Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cameron Slater: taking water on board much?

I received the following link and comments from a correspondent last Friday night so decided to read the Judgement included in the link.


The ruling against whaleoil for defamation. It holds him responsible for comments posted on his blog, and also says that removal of those comments rectifies the problem. AND it hold him responsible for things his wife said – he told his wife about a confidential judicial hearing, and she posted the details on whaleoil. The judge says that even though not an employee, she was an ‘agent’ of his.
It was worth the read but I should first say that Cameron is an amusing guy. Somewhere along the line I read that he had been a 'debt collector', collecting debts of gangs. Well, that's funny enough. But I thought it was a little on the nose when a friend said 'What gang? The boy scouts.' I guess old Pam/Cam is a little short off the mark, and everywhere else for that matter apart from his rather gigantic girth. Although everyone is their own size whether they wear high heels or not, Pam didn't assist by being a cry baby on TV some years ago when he wanted people to feel sorry for him because really he was  a good Cam. Anyway some such things passed through my mind when taking the opportunity to read where dear Cam was these days, having finally climbed off the canvas after his recent 30 second boxing bout in which he demonstrated how to fly backwards, forwards, hover, then crash. Way to go Cam/Pam.
Off course I knew that Cam had told the World that he was financially backed in his stoush with Colin Craig the Conservative Party Leader who is a full 6 inches taller than Cam/Pam so I was surprised to read Justice Raynor, when handing down a sentence to bad Cam, that he possibly  considered that bad Cam was not only of modest height, but also modest means so he'd lay off the fine. Fair enough, just because Cam doesn't know if he's rich one minute or poor the next isn't a crime. Either apparently is bad Cam breaking a Court Order and confidential conference by telling his wife the details after which she just happened to publish them on bad Cam's blog near enough to straight away. Because Raynor appears to have considered that Cam/Pam told his wife of the confidential details but 'never thought' not to tell her to publish them on his blog when he flew off to Germany.
These things happen, people are rich one minute and poor the next - the cost of holidays to Germany set aside. I'm sure also that people have confidential conversations then publish them on public blogs as information that just happens to be in breach of a Court Order when one party flies off to Germany. Interesting in the Judgement which relates to a slow winding defamation suit against Cam there is mention in the Judge's findings as to defamatory statements. Considering that it appears that even before the Trial it is recorded in the Court file that statements published by Cam about the applicant are indeed defamatory from the point of view of at least one Judge. That doesn't look good, nor do 7 convictions just entered against Cam for Contempt of Court over the same matter.

For all the apparent support Cam claims at times it was surprise that he was self represented which might be the result of his modest means as Justice Raynor described. A lot of Court time is being wasted along with the probability of any costs or order for payments not being able to be met. I'm sure if Cam took some structured legal advice he would make the effort to settle this dispute without further delay and get on with life. The same goes for other proceedings issued against him that look to have him entangled up to chin level to the point he may soon be unable to breath.

As the undisputed most read blogger in NZ, and taking into account changes in internet Law and other common law developments under the Harassment Act it would be great if Cam used his popularity and came out the other side of the tunnel he's found himself buried in, publically apologise, construction settlements solutions and no longer be a sad Cam.

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