Sunday, March 4, 2012

Van Beynan still attacks

Martin Van Beynan, self-styled 'expert' on the Bain familicide can't let go as is article on this morning shows. It's important to put mvb's position on the Bain case into perspective to note his 'investment' in what some could consider his efforts to promote condemnation of David Bain and Joe Karam.

Van Beynan has positioned himself as somebody who has written about the Bain case since the 1990s, he appears to see that as some sort of qualification despite all these years later he has never revealed an in-depth understanding of the Bain case and in particular the evidence of Robin's suicide. In fact he has avoided that somewhat like avoiding the plague. He has instead relied upon attacking the deceased family, the mother in particular, the daughter said to be the victim of incest who became a prostitute and of whom there was evidence that she was going to disclose her father, the abuser, to the police just preceding the familicide. His constant attack has always been against David Bain however, the only survivor who would spend over a decade in prison for his father's crimes.

In some ways mvb has been on a crusade, one remarkably similar to several hate-sites that have arisen since David's acquittal in 2009. These sites claim contact with mvb as measure of their 'credibility,' quoting him and his articles and so forth. That they use some similar tactics brings with its own story. MVB has been cautioned by the Justice Department for Juror harassment post trial, the hate-sites have continued an attack against the jurors for nearly 3 years. MVB has praised the dead father Robin Bain and suggested that all the evidence against him of depression, incest and the like are fabrications made up by a number of unrelated people in unrelated ways. Many of those people professionals, psychologists and the like mvb and the hate-sites see these individuals as a group driven to 'defame' the dead father using clichés such as 'gossip,' 'innuendo,' 'downright lies,' 'smoke screens' and so on. That clichés do not evidence make is apparently of no moment to them but sure is a way of getting a message without content across, each relying on the other for support of their nonsense and confirmation of their enlightenment.

I've read much of what mvb has written on the Bain case but find it characterised by that which he will not go near, Robin's suicide for example, the damaged condition of Robin's hands, the blood smears on his palms that must have been there before he suicided, the spatter on his shoe that was not his own, the spatter on his trouser leg that showed his leg was raised in a suicide pose before he killed himself and the non-shielding of any spatter from his left where any gunman would have had to stand. In the 1000s of words written by Van Beynan I don't recall he has accepted that David Bain was stripped searched on the morning of the killings and found to have no injuries consistent with being in a fight or violence that attended that morning. Notably also, is his apparent silence that Robin Bain's brain matter was found deep inside the barrel of the rifle found beside his body. Of course dealing with these things requires dealing with the real issues and proof of the case against Robin, no objective 'report' on the case can possibly ignore them or rely instead on 'sensational' mantras most of which are now crippled and lifeless in the face of truth.

Make of the similarity of what the hate-sites say and what MVB says as what you will, draw your own conclusions. When you have done so perhaps consider the hate-sites campaign against Joe Karam's latest book and it's description as something other than showing the enormous shortfalls in the construction and logic of the failed case against David. Also read mvb piece the same weekend as the books release and note his personal animosity against Joe Karam and the total lack of dealing with Robin's suicide, instead 'relying' on an attack against the family home and the alleged futility of the mother being able to plan to build her own home. Even in death mvb and the sites must pick at Margaret Bain and her deceased children in order to justify the ongoing harassment of her only living child. A picture emerges, one not too carefully hidden. A picture which has as it focus, Joe Karam in the first instance, a jealously of some sort, then almost as an after thought the man against whom no evidence substantially stands apart from the false tongues of the gossipers.

Mvb's piece today, must of course by the man's own inclination, attack that David speaks on national TV tonight and is due to speak with Joe Karam this week in Australia at a conference that it is no secret van beynan  was going to attend, not by invitation might I add. The same conference the hate-sites were shut down from commenting on but who claim they would 'have people' there and we again see a connection of will and the tactics to attack anybody that stands in way of the quest.

Just on that quest for a moment, do not forget that the hate-sites face 100s of defamation charges and are closed down to the public apart from defamatory propaganda in anguished display. The hate-sites are banned from many message boards, understood as to their purpose and the morality of that.. They are people prepared even to threaten to go after the children of their detractors. These same people who called for Bain to speak and who are now beside themselves in anxiety that he does, follow the similar line in today's article from mvb that calls for David to explain nonsense already considered by a Jury and seen to be nothing more than than extensions of possibilities of evidence against David that don't rise over the threshold of guilt and which make no impression at all on that which Mr Van Beynan retires from - Robin's suicide.


  1. When David receives compensation because the evidence finds him innocent there are going to be a lot of people apologising, I wonder if MVB will be at the head of the queue. Somehow I doubt it, he's a mud slinging slime ball, with a private agenda. How much money has he made from the Bain murders? Maybe he'd like to tell us how much the crap he publishes about the Bain's has been worth to him? Money is a great motivator for MVB to ensure he has an on-going audience.

  2. On TM Jeeves (Taylor) is now saying that David's evidence from the first trial was not read out in the second trial, and that the only thing read out was Cottle's statement.

    Both statements are wrong and wildly off the mark.

    The more it is revealed how ill-informed these people are, the more shocking seems the arrogance of their persecution of David Bain and Joe Karam.

    And who have they got their information from? The media. Who covered the trial? Mr Van Beynen more than any other reporter. Whether there are direct links or not, Van Beynen and his like bear a burden of guilt - they are up at the front of the mob, leading the shouts, lighting the torches and throwing the noose over the branch.

    Court reporters are supposed to be unbiased, and fairly represent the evidence. Time for regulation of them: they are clearly incapable of responsible self-regulation.

  3. Just tried to post a comment on the Press website on the Bain interview. Strangely my comment has not appeared - I wonder why? The Press is certainly showing it's pro Robin bias.

  4. I would have thought the Press would welcome comment because after all they have mvb, self styled expert on the Bain killings who has steadfastly refused to comment on the evidence of Robin's suicide.

  5. But it's not just van Beynen, is it? It's a Fairfax family thing. Jane Clifton rides in to attack today with snide, thinly-veiled regurgitation of stuff she has read on Counterspin.
    This is not journalism, this is a vendetta, a resentful unwillingness to take a properly informed view of the matter and, most cruelly, a total disregard for the harm they do if they are wrong. Which they are.
    Why do none of them have the humility or integrity to stop and think "well, before I let rip with words that contribute to an ongoing bullying, perhaps I should just check it out properly."? Hubris. Hubris and laziness and mob mentality.
    Nemesis has a way of administering justice to hubris. In mythology, Nemesis had a whip made of scorpions called Conscience. That whip stings harder than almost any other. When these people start to be troubled by their consciences, as they will be (if they have consciences), then we will watch as they cast around looking for who to blame. And who can they blame? Why, their own, the ones who sat through the trial and misreported it, the ones who lied and manipulated public opinion, the ones who made fools of them. Who else? Those within the system who lied by commission and omission, who commissioned perjury, who persisted in going down the tunnel of their own vision and determinedly ignored the increasing glare from beyond their self-imposed boundaries.
    And blame, and shame they deserve.

  6. Vanbeynan is a fool. He's putting his career on the line. He did the same will Ellis and he was wrong there, he got away with that, but will he get away with this one? Probably considering the fools that support him.