Monday, October 25, 2010

Melanie White. Remember her?

She was the one that sought to publicise the anniversary of the Bain deaths and invited the press and public to attend. She claims to be the class mate of Laniet (something who sister made the same claim about - leading to a public argument between the two on one of the hate-sites,) of course most will recall not one person apart from Melanie attended her sentimental, wrought with emotion, publicised memorial, apart from a sole reporter. No other classmates bothered to answer Melanie's pleas for people to attend. No other classmate has come forwarded (except her sister of course who said that it was she that was Laniet's friend and not Melanie) to support anything she says. Melanie even went onto invent a story of a 'confession' of sorts that implied that it was David and not daddy who was the fiddler in this plot, Melanie is a left-out fantasist, a dangerous, deranged individual who thinks Kent Parker is a genius - that fact alone ought to tell people something.

Well, yesterday, probably because of her usual loneliness and need for attention, any attention from anybody - and because even Kent doesn't want anything more to do with her, she claimed there was no evidence that daddy was a fiddler when in fact there is a copious amount, not just from a number of witnesses including a Doctor and others, but by the construction of circumstances that tell their own story, the absent daughter prostituting herself, her problems with drugs, her father's possessive infatuation with her, her father's negligence in helping her other - than as David told police, by 'giving her money and rides.'

Face it Melanie, there is an abundance of evidence that Robin was a fiddler, even now there are those that among his supporters who are self-confessed fiddlers or apologists for paedophiles. But a larger spectre emerges from that morning in Dunedin and hangs still yet in the sky of the history of this case, Robin Bains corruption of his own children and his own morals, and his cowardice that he could not end his own rotten life but that he must take them with him. You are a cowardly persecutor Melanie, you've invented lies to promote you paedophile supporting ways, but you now lie publicly and deny that there were many witnesses who helped uncover what Robin tried to cover with his disturbed, depressed mind and a firearm. Have you no decency, interest in the truth, ability to be constructive with evidence which is widely known, apparently not. It is beyond you, anything other than hate or seeking attention is beyond you. You should be in the whacko ward.


  1. The strange thing about Melanie White is nobody that attended the same school can remember her having anything to do with the Bain family. I find it very sickening that someone like her is trying to cash in on the tragic deaths of the family. It is so easy to see through her act.

  2. The fact that Melanie's sister refused to take part in the 'memorial' in June supports what a number of people know and that is there is a chasm of a rift between the two.

  3. maybe mel can join the circus too. There's always room for a pathetic, wailing drama queen act!