Monday, February 13, 2012

How the hate-siters work.

See below for Kent Parker (newzeal - another attempt at trying to identify himself as a nzer) introducing a lie about blood. Later, along comes marzuka (call him bazooka - because something blew his brain apart) asking about blood found on a mask in the laundry. So Parker starts the lies and his fellows add to it, in fact in some detail, because bazooka produces a series of computer generated figures of what is proposed to be David Bain wearing a mask and holding a rifle.
Then along comes some idiot like phae from Coromandel, sees the presentation and thinks it's true, when in fact is starts with a lie and gains a 'computer generated' credibility. Made up evidence folks, made up evidence, computer altered photos, and down right lies is all the pedo supporters have.
Toward the end of the following you will find exactly what was found in the laundry, and you will also note that it was Robin's blood found on a towel in the laundry, which later here will give rise to a description of other material withheld by the police that the Privy Council never heard about. If they had I doubt they would have ordered a retrial. Not forgetting that they, the Privy Council, always qualified their decision as being up to the nz authorities to decide whether to try David again or not - a decision that has cost the tax payers millions and which will cost millions more.

upsideout wrote:

Yes there were fingerprints belonging to / identifiable to, Robin Bain at the crime scene.

Where? If there were, were they on any item that was crucial to the crime? David's fingerprints were on the rifle that was the murder weapon and on the washing machine in blood.

Quotenewzeal2 (6 ) 9:33 am, Sun 12 Feb #157

Hi Cybernana,

Does the new book have any pictures of the facemask with blood on it found in the laundry as I'd like to see how well it matches some curious impressions on david's brusied face?

Quotemarzuka (15) 5:49 pm, Sun 12 Feb #230

“Lodge found four items in another cabinet which appeared to have blood on them: a pink cloth; folded up shower curtain; a face mask and swimming togs….

These were found on a shelf in the cupboard behind the cupboard door. There was no blood found on the cupboard. When they were tested by the police, they tested negative for blood. They were all folded up in a cupboard along with other towels and so-on. That old shower curtain was the supposedly bloodied shower curtain, not the one being used in the shower itself. There was no other blood found in the bathroom except blood on a towel which was found to be Robin’s blood and could have got there at any time.

There is no sign of Robin or David having had a shower: the police did not claim that; that has come from the counterspinners.

So we get to Robin's hands. Ralph Taylor in particular identifies with Robin Bain, and has particular sensitivities about the allegation that Robin was a  pedo. Ralp Taylor (Jeeves on TM) denied that David was strip searched and said there was no evidence of Robin's blood being found inside the rifle barrel. Wrong on both counts of course. Taylor also  like to joke about the magazine being found up right on the floor near Robin's hand, completely overlooking that the magazine was moved many times within the examination scene, Taylor ignores facts and I think he's a pervert, just like his idol Robin Bain.

Taylor has demanded proof of the blood on the inside of Robin's hands, well the photo is below. But first of all is the revelation that the police unknown to the pathologists withheld this photo . Instead the police used their own photos that didn't show the blood. Reason being, because there was a towel in the laundry with Robin's blood on it and the obvious, that Robin didn't get blood smears inside his hands after he killed himself, just like he didn't get blood spray occluded as being from his own wound when he died. In short - the forensic proof daddy Bain committed familicide.

First, the revelations of the blood smears.

Well, the police took their own photos at the morgue and used those. They didn’t bother to photograph the blood smears and so-on. But the pathologists take their own photographs too, and the thumb was one of the lab photos. In the retrial, when Dempster produced it, he said “These are prints that I discovered recently that I thought were part of the police record, I had them along with a large number of other photographs that had been copied from the police record into colour transparencies, and it was only very recently that I realised that these were – this was a photograph that had been taken by our mortuary technician using our mortuary camera. I can't understand why we didn’t have a police –“ and at that he got rapidly cut off by the crown counsel!

Note the blood wash below the thumb nail. The reason folks why Deb Coates (kookybelle on TM) is afraid to read the book because it proves she is a liar and a persecutor. She who has a copy of the 'pathologists report.'
Why are they afraid of the truth?
Why do they want to cover up the 'activities' of Robin Bain?

An early commentator on the book has said 'I now know David didn't do it, I now know he couldn't have done it.'


  1. OMG!!! Is that pic in the book?
    Daddy done it alright. Awesome picture!!

  2. I have often wondered on any crown law or police connection by extended family of the hate site mob..
    Their refussal to compromise even in the slightest when confronted with factual proof leaves me with no doubt their must be one..
    The police apologist groups devotion is unconditional..
    Perhaps they feel being on the side of law and order they can sway public opinion more easily..
    Despite the fact not one but many gave evidence of Laniets incest they refuse to accept it as fact and constantly only refer to the Dunedin car salesmans statement which of course he didnt verify in court as he refused to attend..
    They never question why he didnt attend what inducement the police may have offered or what file they held over him..
    They feel threatened by truth and so they should be considering the many cases in little old nz of police ineptitude or corruption.
    Their endless inability to comprehend the meaning of factual evidence is to this day highly visible with the idiot Stockdales persistence in the glasses being involved on that morning despite no blood or dna found on them and being unusable and covered in dust.
    He persists posting his crap even after years of having being explained time and time again.
    His ignorance along with many of the groups is compounded by their lying to try prove points that have years ago been shown up as false.
    I can only identify such behaviour as typical tunnel vision stubborn and piggish..
    But luckily NZers are awakening to such antics as the growing line up of misscariages of justice are now becoming public knowledge..
    And the Crown MUST pay for their mistakes and wrongfull imprisonment of the falsely accused..