Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shame on Frank_m.

I see that he has recorded on Trade Me that one of the Jurors hugged the father of the deceased in the Matamata horse trainer's trial. Stockdale and Purkiss will be at this very moment be stalking that Juror and mounting a harassment campaign consistent and proper souls they claim to be. As we speak Denise Cameron, Annette Curran, Maryanne Newton and Christine Williams will be dredging the Internet for clues of the Juror's family and friends. It's not all Frank's fault but somebody has to take the blame and it can't be any of the twisted sisters. No no no, not the sisters.


  1. The silence is deafening from superidiot and the rest of the hate DB site. So it is perfectly acceptable for the jury to hug and comfort victims famililies when a guilty verdict s brought in but is a no no if it is a not guilty verdict.

  2. Dare not show humanity, hatred, spite and vindictiveness is fine with a little knitting on the side.

  3. Counterspinners - "putting the true meaning back into hypocracy". Pack of sad idiots they all are.