Sunday, October 31, 2010

Would Kent Parker be this stupid.

Well, yes he would...

Having had his 2nd statement of defence rejected for not complying with the High Court Rules and implying that the Judge was at fault, he now acknowledges that he'll use the extra time to get his defence together. So which is it, that it's together and doesn't comply or that he will get it together using the extra time?

The continuing delays in the proceedings means that we have more time to get our defence together and to assemble witnesses and evidence to support our arguments.

And would he be so stupid to admit publicly that he is using delay tactics? Well, yes he would.....

All of this goes totally to our advantage and the fact that we are representing ourselves and not paying lawyer's fees means that we can continue with this kind of activity ad infinitum.

Rome is burning Kent, and you're fiddling - how very appropriate. You're a right old fiddly bunch over there. No lawyer. No idea of what he's doing and he thinks the Courts will entertain him ad infinitum. He's outsmarting everyone all the way to the holding cells. I hope Mr Karam's counsel doesn't bring Kent's behaviour and comments to the attention of the Judge, well I do actually.

Of particular interest to me is this admission....

Meanwhile at counterspin and on message boards at TradeMe and elsewhere, we are free to carry on undoing the errors, omissions and misrepresentations made by Karam in a responsible and respectful manner, as we have done, until some kind of balance is restored, that being our aim.

Thanks Kent, you beauty.

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