Monday, August 12, 2013

Counterspin - convincing idiots.

A double meaning in that heading. Firstly, it would answer the question as to what type of idiots they are - 'convincing idiots.' Additionally it could be view of the effort CS that put into convincing themselves of various things - which appears to happen quite easily. Some time back in response to the revelation that Robin Bain died with blood smears on his palms, indicating that the had been involved in the deaths of his family - one of the head morons said that David had 'planted' the smears. Similarly as the hate-siters digest the revelation of the gunshot residue shown on Robin's hands in one photo, the hate-siters have many answers; that the 'marks' were cuts or scratches yet they're not able to explain why they were not seen in later photos. They've had many other ideas about what the 'marks' are not without realising they're contradicting their members who say there were in fact no marks at all. But the humdinger must be the recent claim that David, again, 'planted' the gsr marks on Robin's thumb - this of course still with the background of others among their knitting circle that there were no marks at all.

What I found particularly interesting about the 'planting' claim is that it really goes to the core and desperation of the hate-siters - when they have no explanation they blame David. They don't consider the improbability of what they claim because it is their back up - blame David. This of course from the same 'group' who quote David at length as being a 'liar,' yet who at other times quote something David has said, or some cases what disbarred lawyers have claimed he said, as proof of something.

There are certainly more signs of that desperation than anytime in the past, perhaps because of concern that police are going to test the murder weapon for gsr discharges that might leave gsr marks on the thumb of those using and loading it. This is also revealing, why if certain of everything they have claimed (inconsistent and contradictory those claims might be) should they be concerned at all about the tests. Looked at from another angle, if they are in fact people interested in the truth why then be concerned - surely the point of any genuine campaign is to achieve something good and worthwhile. To date of course the dear 'sisters' have achieved very little good, many of them have ended up in Court and it appears more will follow with all the activities which have led to some appearing in Court have been because of allegations that they've broken various laws. A situation which by any degree isn't a good look.

Some time ago I blogged about Kent's claim that he was going to be able to turn his defamation trial into an opportunity to 'prove' that David is guilty. Later he went off other tacks, one of the more recent by claiming professional 'privilege.' But most recently many reports are emerging that Kent is back on that track again as to the '3rd Trial'. Some of the sisters seem quite excited and are making new dresses, buying new perfume and high heels and that's only the men. Others have been seen hanging around the shops of taxidermists looking for 'pretty goats.' It's not absolutely subtle because the sisters in Auckland are sending communications to those in Palmerston North by smoke signals rising from titre fires, it's also been quite dangerous because one visiting donkey from Otrohonga had her tail hair singed and said that she quite like that feeling. Live frogs have become a scarcity in the cities and batwings are sold out, even animal visceral from the Whakatu Freezing Works is attracting a premium price. There have been requests for wider doors to be put on the Auckland High Court for some of the more seemly sisters in order that they might be able to wander in and fall through the floor on the Number 1 Court Room to the cells below in the hope some randy blind man might indulged their fantasises - the poor sod.

But alas, I predict all this excitement and preparations will be fore-stalled in their tracks once the trial commences. First of all, I expect the Judge will refuse to have donkeys and goats in the Court. I also doubt that cauldrons will be allowed either. Once all the braying dies down, and Kent finds himself alone apart from Vic being present, minus his monkey suit, I feel certain that there will be more bad news from the minute Kent gives his opening address beginning with the claim that by the time the trial is over he will have convinced the Court that not only is David guilty but that he, Kent, is not a madman. Kent might temporarily believe the Judge has agreed with him when the Judge bangs down firmly his gavel, causing Kent to break out in a rendition of the 'Black Hands' in celebration but I fear it will be to allow the Judge to say 'off to the cells you go' for old Kenty baby. Of course that will be David's fault.


  1. They saw the TV demo marks looking just like the marks in Robin's right hand photo, and they're worried enough to suggest their ridiculous 'planting' theory.

    1. Remember when the blood spatter became significant, they also claimed that was 'planted.' A remarkable achievement to be able to 'plant' high speed spatter consistent with suicide when you're just a paper boy, inject dna into the rifle, wipe and smear blood over the hands them wash it off to some degree - man those sisters are onto it. That spatter going 'up and down' the trouser leg as well, brilliant! Well at least 'better' than a dusty lens planted in a bedroom days after it was searched and no link was made to the shootings apart from it's association to Aunt Fanny's bloomers.

  2. Don't forget my favorite: suggest that he raced into the house with ink-stained hands to switch on the computer before 6:40 am, and then went back out to the street to wait for, and hope to be seen by, a potential witness, who may or may not drive by, and who may or may not witness anything at 6:45 am or later...

  3. I think it was really clever of David to have conversations with three people from the Friday to the Sunday, about his glasses being broken and him not having a spare pair. How cool is it that he could predict the glasses were going to get broken.

    What I'd really like to know is how he managed to use the glasses, break them, find them again (without wear glasses if he needed them) wash all the evidence off the frames, both lenses, then cover both lenses with dust again, planting one back in Stephen's room and the frames and the other lens in his own room.

    What a feat!