Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kent Parker's trial date approaching....

latest on the defamation case - public at
List of Discovery Items Sent
Today, both Vic Purkiss and Kent Parker sent off document lists for the discovery part of the defamation process. These are to be inspected by a judge in preparation for a teleconference scheduled for 27 October. At that time it is expected that a trial date will be set.

Discovery is a process whereby each side declares the documents that they wish to present to the court in support of their side of the case. This is the beginning of pre-trial deliberations which consist of much going back and forth between parties until agreements are made as to what should be presented at trial.

Even after apparently preparing documents for discovery Kent still doesn't realise his trial is not about the Bain case, it is about him running a hate-site from where defamation entered the public arena. Defamation that he is being taken to task for. Wake up soon Kent you'll miss all the fun.

Confidentially Kent were you asked to discover communications between your hate-site members, between you and your co-defendant?


  1. My opinion is that slowly and surely members of the JFRB hate site are now realising that "whoops, we are in deep shite". Note the slowing of the TM thread by former daily posters apart from superidiot. I wonder how their fundraising is going. Might be like the petition which is still stuck at 1943.

  2. There have certainly been a lot of sensible defections. Who can blame them? But for those that attempt to deflect and avoid their laibilities I think the news is not good.