Monday, November 15, 2010

Get a brain Lindsay Kennard - Toreador told you.

Trademe has blocked JFRB from being saved to VMN since Friday I guess they don't want it known that they have joined the battle against their own members.

Quotelinz4me (278 ) 9:42 pm, Sun 14 Nov #29942

You and your arsew... mates started the battle against yourselves like complete dickhea... Don't blame TM for your stalking and defamation on the boards or using the boards to further your propaganda to persecute others. TM are running a business they're not responsible for halfwits from hate-sites that can't control their own mouths, carnal instincts or criminal harassment. Good to see TM's belated response and an indication that they are beginning to comprehend the law. Good to see the Law finding its way in to your hate-sites and covens.

There is more to come, there always was it's just that you bunch of pedo-lovers always thought if it didn't happen tomorrow it would never happen. You were all warned and laughed, there may well be other people laughing at you now. Get use to it. Remember Toreador? Salute Toreador.


  1. The chickens are coming home to roost. Note that superidiot, sweet_ad and DCameron have just disappeared from the TM thread. The tom toms were very evident yesterday as the hang David posters suddenly were made aware they are in deep sh.. and that it looks like TM are either going to settle with KK or enjoin several posters who can't seem to help themselves.

  2. What a bunch of hypocrites. It's ok for them to say whatever they like about Karam and Bain, but as soon as others speak out against their stalking and derogatory statements, they whinge like two year olds. They need more than a brain, they need a bit of maturity and a sense of self responsibility.

  3. They have this belief in ownership of either David or Joe, this need to have David or Joe to answer to them in some way, account to them. These people are owed nothing except some time at the defendant's table or in the witness box explaining their posts or stalking, their attempt to Pervert the course of Justice with sub judice, and erroneous claims, lying for years about 'facts' designed to ensure that David didn't have a fair trial - something else they lost, he did get a fair trial following which new 'facts' and denials emerged all since disproved. Hate sites, lies and stalking were never going to work in NZ, they need to get use to that and to get ready to pay their dues.