Sunday, February 23, 2014

So David Bain finally lands, softly.

I've been noticing a diminishing of the campaign against David Bain, a respite, a sobering as good sense perhaps or tiredness takes hold. Although it may have seemed a time that would never come, the campaign against David Bain is waning. There is little energy left for the 'twisted sisters' to continue, they've done their dash, written millions of words, pulled and stretched the truth of their position until the point came where even they realized their 'truth' was unbelievable, that their shame at being wrong is best faced by slinking into the shadows.

Of all the immovable objects between the Bain 'case' and the truth it's perhaps only 2 that were foremost. 2 that I have mentioned many times but which have no answer despite the millions of dollars spent trying to prove that black is in fact white. A person who is murdered by stealth does not have evidence of being in a fight left on his or her hands, nor blood, nor bruises, cuticle stained red and so it goes on. There always needed to be a complete answer to that from Robinson and Doyle who set in motion the 'case' against David Bain. An innocent, laying down dead person, murdered by surprise, doesn't have the remnants of crime left visible on his or her hands. So also the 2nd unexplained 'event' in the Bain case, a person strip searched by a police Doctor who fills out a prescribed form requiring fine and precise detail does not overlook injuries of either substantial or minor nature, nor scars, nor abnormalities or distinguishing features. If you add these 2 together it's clear why David Bain is innocent of killing his family and why his father Robin is guilty

Relatively recently, in a dying gasp from the hate-sites it has been explained that Robin 'only' had small amounts of blood on the palms of his hands, when he shot himself or by the alternative explanation was murdered. Suddenly the retreat is about the amount of blood where once the declaration was that he had no blood at all on the palms of his hands, and no injuries to his knuckles. To acknowledgement that Robin had blood on his palms means that there is agreement that he had been handling items covered in blood or made physical contact with his deceased family either before, after or during their deaths - though there was never an explanation in the Crown case for that. This is a good time to note that several people have been convicted on murder for having a single speck of dna on them, while in fact Robin had copius blood on his palms that couldn't have arrived there from his shot to the head. Moving on from cries that Robin is dead and not able to defend himself, none of his defenders have been able to explain why Robin, settling into pray as was his 'custom,' had bloodied hands. Or indeed why a 'holy man' would pray with 'small' amounts of blood on his hands or where he could have got them in the house where 4 other people lay dead - his estranged wife and 3 of their children, battered and shot in their beds.

So to the second fail:

The evidence which did exist - Robin's bloodied and bruised hands, were said to have been clean and clear of any evidence which pointed to him having killed his family despite the photos that show otherwise. Conversely a 'scratch' on David Bain's chest not seen when he was examined only hours after the killings by a police Surgeon - and despite not a single word in the Doctor's notes, nor a photograph when things of lesser importance were recorded was 'evidence' against David. Repeating that evidence which existed against Robin was denied by his supporters, meanwhile they argued that evidence which didn't exist against David, time relevant, proved he, and not his father was guilty. Despite that, great choirs, led by Martin Van Beynan for example and others, sang of evidence which didn't exist and ignored evidence which did. That is what a persecutor will do. A persecutor will not be fair, seek balance rather than flat denials, oversights or down right lies. A persecutor will say until they are blue in the face that Robin had no cuts and bruises to his hands nor blood on his palms, and at the same time say that David had scratches on his chest only hours after his family were killed - but there will no evidence of that, absolutely none.

After considering those like Van Beynan who deliberately left out compelling evidence against Robin Bain, but who 'used' non existent evidence  against his son in a campaign against him, then we see why David finally lands softly. Nobody can put blood on hands or take it off during an autopsy. Equally, nobody can leave evidence of being in a fight, scratches to the chest, hands or elsewhere out from a police Doctor's report or from supporting staff and a photographer. Nobody except a persecutor. But as we perhaps begin to see now, persecutors, the mistaken, or the misled cannot forever discharge bile in the face of facts. David Bain at last begins to land softly from terror where only 'small' amounts of blood are ignored and things which don't exist are crowed about.

If the vacuum effect test is applied to the Bain case and all evidence is suddenly disappeared apart from the Pathologist's report and photographs and that of the police Doctor, disallowing all the hyperbole about the funeral arrangements, the glass lens, the washing, the dog and on and on forever - then all that is left is the opportunity for a comparison between the 2 men's hands, the visibility or absence of blood on their hands, the visibility or absence of a scratch on David's chest, blood visible from the area of Robin's nose, marks on his hands consistent with handling a magazine, in short all the evidence of murder against one and none against the other.


  1. A good post Nos, what happened to the 'mountain of evidence' against David and 'no evidence against Daddy' cry of the broomstick brigade, all they have left as evidence against David is pretty much that David said that he hadn't told anyone where the keys to the gun were kept.

  2. Right from the moment the news report of when the family were killed I thought David was innocent of killing his family. Imagine, your whole family killed and then to get accused of the crime. That Milton Weir policeman was involved with one of the daughters - was this the reason David was set up? David should have got full compensation.

  3. Milton Weir appears to be the last person who had Laniet's electron diary with her 'customers' names included. A woman paroled from life imprisonment a few years back following a dodgy conviction in Dunedin was said to be too afraid to ask to have her case investigated again - Weir was one of those involved in that investigation. The officer in charge of the Bain inquiry retired early.