Thursday, February 9, 2012

An open letter to 'angry' Kent Parker.

I am angry. I am not angry at the prospect of legal action and costs with the defamation suit before me, but with having my right to express myself publicly, about an event that affects the whole community, taken from me.

This from your latest blog Kent, seething with anger. I've speculated that your anger might be the result of a substantial award of costs against you and Purkiss for you so far, 2, failed attempts to file a defence in the High Court at Auckland.

But there are clearly other things at work with you Kent. For a fleeting moment you were courted by the press until it became obvious that your 'campaign' much like your personality was counterfeit. You never cared about the deceased Robin Bain you simply saw an opportunity for yourself to gather a few disaffected kiwis around you, thus promoting your own ambitions. You were never interested in the truth as your continued complete failure to deal with the substantial forensic evidence against Robin Bain shows. You've always known that to look too closely would expose the truth, instead you relied on mantras and distortions of the truth in catch phrases. Your 'opportunities' to misuse the press are gone, no doubt you are seen as a source of danger whose attention to the truth or the rule of law is minimal.

You've had the opportunity to reveal that you were wrong, you could have done that with some dignity but you chose to ride the cress of a long fallen wave to the point of becoming seen as a misguided zealot with an enormous ego. You could still have that opportunity Kent and I will come back to that later. Because now is an appropriate time for you to also realise that you have been used Kent, completely used. Your 'support' team that fed you inside information have gone, leaving you like the pariah you have become. It seems you think of that now and it makes you angry, angry enough to write the last outburst that was your latest blog, angry enough to threaten others in a very public way and to show contempt for the High Court, where you remain a defendant subject to a volume of evidence you produced against yourself in the passing minute of your once fleeting 'power.'

The truth Kent was always going to out. The dead father's bloody and bruised hands were never going to be able to reconciled by anything but the truth and you must now regret not restraining yourself when fed with lies by idiots, and those with something to cover up. You must regret not having had the patience or drive to resolve the evidence of the final death scene before you fluttered off for your moment of fame, and now your even longer time of infamy. Do you realise Kent that David Bain is growing more and more anonymous as time passes while you replace his previously misheld infamy, with your own. He has quietly grown in the truth while you have shrunk before it.

But even that is only partly the reason for your anger. You Kent, know that you've been used. No one knows greater than you that you have been used and discarded. Not a million sausage sizzles, concerts or thousands of signatures, or even the hope of them, will resolve that when you set out, confident that you had found an opportunity in life to launch yourself to fame, confident that you could use others that it was yourself being used.

Where to know Kent as the public fascination of your self destruction continues? Do you continue to fall, surrender what little dignity you might have left, or do you discover within yourself a strength that is always grudgingly admired - admitting you were wrong and come clean? Are your 'friends' at the press ringing you with advice now Kent, returning your emails and calls, the insiders remaining in touch - it must all seem like a Greek tragedy for you now Kent. The longer you persevere with it the more disdain you create for yourself. Are those that supported you with 'facts' now supporting you with money or simply with silence? I think I know the answer to that Kent because you have made public your pleas for money.

I wrote a few days ago that from all reports that you are not a nzer despite commenting a lot using the term 'we' to provide the idea that you were. One day I hope you realise that there are inherent characteristics of nzers, one of which is seeing that people get a 'fair go.' You never gave anybody a 'fair go' Kent, you took part in attacks against people you didn't know, their families as well, by reason that you saw them as an enemy for not being willing to accept your views about the Bain case. You couldn't accept they needed to  find their own - realising in a kiwi way that it is important to know the truth before even contemplating throwing stones or ridicule. You denied a number of nzers that Kent, then mocked their 'stupidity.' Alas for you, that has turned about on you the way many nzers believe to be the natural order of these things.

Will you learn from any of that Kent? Do you in fact have any courage, any truth in your heart that would allow you the opportunity to use your blog to apologise to Karam and Bain

I've invited you to contact me here before. I publicly said that I hate your guts, perhaps that might be qualified to: I hate what you have done. But however pragmatism rules, there is always an answer for everything that is better than prolonged, unnecessary, unfruitful war. That offer remains open but I will repeat to you what I've suggested before; come clean Kent, do it on your blog, fill in the gaps, give yourself some credibility and at least the opportunity of having known that you finally had the guts to pull out from the bs. Unreservedly apologise to Karam and David Bain, set the ball rolling, offer to admit the glaringly obvious fact that you have defamed them, try to cut your  losses. You know this situation is not one that you can walk away from but you must realise that you can't stop the merrygoround, get off, sincerely look at some compromise that might mitigate the outcomes for you. Your writing recently has had the frenetic tone of someone with nothing to lose, I think you know that you do have something to lose - the opportunity to extricate yourself with some dignity. You might owe it to yourself Kent, because it's plain your former cohorts feel they owe you nothing.

