Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What fiddler Ralph Taylor doesn't want people to know.

Ralph Taylor goes on at length about fingerprints on the rifle, claims that Robin's were not there even though there is no proof of that. He claims that Robin hands were not bloody and bruised. We've seen the blood below and here are some of the bruises and cuts. So remember bruises, cuts, and only Robin's blood found on the towel in the laundry, only his blood found in the rifle barrel, only he with blood spatter going the wrong way from his wound, proving that it didn't come from there - but from somebody else killed that morning. Those blood 'wash' marks fit in with the blood on that towel. Why is Ralph Taylor so desperate to ignore the real evidence and influence people with lies, I think it can be only one reason - Ralph Taylor, like Robin Bain - has skeletons in his closet and Taylor now shows the same type of seething anger at being caught out, just like his sick  mate that thought it was 'okay' for a father to teach a daughter to put her fingers inside herself - remember that person folks - a counterspin administrator. A devo right at the top. These people are sick deviates. Ralph Taylor is losing the plot so much now he seems totally comparable with his idol when he decided to 'tidy up' his sick life. Buy the book Taylor, let your pervert mates read it and weep.


  1. Do you think they may make as big an issue of this bruise as they do of David's? It is larger, and a couple of hours older than the ones David suffered.

  2. No, they'll play it down or ignore it because they can't handle the truth. I had some interesting correspondence come through about the bruises which I will blog about later, always something new to learn about this case.

  3. They won't buy the book, possession of it will mean they have to face up to their own reality, and the role they have played in the denigration and persecution of an innocent man. Better to remain ignorant than to know one's ownself.