claims that David had been involved in an unsavoury incident with a neighbour, a claim that proved to be totally untrue but that was touted by Annette Curran's group. If michellemosse (sp?) wasn't a plant it's also odd that she or he started a website during the trial which spread false information later transported to TM boards, and that she or he disappeared shortly after the trial finished. I remember the fawning praise from Annette Curran that she 'wished' that michellemosse had prosecuted the case rather than the lawyers that did. A slip of the tongue, you judge? Or maybe a recognition of the credentials or links of michellemosse on her campaign. Nina_s another who could fit that category. It becomes dangerous for them all now because when Karam's book is published all uncertainty will be gone about the innocence of David Bain and questions as to why and how it happened will bubble in the public mind.
I carry no weight in the matter, however I have said for the last couple of years that I believe people involved should come out with the truth of the sub-plot that sought to defeat the course of justice in the Bain case. Kent Parker above all others might now realise he is one of those people and that doors have slammed on him, his only currency of safety is the truth - the same goes for Annette Curran, michellemosse - who will no doubt be of interest. I remember D Cameron's claims about photos that didn't exist, Deb Coates claiming to have a copy of the autopsy report, not accidental revelations, but rather information they 'knew' and needed to explain how - in both those cases, flighty headed souls they were, used obvious lies to hide the trail. But why lie to hide the truth one must ask.
Yes, and for any hate-siters that might read this. I was wrong about the outcome of the trial, about Robin's bloody and bruised hands, the strip search of David and so on. No sorry, how silly I wasn't wrong. I also wasn't wrong that people would get their arses sued, that the hate-sites would collapse, that there would be a compensation claim. However, I might just be wrong that people are going to be called to account for the travesty of justice that was the prosecution of the Bain case - or maybe I'm not.

Friday, January 6, 2012

John Poynton - Greek themes.


These are images of the paintings and the signature of one of them. My pictures don't do them justice. I "repatriated" them from California! Talk about global art...

Best Regards,


P. S. The inscription in Greek reads "3rd Rate Coffee Shop". There was a time in the 60's and 70's when, to get a license to operate a coffee shop in Greece, you were put in a category according to facilities provided to the public. 3rd Rate was the lowest.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scratch that publication date for Karam's new book.

I said March, but the booksellers are advertising the date as February 2012. No wonder Parker has disappeared and is trying to hand over the reins to 'dickhead Vic' Purkiss.
I'll take a punt and say that Parker and Purkiss's 3rd defence will be struck out soon, if it hasn't already and the award of costs due against them will knock them out for all time - defamation charges and all.
Note worthy to remember that Karam has in fact paid for assistance to Parker and Purkiss by virtue of the fact that his lawyer has set out for them how a defence must be structured, this was noted in the judgement which struck out their second defence. What kind of bludgers are these dudes, begging for money and in need of advice from the other party's solicitor?
Also noteworthy to remember that Karam was a fullback, an All Black fullback - the guy at the back, the last man defending the try line, someone operating alone and often against the odds, a whole team at times depending on him. Drink to that you scornful hate-siters Parker and Purkiss. You were warned and went on ahead full of bluster and bravado - now you are too scared to face the man you mocked.
On another note, the new book is already pre-selling.