It's a good a time as any Kent because next week 'Trial by Ambush' is released, things will get a whole lot worse for you then Kent - the exposure of the false case against David Bain will be even more evident. Do you need to endure more, or would it be simpler to get off the bus now - nothing is going to get any better on the bandwagon Kent. Karam has called for police officers to out the truth and made an indication that there is 'plenty more dust to settle' regarding your website and the Facebook site JFRB. That's you and the others Kent, 'plenty more dust to settle.' Would you be surprised that there weren't already defections, naming of names. Think Kent, think. An independent QC has written a forward of the obvious, that the investigation, prosecution was 'deeply flawed.' People could be going to prison for this Kent, people for co-operating in that 'deeply flawed' prosecution and it's more recent cover up in which you have obviously been a pawn. Think Kent while there is little time left, do yourself a favour.


  1. I do hope, not only for his health but also for those around him, that Kent takes heed of your advice. It seems from his latest ravings that he is in danger of having a complete breakdown. If he could just accept he has been wrong, and act accordingly, he may avert this.
    Somehow, I have the feeling that he will ignore this warning as he has all of your others.

  2. In fact he's need not necessarily accept anything, an apology and perhaps a frank disclosure to Joe Karam that might help fill the gaps in the picture of the effort against Karam and Bain. That would potentially have value to Karam in order to settle other outstanding matters. He could therefore be inclined to negotiate the costs somewhat with the potential that Kent won't be bankrupted. Because that is the very least before him now, the very least and more probably imprisonment. Only a fool would underestimate Karam's tenacity in uncovering the coverup, and all the players that took part. If that's correct he has my full support, the Bain case has been a major blight against the NZ Justice system and it must be tipped upside down to be shaken out right back to the cop that sent the detective to Victoria under the pretence that a court order existed. The same cop that failed to investigate Robin and who failed basic policing protocols and ignored prevalent forensic evidence as to who the killer was.
    Kent should consider this carefully, and do himself a favour.

  3. meh...he hasnt got the balls to do that. Too much of a drama lama

  4. The ODT today reviews Karam's book. They say:
    The main problem with Joe Karam's new book, The Prosecutions of David Bain, Trial By Ambush, is that it is written by Joe Karam. After all, he has been David Bain's staunchest ally for 16 years and is in no way an impartial observer.


    Seems to me that Kent Parker would be wise to 'put aside' his personal issues with Karam and read the book, then consider your advice very seriously.

    1. It would be a good moment for him to chose to move on, while attention on this matter is elsewhere for a while.
      BTW I thought the review was fairly good but failed to point out the forensic evidence against Robin, quoting the bald, and untrue statement from the prosecutor instead.
      The characterisation of where Robin was psychologicaly in the time before he killed his family, and the use of the word familicide is timely, if but almost 20 years delayed.

  5. Now Kent is really showing his ignorance of the evidence in the latest thread on on TradeMe.
    >He calls Denise Laney 'Lahey'.

    >He says there is a margin of error of several minutes in her observation of David going in the gate. - there isn't

    >He says that the PCA report says the computer turn-on time was between 6. 39 and 6.49 - he obviously is unaware that even the guy who came up with this timing admitted it was impossible!

    >he obviously is unaware of the evidence showing that David did not have the injuries to his face when he was first examined

    >He says the washing machine didn't have time to finish, so clearly he doesn't know the evidence that it had ample time

    >He talks about the dirt under Robin Bain's nails, but doesn't mention the blood, or the residual blood on his hands

    > he says that the trigger lock key was in Robin's pocket in the van - it wasn't, it was in David's anorak pocket from when they went to the polar plunge

    >He says "David's own glasses were at the optometrist, where the secretary had information to the effect that David wore his mother's glasses when his own were not available" which is completely wrong - an optometrist (not secretary) said that David had worn his mother's glasses in 1992.

    > and he says 'The policeman in the trial and retrial testified that David Bain did not fall." That is just not ttrue. They testified he did fall, and moreover they couldn't see how he fell.

    And on such ignorance he bases his 'right' to malign Joe Karam? And to mislead others? He makes himself look more stupid and ignorant with every post, every blog.

  6. It's only going to get worse for old Kenty. How the mighty have fallen - he's run out of little fiddler helpers, having only a few remaining so now he has to post his own crap and for those that wish to have a comprehensive and up to the minute precis of the evidence there is a new book.

    Disclosures again that no blood was found on the uppers of David's socks despite that he was wearing shorts. But plenty of blood found on the old man's trousers, cut out by piece and destroyed before analysis. But the trousers were kept, shown to the jury with cut out patches, a symbolic example of their case against David - no evidence.