Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kent Parker and the hate-sites devastatingly beaten.

Four years in the making and Kent Parker was beaten before his trial for defamation even began. Oddly enough Victor Purkiss never showed, nor did 30 odd witnesses also earlier scheduled to appear. Kent blamed that on money, proving  that even at the end he was lying. A great swathe of his 'witnesses' were declared to have irrelevant testimony of no value to the now failed defence of Kent.

Kent was batting a double defence of truth and honest opinion. I had this debate with he and other of the sisters on line years ago. Their arguments were flawed then and by the third day of the Trial the Judge had ruled that Parker had no defence of truth. That needs to be put in context Parker and his group's attack on Karam had no basis in truth. That is a devastating indictment against the now defunct site 'Counterspin' and the facebook site 'Justice for Robin Bain.' They were founded on lies with the purpose to lie. These groups lied and continued to lie. It has only been in the last month or so that Trade Me have finally recognised that people like 'jeeves', Ralph Taylor and 'cookingwithgas,' Catherine Kennedy have defamed Karam and Bain for years on the TM boards by continuing to lie about 'facts' of the case. Trade Me had for some time difficulty following the 're-defined' subtleties as Kennedy and Taylor found new ways to defame - largely with the assistance of Trade Me failing to recognise the pattern of the defamation, it's changing style and its fuller context. Trade Me would simply remove posts and these two and others would 'rephrase' their attack. No excuse for that by  Trade Me and they may yet have a sleeping giant of a case brought against them.

Of course the 'larger' framework was the two hate-sites, and their members, who deliberately published false information in order that others would believe David was guilty,  was that Karam knew of that guilt and so on. The frustration is that the msm have taken so long to appreciate the 'work' of Parker and the others, despite the fact that it was glaringly obvious. During some of my first experiences with the 'sisters' I quickly discovered their modus operand. When I asked an obvious question - the condition of the deceased Robin's hands. The answer was no blood, no injuries but that David was 'covered' in blood. Absolute lies as I was soon to discover. I was also to discover the currency these claims had with people who simply accepted they were true without satisfying themselves of the facts. Quickly, it would be added that David had scratches to his chest consistent with being in a fight with Stephen, but by the time of the re-trial in 2009 it was clear David had no injuries to his chest when strip searched by the police doctor only hours after the murders/suicide. Even the strip search would be lied about and continued to be lied about in particular by one disgusting person from Palmerston North. A 'man' who among various other lies claimed that he was going to support Parker and Purkiss financially - so much for that with the news from Kent himself, no money.

Despite promises of funds from people such as Kennedy and Deb Coates, none of sufficient amounts arrived. While at the very same time the public defamation, asides and subtleties of hate continued. Kent however wasn't taken advantage of, he too kept up the diatribe right until the trial. Last Friday he confessed one evident fact: his campaign wasn't built on truth, soon he would also relinquish honest opinion. Some irony in that, I've read 100s of posts where the 'sisters' carefully say 'in my opinion' as though that protects them from being liable for defamation. I doubt that Kent gets that even now.

Yet what a devastated figure he is now that it is recorded that he wasn't supporting Robin Bain but attacking Karam and David with deliberate lies. Moreover, that everything he did was based on lies and lies is neither truth nor 'opinion.' Same goes for Cameron, Curran and others - in fact for all of those now crept off to the shadows, including the sicko school teacher Williams. Others will have noted that the Courts view arguing 'truth' is an aggravating feature of defamation, clearly because it shows an unwillingness to be truthful and is simply a matter of an excuse if the truth can't be proved as is the case in Karam v Parker and Purkiss.

Consider for a moment the way that Kent has been abandoned by those that promised him help. It's hard to like Kent for any reason, but the now shadowy figures such as Bill Rodie and others are the possessors of a bigger evil because they not only breath hate but retire from and abandon their own kind.

There are many issues left unresolved, not only the obvious efforts of Purkiss to 'run' but also of that Parker preparing the way already to declaring himself as unable to pay. I'm particularly interested in Van Beynan, somebody 'set up' by Fairfax and himself as the New Zealand media expert on the Bain case with the 'famous' phrase of 'sitting through nearly every minute of the retrial.' Does Van Beynan live in some kind of vacuum? Why did he never report the strip search of David Bain despite the controversy that surrounded it and how it was used literally 100s if thousands of time to present David as killer and Joe therefore of 'knowing' that David was guilty. Why didn't he step forward and 'clear' the matter up, he was after all a leading 'expert.' Why wasn't it important to him to make the truth known. After all it was he that sat at the top, he whose articles and facts were quoted. Whoops and he that 'stalked' jurors and travelled in a conference in Perth to ask a question of David in front of the world media that had no basis in truth. At least twice Fairfax have defended the reporting and 'opinions' of Van Beynan to the NZ Press Council. An opinion, much like that of Parkers, not built on truth.

It could yet be that Van Beynan is challenged on both his opinion and honesty because the inevitable conclusion of Parker's trial is also the inevitable conclusion of reading and believing that Van Beynan was, is, the foremost media authority on the Bain case - the man who 'sat through almost every minute of the trial.' I can clearly see that Van Beynan's writing on the Bain case, his obvious knowledge of how that writing was used by Parker and so in a way that he must have known bore no resemblance to the truth, was therefore a campaign against both Karam and David. He's caused a lot of harm, the hate-siters have quoted him for years in what has accumulated in Parker's defence of 'truth' and 'honest opinion' being rejected in the High Court. Van Beynan had the opportunity to put things wrong but instead chose to say that paying David compensation would be a travesty.

More of interest to come on Parker and at least one of the men taken to the shadows since the truth has become known. Will there be one pro-active and positive move by the sisters, or just sullen silence as they continue to creep away holding their purses.


  1. Kent Parker & Vic Purkiss have wrecked their lives as a result of their misguided campaign. It's ironic isn't it ?- Kent caught out lying to the court.That's exactly the same thing he had accused David Bain of doing.

  2. And exactly the same thing as a certain liar from Palmerston has done for years. One who thinks he got away with it after also welching on Parker.

  3. Being the liar he is, he never once meant to help Kent when he said he would. Good to see their 'petition', the one with three/four signatures from the same people, has gone down the dunny.
    Gone is their chance of influencing public opinion over the Bain case as they have all now gone underground where trolls belong. If they were only telling the truth about any of it they would say it publicly and truly have a defence, they haven't and can't.

  4. With Purkiss & Parker off to the soup kitchen maybe they can ask Stockdale to donate his Audi to the cause.Although I bet the gutless shriveled man won't donate a single cent even though he egged them on more than just about anybody else.

  5. Kent should have pulled out the Kim Jones line to explain why he lied to the court 'I was just trying to explain to the court in layman's terms so they would understand it better'
    The judges decision should be great reading!