Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Van Beynen lost in hate?

I always objected to Van Beynen's claim of being an expert on the Bain case for a single reason. He was never impartial in the manner expected of an objective observer. There were 2 areas in particular which he never reported on correctly from the trials. One in particular was from the first trial regarding the strip search of David Bain. The notes of evidence from the police doctor describing on a chart injuries or marks to David did not include any scratches to David's chest, something of striking importance and made much of by those belonging to what I have called the hate-sites from where David was maligned with pure lies. As the hate-siters infiltrated the internet in the early days that used defamatory language and lied through their teeth. 1 of the biggest lies was about the scratches to the chest which was a fall back point when their arguments conflicted with the facts. But it was a lie and something Van Beynen appeared to ignore deliberately. He didn't set the record straight.

The second point was the blood found in the rifle barrel found abandoned by Robin Bain's body. Also critical evidence indicating a close contact shot and not murder. The rifle barrel blood destroyed the Crown theory of David hiding behind the curtain and shooting his father, Of course this was not supported by the bullet trajectory required but like the scratches, there was no stopping the 'hang-bainers' on this point and no sign of the expert Van Beynen willing to set the record straight. He made much of being at every day of the retrial which also conflicted with what he would later say about the jury who he ran down and reported their alleged conduct to the public but never to the Court. Not surprisingly no one from the Court supported his story but that didn't stop Van Beynen. In fact he was emboldened to start stalking the Jury. From posts I have read on the Justice For Robin Bain site some of which are gathered here in other blogs, that site saw him as an ally in stalking the Jury after the trial, identifying and trying to track down Jury members - all illegal activity. Van Beynen himself received a warning from Christchurch police after one Jury member reported him for bothering and harassing her. So objective or bias, his own writing and actions display the latter. Some readers here will know I complained to the Press Council about 1 piece Van Beynen wrote the Press Council did not uphold the complaint but most pointedly did not print my complaint in full - they left out Van Beynan's family contacts in the police,  and his 'warning' by police to stay away from the Jury. That warning was a very fortunate call by police and 1 which may yet be reviewed as on the face of it Van Beynan knew it was illegal and the complaint was legitimate.

So we arrive at a stuff article announcing a pcast by Van Beynen in which he claims interest in the Bain case remains high. Clearly not high enough to warrant a TV show to match the most recent where a discovery by David Giles and what was most probably gunshot residue on Robin's thumb was the subject. Van Beynen got the low budget version. From reading the stuff report that may have been that the convincing stuff Van Beynen thought was of interest was other material found in Margaret Bain's diary. I have no idea what it was but it certainly couldn't trump Margaret writing that Robin was the devil who she was afraid would get a gun and 'shoot the family', something also contained here in another earlier post. Van Beynen also claimed to have tracked down some old friends of Davids. Both reasons why I would not bother 4 hours of droning audio from Van Beynen. The old friends effort to try and overcome a crime scene  pointing at Robin is not only boring but shows the substance of Van Beynen's intellect and why he appealed to the hate-siters who lapped up anything including crap by the bucket full.

This could possibly be the sad part. Van Beynen described what could be viewed as a lonely existence. Trying to pump oxygen back into the Bain case with rumour then to reveal that he had his now grown son's room as some kind of shrine or similar to the Bain case. Really?

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