Sunday, August 31, 2014

What happens for David Bain now?

Long though it may have been anticipated that the Minister of Justice in New Zealand would be sacked over the previous year for various  it is only now that she has gone, resigned, according to herself or in fact sacked in the public mind. The event for which she resigned was the result of an email in which she was mentioned as looking to undermine a previous head of the Serious Fraud Office. The proof of this, certainly enough to satisfy the Prime Minister, John Key - appears to only be that she was mentioned in an email by Collins old friend Cameron Slater. What Slater said was that the Minister was 'gunning' for SFO head, at this point there is no direct evidence that supports Slater's claim - though she has admitted doing similar things and is recorded as doing in the Bain case where she was 'gunning' for International Jurist Ian Binnie and the subject of his review of the Bain case, David Bain.

On the other hand however, there is rock solid evidence that Judith Collins, fed Slater information by way of the Official Information Act in order to undermine Ian Binnie, and David Bain in respect of David's application for compensation for over 12 years false imprisonment. That solid evidence made no apparent impact on the Prime Minister who is now subject to an allegation that his office leaked similar details to Slater to ensure the right questions were asked in a OIA application to the SIS for material which Slater later used against a member of a rival political party. The obvious question come to mind why was Collin's pushed for an unsubstantiated (at least to this point) allegation but allowed no censure for the release from her Office, after hours, of Official Information that Slater quickly used to attack both Binnie report and also Binnie himself and David Bain. An attack which led Joe Karam to seek a High Court Judicial Review of the decision by Collins not to honour her duties as Minister of Justice, and by so doing, due process and the insurance of his rights under The Bill of Rights Act.

It appears that because John Key himself is accused of leaking information to the same blogger, Slater, that may have been the reason for him not to act against Collins for the Bain leakage, nor another against a public servant which she has admitted. In other words if the Prime Minister was to sanction Collins it would have appeared that he was favouring himself to a different standard than what he expected from his Justice Minister. All of this is outside David Bain's control. His team are prepared for the Judicial Review early next year now to only find that their prime antagonist is gone for something which on the face of things is far less serious, or at least unproven to this point, than that which he has to go to Court to seek a remedy.

Putting all else aside, what is ultimately displayed is how our 'system' of righting wrongs for the falsely imprisoned is ad hoc at best and a tool for evil at worst. It's apparent that much water has flowed under the bridge since David Bain was again let down by a system that hid, destroyed, or planted evidence against him. A system that continued to 'work' against him from inside the office of The Minister of Justice where a campaign was mounted against him by the person Legislatively entrusted to act fairly, with competence and in a non partisan way. A person who in fact threatened him publicly, wouldn't release paperwork to him and used a hate monger to sway public opinion with comments that bore no reality to fact, but which instead sought to sensationalise and generate hate and ill will against David Bain.

David Bain, wrongfully imprisoned ex prisoner, has never harmed anybody in the way Judith Collins, and by proxy her Government, have harmed David Bain. He went to Government as he was entitled, weary that he might have been, that the Government were simply an extension of the police and Crown prosecution that had framed him.

Whether the Judicial Review continues, or if a Minister in a new Government obeys the Law and
exercises Executive Power in the way it was maintained Governments would when NZ refused to sign an International mandate by way of the United Nations to pay compensation automatically rather than to 'look behind' Court or Jury decisions as though an 'all knowing' God, the Country does not know at this stage, nor does David Bain. The only thing clear is that one 'God' has fallen.