Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mark Lundy - what happened to him?

By one account he had a deliberate plan of murder, creating an alibi and killing his wife 'quietly' with a tomahawk, dressed as a woman and oblivious to his own daughter asleep in the house and able to hear the screams of her mother as she died. What did he do, killed his daughter because she recognised him dressed as a woman and continued on with his perfect plan. I suppose you have to think that if he so willingly killed his daughter because she woke to hear the awful slaughter of her mother, why he hadn't just killed them both from the outset instead of malingering over a fine detailed plan that required a bludgeoning and chopping to death of Christine without Amber being woken from sleep.

It's a hard picture to reconcile. Which is no doubt part of the public response to him, ridicule about his weight, his looks, his 'amateurish' acting and so forth. None of that however is proof of murder. It is proof of some in society that convince themselves of the guilt or horridness of others based on how they look - we may be able to call it the Bain 'phenomenon.' Few, 'thoughtful' on line debates about the Bain case don't contain an element of ridicule to compensate for the lack of evidence proving David guilty and his father innocent. Of course others joining in that ridicule, or supporting it, are betraying an emotion that has coloured not only their thinking but all their opinions. These will be people that have a deeply held belief upon which all their judgements are made, that belief is that Lundy or David Bain are guilty formed by impressions, antagonism, hate and so forth that advance to become shrouded in 'facts.' The very reason why some Bain detractors years after various pieces of key evidence have been disproved, or explained, repeat them ad nauseum as though they are fresh points which other people somehow don't know or understand.

Those 'beliefs' are important because they hide, at least to the mind of the individual, that their motivation is little more than hatred against what the late Harry Cohen would describe as a 'public whipping boy.' What the malevolence against David Bain and Mark Lundy displays in today's society belies that haphazardness of Justice 100s of years after the Salem witch hunts. For we have a man apparently hurling abuse as Lundy is released on bail, a person who no doubt has a core 'belief' in his guilt but who I'm sure would not have read or properly understood this week's Privy Council decision. That's at one level, another is the hate-campaigns self described as campaigns and which it seems even Ministers of the Crown become susceptible, fearing, or sensing, that it is 'public opinion' that must be heeded for political purposes - the most vocal of those being the Sensible Sentencing Trust and it's 'crossed' over membership in the Justice for Robin Bain group and its associated shadow Counterspin.

So if, as it seems, there are a flood of cases of Miscarriages of Justice on the books why is their no political leadership, no control over a whole picture that impacts on the Public? It is political forbearance or indeed is it bowing to the basest political tool of all - fear? I have written about the clear venom the current Minister of Justice betrayed against David Bain when she 'warned' that she wouldn't release the Binnie report because David may not like the contents. When the report was released there was nothing for David not to like that was not overcome by the lucid reasoning and decision that he was not guilty of his guilty his family, was in fact innocent of the balance of probabilities.

At the 'end' of all these 'attacks' that disguise hatred are in fact real people, most of whom ultimately are proven to be innocent and the victims of a corrupt state unable or unwilling to accept blame, in other words the state has become, or is seen to have become, an institution disproving of Bain or Lundy's looks, their 'acting' of 'evidence' against them which in many circumstances is either fabricated or in fact evidence of nothing at all but a fillip to ignite that shroud that is 'carefully' built to hide the black heart of hatred. The sort of hatred that insulates a tortured individual from their belief or fears about their shortcomings, looks, awkwardness, personality traits that they wish to project away onto the 'public whipping boy' in order that they themselves will not be looked at closely but seen in the ranks of those marching off to a modern day execution where words and logic are smeared with bile.

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  1. Couldn't agree more - the amount of times people commenting on the Bain case and ridiculing what David was wearing - I believe he was a shy person which made him look awkward and I believe much of that stemmed from the fact he came from a dysfunctional family.