Monday, June 20, 2016

3 simple reasons why David Bain should be compensated now.

Of course there are many more reasons than just the three reasons which follow. Possibly the foremost excluded from the three that I will soon list is that David had 2 trials. The first was a Miscarriage of Justice so does not count, the 2nd trial gives the public the chance to acknowledge that when DB was given a fair trial he was acquitted, It follows that had that happened in the beginning at the first trial where the police had not hidden or planted evidence he would have been acquitted as trial 2 clearly shows.

Those three reasons, mentioned above are right in the middle of the case where they should be - the hands and feet of the murderer, his blood. I calculate that around 5 million has been spent on avoiding paying DB compensation, most of that by parties that should have no part in the compensation inquiry - the Police and the Crown, they perpetuated the Miscarriage of Justice, lied and hid evidence.

Robin Bain left all the clues necessary in the world 2 of them were discoverable on the morning of the crimes, the 3rd shortly after.

The 1st being blood smears on Robin's palms. A murder victim shot while praying does not have the fresh marks of fighting on his hands, and definitely not smears of blood on his palms. The thickest person in the world should be able to figure that out - but there is not a single explanation from the Crown or police. In fact the Crown gave up on the final death scene were Robin took his life and reverted to the room in which young Stephen was killed. The boy, who was exhibiting repressed sexual problems, or maybe just those of adolescence and who like his sisters had angered Robin with his deceptively puritan ways. Even there outside the lounge was proof of Robin's murder of his family that morning.

So to the 2nd. A towel in the laundry with a large amount of blood on it which was assumed for over a decade to be David's blood. Hello, retrial time starts arriving and the blood is finally tested only to be found to be that of Robin's. So the father with bloody palms had wiped blood off himself before killing himself in the lounge. Where did that blood come from - either the fresh wounds on his hands or from the apparent nose bleed he had suffered, along with the cuts with fighting against Stephen. The Crown and police have not even tried to explain that blood or the smears.

Then to the 3rd, outside the lounge to where the Crown tried to escape the immoveable proof in the lounge and laundry that Robin was the killer. What was found? Footprints. Footprints too small to belong to David, prints that were artificially 'shrunk' to compare with the size of a sock taken from Robin. It it wasn't so sinister it would be a joke, the police didn't measure Robin's foot, compressed as it was in the mortuary by having no body weight placed upon it - instead they measured one of Robin's socks. The problem was however, that around 14 or so years later  a Waikato farmer would make a remarkably simple test. One of those tests that can be so frustrating because it's simplicity was so obvious - David Giles took a photo of David's footprint soaked in blood taken in a laboratory to see if it would measure a match to the photos of bloody prints found in the Bain household after the murders. He placed 1 over the other (see on this blog under the title 'If the footprint fits' ) to show why it was impossible for David to have made that print as the edges shape of Robin's print escapes outside the much larger footprint of Davids. Simple as, just like the bloody towel and the bloody hands of Robin Bain.

5 or 10 million to hide the truth? By a Government successful in botching 3 out of the last 3 claims for Compensation for unlawful imprisonment. It's a sham, a ludicrous sham by amateurs calling themselves an 'Executive' and stupid enough to give the Crown and Police a place at the same table where a Miscarriage of Justice was perpetuated by the Crown and Police. Stupid enough to believe that the public, if they don't already know, will remain oblivious to the fact that a man murdered by stealth does not have blood on his hands, does not leave fresh blood on a towel from praying, does not leave bloody misshapen footprints throughout a murder scene where his wife and 3 of his children lay dead.

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