Thursday, March 8, 2012

The woeful, breast bursting lament of a twisted sister.

Deb Coates finds it ironic that the 'Hang David' phrase is used despite there being evidence at the second trial that ex police officer Weir painted 'Hang Bain' on his own home to show his dispassionate policing style free of emotion. Additionally, Deb gets almost tearful in reciting a 'poor man accused in a public court of murder?suicide, escaping kooky once again that it is indeed courts were people are accused of crimes. Perhaps kooky things such things happen in hay barns, or is as her wont on message boards. She expresses her deep feelings, and indeed so deep were her feelings that she invented a little story of having a copy of a pathologists report that didn't exist. She was able to reveal from that secret, non-existing document, that Laniet had never been pregnant and was therefore a liar and I suppose that encapsulates dear kooky's deep feelings for the Bain children, something that others might consider consistent with pure hate.

Of course Deb is on at least her second crusade on Trade Me where earlier she was the banned poster Balisal. Crusaders and persecutors these days ain't so bright.

It's ironic you cite "hang David" as your concern, because the main reason people like myself are so upset over this issue is that a dead man cannot speak for himself and certain quarters have zero regard at for his reputation. A poor man accused in public court of murder/suicide. Some of us care very deeply about the remaining family members (this does not include David clearly, who believes his father murdered his siblings and wife) and how they feel every time another syrup coated article, another book, TV interview or television horse back piece is viewed.
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  1. She's lying again.
    She certainly doesn't care, as she claims, about the family members. If she did, her sympathies would include David, who is 1/2 Robin and, potentially, the father of Robin's only grandchildren.
    I didn't want to have to repeat that obvious genetics reminder, but kookoobell is a slow learner.

  2. Looks like karma has bitten this serial complainer on her very ample bottom. Despite being banned as Balisal, she somehow expected that once she'd got rid of anyone that disagreed with her, she'd be free to be queen of O&P again as kulkkulbelle.
    She's a sicko who said she'd support Robin Bain no matter what. Looks like her lies caught up with her.

    1. 'A no matter' what indicates that she didn't care if he had killed his family and molested his children, very odd reasoning. Another of their number has said something similar today, that if Robin had abused Laniet that it must have been years earlier when she was a child and therefore, presumably, it didn't matter. Sick folks all round.

    2. ewww, that is sick. It doesn't matter what age or how long since it last happened, how can anyone support someone capable of that. Makes you wonder what they are capable of, if they excuse that behaviour.