Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The relatively small world of scientists and physic graduates in NZ.

I recently blogged about marzuka and his defamatory photos. Well we now know who marzuka is, as we know who many of the remaining hate-siters are. They've enjoyed persecuting David Bain, never thinking that they would be called to task. Apart from the charges against Parker and Purkiss the rest may have thought things might stop there.

The following in italics is from somebody who has brought another dimension to the bruises on Robin Bain's hands. You know the bruises and cuts - the ones that 'don't' exist according to the hate-siters. The extensive bruising through Robin's fingers is most likely the result of the impact being 'dulled' or 'swamped' over a greater surface because of the gloves Robin wore.

Plenty more to come on Robin's hands, something which goes right to the core of the investigation and the 'cover up.' That'll be for another time. I've deleted marzuka's real name from below, if he or any of his friends read here I'd suggest he withdraw and destroy all his defamatory material from where ever it may be stored. Whether somebody pursues marzuka into the Courts is not my decision, but unlike the idiot Parker, one would assume a physics graduate understand that in the first instance on being 'discovered' is to remove all defamatory material.

The correspondent below touches on the fact Robin might have had a broken right hand from the fight with his youngest son. I must try and find out if Robin's hands were ever x rayed - if they weren't it makes the quality of the 'investigation' all the more sinister. Interspersed below are my comments by return to the letter writer.

Footnote; I've just had a very hostile email from one of the sisters, saying they believe I 'too scared' to name marzuka. Very funny. It reminds me that marzuka was actually outed sometime back by 2 of the more twisted hate-siters. It also reminds me that a hate-site administrator published some 'drawings' he commissioned from a certain couple in Dunedin which also sought to defame David and present him as the killer instead of his father. Interesting how things begin to stack up against the sisters now, more and more each day.

Thought I’d just touch base about a couple of your latest blogs.

In those hand photos I’m quite convinced that I can see extensive bruise like dis-coloration on his index & middle fingers- in front of the knuckles & also on the back of his hand, behind those same knuckles, extending down towards his wrist.The other photo that you have posted on your blog, taken from Joes latest book ,shows the bruising better.All this is in addition to the skin lesion with its 2cm circular bruise behind the knuckles of his ring & little fingers.
I actually believe Robin busted his fist during his struggle with Stephen.The bruises are similar to what I have seen in fights-& on myself sometimes after a session in the dojo.The gloves would have protected against having more cuts than he already had.

These could explain why Robin favoured his left side for shooting himself & was dis-inclined to hand write a suicide note- his right hand was too damn sore.

Just wondering what your opinion is on this? I ran it past Rob as well, but unfortunately it is probably too late to ask Dempster to have another look at it.

Also Marzurka- he’s a fellow called ---------------- a relatively recent graduate in physics.I consider his doctored photos & videos highly defamatory.

Pleased to hear from you.

Two answers. Handling the rifle with the stronger (right) hand is consistent with the way a right handed person carries and shoots a rifle. Robin bore the weight and control of the rifle with his right hand I think is shown, operated the trigger with his left not having the advantage of a normal shot where the weight of the rifle is pushed into the right shoulder and steadied by the left.

I think your observation about the gloves is why the damage to Robin's hands was 'muted.' Bloody obvious but I didn't see that before. He might have gone 'left' handed because of that, but I know myself from having had broken hands or fingers, unless it were a wrist fracture, the pain or disability is lost in the fight.

I should just add – the bruising on his fingers appears to cover the whole joint from the knuckles on the fist, to the 1st joints on the fingers.

Yes, that must be how the impact flattens out because of the gloves.


  1. Science has leaped forward so far since 1994. It would be interesting to exhume the body of Robin Bain, and possibly Stephen Bain. If Robin's hand was broken it would show. So would Stephen's bite or teeth, which could be compared to the bruising. Although, there are probably dental xrays that could do that, if he attended any dentists.

    All may not be lost. Would Judge Binnie have the power to order such a drastic measure to put this case to rest, once and for all?

  2. I don't think that it is the purpose of Binnie to examine the potential evidence. His job is to determine the issue of compensation. No evidence could possibly ever show David as being guilty and I think Binnie will probably take a pragmatic approach to the false imprisonment, and any aggravating factors which add to the liability against the Crown.
    From the evidence it's shown that Binnie's job is straight forward because David is clearly innocent and the only consideratio is how a country repay him for that.