Monday, October 25, 2010

Maryanne Newton - dustproof, objects to being called a dick.

This woman, who has made a 'fine' art of abusing and defaming David, Joe Karam, numerous witnesses, an entire Jury, even the Crown and others, objects to being called a 'dick.'

Well, you are a dick Newton. You're such a dick you provided proof against yourself of being a stalker and harasser. It would only be hangbainer like yourself that would make such simple assumptions about what might motivate others, or how bright they might be. Nobody I know is influenced by anything about the Bain case other than by facts and logic. Facts and logic aren't on your menu newton, that's why you're a stalking pedo supporter. Your equally dickhead dickmother has a Court date this week and you're so thick you continue to provide evidence against him and Trade Me right up to the last minute.

klrider wrote:

Well you are a bit of a dick, I like the all blacks, hate DB, how they got associated here is a mystery.

Some are blinded by Karam's bs becsause he was an All Black. No need to call me a dick just becuase you didn't know that!

Quotedustproof (48 ) 1:19 pm, Mon 25 Oct #52

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