Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trump Soup

                                                       Trump Soup

Get a wall built right over there to keep them Mexicans, Muslims, out.
Build it brick by brick, take time to bomb their airports and tunnel contractors.
Don’t let no one in.

They’re everywhere all around.
Even aliens could come but he will keep them out with a super shield.
A bubble of impenetrable glass will do it.
Right over the whole USA.

No need to travel in here or leave.
It’s Hotel California.
A Day at the Races.
Those Marx brothers could think a thing or 2 falling over while walking about.

No one is coming in here or going out till he knows what’s going on.
He’ll be your honey man if you will be his baby tonight.
It’s a soup.

A thick Irish one cooked during the  potato famine that got kept back.
For another famine time come soon.


  1. you say [The Crown and police can't escape the forensic clarity in the case of the Bain murders]On this you are correct, the forensics include Davids fingerprints in human blood on the murder weapon, brothers blood on Davids socks, pants, and the front and lower back of his T shirt, the fact that David washed all the blood clothes, the fact that he confessed to his lawyer and his auntie that he had been wearing his mothers glasses, just to mention a fraction of the evidence linking David to the murders, and then of course there is not one iota of evidence linking Robin to any of the murder scenes.

  2. How difficult things must be for you, not only do you comment on the wrong blog post but you repeat evidence rejected by a Jury and by a leading Jurist. Not worth responding to in any detail, nothing of substance, nothing of any new interest. But cheers anyway.