Monday, September 9, 2013

More proof of innocence.

The following are not new.

The first, rather ironically, is the photo of the murder-suicide rifle belonging to David, with perhaps the exhibit number, 14, and the name R Bain. Either a mishap or prophetic.

The second, is another of the magazine, showing very clearly, the certainty of the marks on Robin's thumbs having been raised from that surface of the magazine chamber by the 'footprint' or 'reprint' of the misshapen chamber narrower at one end than the other - shown below in reverse. Using all the desperate imagination in the world, marks from guttering, from playing a guitar (the fantasy of Van Beynan I understand, now struggling to legitimise his hate campaign) rendered to nonsense. This leaves the Minister and police with no where to go that can have any credibility, it denounces foot 'measurements' that relied on the measuring of socks, computer turn on times calculated by the use of a fixed point and an unknown, a paperboy delivering papers as an 'alibi' and needing to be 'seen' in case some moron wouldn't believe the papers themselves weren't proof of his having done the paper round, or the lens of broken glasses of no use David Bain being 'found' days after initial searches, of a 'strip search' that needs a different name because it was illegal but which found no injuries on David Bain consistent with a fight with his brother or the slaying of his family. All of this would could now be said to have been Robin, tormented and lost soul, giving the thumbs up to his own guilt. More fittingly it could have perhaps been a forefinger raised to the head of the Dunedin police, Robinson, the man who 'oversaw' the framing of David Cullen Bain, or Jones the fingerprint expert who admitted to lying to the Jury to help them understand the evidence 'clearly' - the man confused about the colours white and black, confused also about how fingerprints miraculously sharpen rather than flatten under pressure. A finger to Doyle also for not investigating the crimes against Laniet Bain, who turned a 'blind eye' to them because he had 'a murder to solve,' one which didn't require all the suspects being eliminated, but rather the chosen one framed. Let's also consider the finger might have been raised to Robin's own family who would see his house burnt down, his son imprisoned on the strength of things that were only remembered 'later' when the Crown case was in trouble and when Robinson just wanted to 'retire' and run. So much told of the truth that was hidden in those two lines. The remains of a railway track that resulted in a train crash because the lines were not parallel, moved by some 'natural' event such as a earthquake, or an 'unnatural' event members of a police force covering for each other, perhaps covering for the 'boss.' A finger for a diary lost, for doors shut firmly closed because of what might be found to destroy a marriage or a career. It may have been Robin that flipped out that morning, but he wasn't the only one.

And so to the third photo, a demonstration taken from the court, showing (as it is now) that Robin's thumb need never have come into contact with another surface or 'rub' before he shot himself and when that photo of the two 'lines' was taken.

And for all of this we need an International Jurist attacked by inferior 'peers' working at the behest of a 'neutral' master, Judicial Reviews to determine what due process, fairness and a Prerogative Power of Mercy is, for a 'neutral' reporter to stalk Karam and Bain, even overseas. That person of course being 'Probably' Van Beynan, assassin of Peter Ellis, Jury stalker and the man who sat through 'almost every minute of the retrial' but who never told the country about the strip search of David Bain which revealed no injuries to his chest, nor about the blood and DNA of Robin Bain vacuumed into the rifle pictured above, with his name upon it. Who pays Van Beynan now?


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  1. I guess the fact the trigger could be reached and operated by a finger will really annoy Kent. He was so convinced that any residual on the thumb would have disappeared if Robin had shot himself.

    Poor Kent, and October is not far away.