Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parker shoots himself in his other foot.

Kent Parker decided to inflame the sisters to go on the boards wherever they could attacking the book 'Trial by Ambush,' it never occurred to them that message boards would obviously have to take into account their potential financial liability from any loss of sales caused by hosting the sisters. We saw idiots start thread after thread on the same subject, no doubt considering they were achieving something other than their own demise. As it transpires Trade Me in particular recognised the liability and understood that it was heightened not only by allowing the sisters free rein, but more particularly by idiots commenting, and frothing at the mouth over a book they hadn't read.

Anyway, in a relatively short time the threads have gone and so have a lot of the idiots, those so afraid of the truth that they conspired against a book - the book burners. Book burners throughout time have burnt books from fear of others learning the truth, or even in some cases of others beginning to think for themselves and see how they might have been deceived, persecuted or down-trodden. Well, today books remain as relevant as ever, newspapers begin to struggle in competition against publishing in cyberspace, but book remain holding their own place, mobile and portable, no requiring any power, pass word or particular location to be read and enjoyed.

Kent Parker sought to take nzers back to the dark ages, considered even that witchcraft rituals and black magic should be promoted as the sisters knitted voodoo dolls while cats slunk about their darkened covens because persecution is darkness, it is that which makes a rabble bay for the blood of strangers they might not even know but whose deaths shall bring pleasure for their corrupted souls. Kent Parker and Vic Purkiss have their own demons to face but that will be in the bright light of the Auckland High Court,  when instead they might wish for the darkness that has accompanied their evil against David Cullen Bain. The man they lied about and mocked, the man they said would never speak, as it was some right of theirs to hear from him, but hear they will if they but have the courage to watch 60minutes tomorrow night.

Kent Parker, it will be recalled, was obliquely referred to by Joe Karam as being one of those for whom the 'dust was yet to settle.' The grotesque figure he tried to portray an innocent man has, becomes himself - but Kent isn't innocent. He's a nutter, out thought on all sides. He will contribute though, as he has done already, to show who pulled the puppet strings attached to his every move. There will be no settlement with Parker, that time literally passed 2 years ago with their arrogant dismissal of common sense, he and Purkiss will soon be seen to have measurably destroyed their own lives in their efforts to slay Justice in NZ and their efforts to destroy the victim of many crimes and who now, despite all of that, remains a man of dignity.

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