Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doctored photos.

Large reddish rectangular contusion like mark seems quite clear to me and spectrally doesn't match other shadows on david's face:


Quotemarzuka (15) 9:27 pm, Sun 12 Feb #254

More about this tomorrow folks. The photo this individual has placed on Trade Me is doctored. This photo does not correspond with #32 the photo taken by Doctor Pryde which shows no such marks. Why would this 'person' marzuka be posting doctored photos on Trade Me? The same reason as Parker lied about blood and fingerprints in the laundry?
And another question, why would the Crown not enter into the records the photos from the pathologist that showed blood smears on the hands of the dead father, but rather exhibit police 'photos' that didn't?
That's why Karam has called the book 'Trial by Ambush,' but those photos came out in the end, thanks to Dempster, and the jury saw them.
So who is marzuka?
We need to know.

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  1. They lie but don't know they are lying.

    They doctor photos or use photos that show what they want to see, but lack the objectivity to see what they are doing.

    They are too far committed to their theory to consider any information inconsistent with that theory.

    When information challenges their dearly-held belief, they invent stuff to strengthen their belief.

    They are nothing. They can't get attention because their beliefs are groundless, emotional and personal, and therefore worthless.

    They are nothing but objects of ridicule.