Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kent Parker - it did get crazier.

I got the answer to my question yesterday about whether things with Parker could get any crazier, because they sure did today. If I have the framework correct Kent Parker swore or affirmed an affidavit, which is the same as giving evidence under oath, in which he admitted today that he lied. The legal term for that is perjury, punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment. The chances are that someone may lay a complaint with police, or indeed the Judge may order that it be brought to their attention that Parker has admitted perjury.

Many people have known for years that Parkers whole campaign has been built on lies but to learn that he acknowledged it in the Auckland High Court is 'out there' by any definition. He also apologised. It seems that Parker was always going to fold but what is inexplicable is the fact that he didn't do so years ago when the cost to him would have been less. Now even his freedom is at question. It's difficult to imagine how he must feel, no doubt sorry for himself, but it is bewildering to consider how he possibly sees the evaporation of his own hate campaign pass in the dock at the High Court. The man obviously has a martyr's type complex, but one he generated from his own ambition without the apparent ability to see that an argument cannot survive on foundation of lies. It is almost as if he pushed the envelope as much as possible knowing full well he was headed for disaster. I've often written of my belief that he has unfortunate psychiatric history and today seems to underline that.

That is not to forget that he attracted, or was attracted to like minded gullible people who bonded for a 'noble' cause, a cause that they have effectively destroyed. They have added to the ignominy of the memory of Robin Bain, not only as killer of his family, but as someone capable in death of becoming the figure head of a cult. Consider how many of Kent's 'good people' are disturbed that Robin couldn't defend himself of the charges, when in fact he made the decision not to defend the charges but kill himself instead, along with the allegations of incest from his daughters. Robin wanted out. Parker and co wanted his 'salvation' even though by their efforts Parker's 'crew' have forever underlined that which Robin wanted hidden.

I've been told that Parker has taken his 'site' off line, this on the same day he apologised and agreed that he was a liar and perjurer. So what now? I'm unsure but no doubt there is 'exposure' on the way for a number of people. Parker has handed over the 'secrets,' he has coughed and the prize of what went on behind the scenes is now in Karam's hands and from there a new journey, I suspect begins.


  1. But it wasn't really a lie. It was the early morning, and the coffee. I guess he couldn't sleep because of the stress of having to represent himself - now whose fault is that? He was warned to get representation, even by his own members, but was too stubborn.

    Now, about that lie, Kent said under oath he had read Karam's books. Then he apologised, admitted lying (apparently lack of coffee makes Kent lie), he hadn't read the books. Perhaps after a coffee he realised that he had stuffed up, so recanted his 'lie' and said he had read the books, well, he had read the extracts. Extracts are NOT the book. So he misled the Court, twice.

    I suspect Parker is trying to gain a bit of sympathy. It will of course be his excuse when he loses that he could not afford to pay for representation that would have got him off, and we can expect a heap more defamation as he rubbishes Karam for having people like Peter Williams stand up for him. In short it will be Karam's fault that Parker has no friends, no money and no integrity.

  2. It's pretty bewildering admitting lying, then to later say I was 'lying' when I said I lied. Drrrrh on that one.


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  4. Interesting that the media has gone so quiet on this defamation case. Why is that? They were all over it at first.
    It would seem that when they thought it might be another chance to have a go at Joe Karam, they were all for it. But when it became apparent that the defendants had no case, and that what they had said about Karam was not true - at all, in no way - then the media lost interest. They didn't report that some of Parker's reporters were made to leave as they were behaving inappropriately. They didn't report on any of the evidence about the truth of the matter - none of the witnesses' evidence about the truth of Mr Karam's conduct has been reported.
    Are the media are so deeply embroiled in this matter that they are reluctant to do their job and report factually and dispassionately? It's too much to hope that they are perhaps anxiously checking their own contributions to the slurring of the good name of one who should be hailed as an exemplar: a man who refused to turn away when he saw something wrong.

    1. The Judge did issue an instruction at the beginning of the trial that certain information couldn't be published. That was to ensure that certain defamatory statements by the nutters weren't given more oxygen which is fair enough.

      However, so media may in fact feel uncomfortable reporting information that shows their own reporting on the Bain case has been misleading in the past. I don't know if Van Beynan has been present but I'm sure there is a keen interest by Fairfax, if only because of concern about the status of their own legal positions as it becomes obvious that the hate-campaign, as Parker is reported to have admitted under oath, was built on lies.

      No doubt in due course the full picture will emerge. You say Parker's 'reporters.' Was that a typo and you meant to write 'supporters?' If so that in itself is note worthy and we are likely to hear more about that.

  5. Two things spring to mind that epitomize our somewhat confused antagonist KP.

    One is a book I once read entitled, "Helter Skelter" summaring the life and times, of one VERY confused Charles Manson. And secondly, it's a saying that is an oldie but still a goodie. " I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but..., I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!!"

  6. I too have heard about some being asked to leave by the Judge. I understand it was some of Kent's supporters rather than reporters. There were much fewer people there on the Friday than on Wednesday, too embarrassing to be seen with Kent after the total collapse of his non existent defence.

  7. Lets hope this arsewipe cops it big time, I suspect they don't have any amount of money but lets hope the big mouth gets declared bankrupt by the end of this. It's a shame that the rest of the cult are distancing themselves like rats escaping from a sinking ship, it would be great if they collectively had to cough up to cover the damages but I believe this is unlikely and the gutless wonders will keep their distance leaving Kent and Vic alone in the firing line.