Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The 'over weight' of evidence against Robin Bain.

Trying to get 'rid of' those marks on Robin's thumb, the Gunshot residue? Interestingly the twisted sisters claim that either the marks are not there or that they would have been wiped off when Robin shot himself, had that been the case. That's cake and eat it too territory, no wonder the dimwits want to talk about anything other than the forensic evidence - they are crapping themselves, rather angrily at that. I expect hating somebody for a long time has become addictive for many of the dear sisters and when considering the options, horrid as it must seem for them of who to hate next, they realise they, themselves, are prime candidates. I can only encourage them to go right on ahead and hate themselves because there is plenty of reasons to beyond those marks, and evidence which keeps being discovered - it's pretty hateful to persecute an innocent man for nearly 2 decades and to attack anyone who doesn't join the lynch squad. It's also hateful to stalk families, interfere with people's lives and that of their children because they won't be 'right thinking' and absorbed by hate-lust.

Check this out, the thumb not in contact with the rifle. Time also to reflect on the difficulty of prints transferring to firearms, the figure being in the 90% range of being negative. Think about a finger print, think about the times fingertips would come into contact with a rifle when using it. There is no doubt Robin Bains fingerprints were on the rifle, among those that couldn't clearly be distinguished and which were destroyed preventing the opportunity to have prints 'excluded' as having come from Robin Bain - the technology for which is available. For everything the police destroyed by way of evidence, the case against Robin Bain remained strong, and still becomes stronger by the day. How do I know his fingerprints were on the rifle, because he loaded the magazine and shot himself, after first killing his family. Robin Bain has found his place in infamy now, along with 'reporters' like Van Beynan, finger print 'experts' like Jones and 'I forgot' evidence hiders like Weir and for a marriage of the wicked throw in Guest and some Appeal Court Judges whose blindness was only overwhelmed by malice and stupidity in respect of the cause they serve - Justice. It never fitted folks, it never fitted, 100s of pages of Judgements full of excuses never helped because the truth escaped. Long live the truth.

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  1. Robin may have wiped off a small amount of the residue, but he left enough to accurately display that he'd been loading the 2 magazines on his final morning.
    Are The Sisters claiming again that the marks were 'planted'? (I hope so.)