Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sad day for the hate-siters.

All the evidence they didn't want you to know begins to emerge.

The following from the Otago Daily Times review of Karam's book;

On the other hand, Robin, as we have seen from the empirical data, and putting it in plain language, is a dead ringer for the profile of a despairing-type perpetrator of familicide.

A proud man who sees himself as the head of the family, who has been rejected by his wife.

A man who is becoming angry and frustrated at not finding the standard of employment he feels he deserves.

A man suffering shame and ignominy from the lips of his own daughter; true or false as her stories may have been, the shame would be the same.

A man who applied for stress leave not long before the tragedy.

A man tidying up loose ends.

A man said by his peers to have lost the ability to act rationally.

A man who for years had been living in embarrassing conditions in a derelict van in a paddock with no ablution facilities.

A man who according to his very loyal brother was going back home to "face up to it all again", or words to that effect.

A man who had been a hunter and user of firearms all his life.

A man who had two books on his bedside table, each of which involved death as their main theme and the one he appeared to be reading entitled Death Comes as the End.

A man who had a pile of bullet shells fired by the murder weapon on his dresser.

A man who was a very experienced school teacher who sent out a school newsletter just days before the tragedy which included three stories written by his pupils about family slayings and prefaced them with the warning that they may disturb.

A man with a bruise and abrasion on his right fist that had been sustained in the hours before his death.

A man whose wife, 15 years earlier, told her close friend and confidant that she was extremely concerned about "Robin's depression".

A man who ultimately succumbed to the combination of factors that causes some men to take the ultimate revenge on life in the most inexplicable manner, by destroying his life and the lives of those he loves in an act of what we call familicide.

A life long firearm user, who slept at night isolated from his family in a caravan with spent shells from the murder weapon, and a book nearby titled 'Death comes at the End.'


  1. "Who knows, in another 15 years one of the detectives might come forward with some more evidence a la Van Turnhout's belated confession," Karam writes.

    This comment was made by Joe Karam in the article

    My interpretation of this is that Milton Weir could grow a spine and come clean about his involvement in all of this. The whole matter would then be put to rest. I can't help thinking what a tragic waist of a persons life having to put right the wrongs of a corrupt police force. David Bain is owed compensation and more for the ordeal he has been subjected to.

    1. Actually I don't see it as any indication of a corrupt police force. I see it as the work of inept management, a reliance on 'gut feeling' and the lack of courage to not only face the truth but of being the driving force to find the truth.
      That is a real disappointment, this case, like Hall, Ellis, Watson and others reach a point where police become incapable of admitting erros and continue to heap carbage on top of unsafe convictions. The Courts have a propensity to help, an unwillingness to demand logic and continuity in the prosection case.
      Consider a scenario where mistakes are made, even evidence planted - I suggest there should never be a point when other police find that acceptable once it is shown for what it is. Police should be determined not to make evidence fit, but to carefully examine evidence in the larger picture. They owe to the public and to one another. In Hall he didn't fit the discription offered by the deceased sons. In Ellis no crime committed. Watson 'silver bullet' evidence and stool pigeons. In Bain a total lack of crime scene reconstruction. He not only should never have been re-tried, as the quick verdict shows. He should never have been charged.

  2. Do you think there is a possibility of either Joe or David or both ever getting a retraction or apology from these morons?

    1. The best indicator might be that Ralph Taylor (Jeeves) and his idiot fiddler mate, didn't apologise when the evidence that David had indeed been strip searched and subjected to an invasive examination, and that daddy's blood was found deep inside the rifle barrel.
      They don't have the constitution, or courage. Gutless wonders.