Friday, September 20, 2013

All that blood and gunshot residue.

As it happens, the defence team of David Bain, the police and Dr Dempster, the Crown pathologist, are all in agreement about one fact - the blood found on Robin Bain's hands. Detective Lodge recorded it first as is shown in the third video below. I'm unaware of any plausible explanation from Lodge or his commanding officer of the time, now retired Detective Inspector Peter Robinson, as to how from the finding of smeared blood on the hands of a murder suspect who had suicided, an innocent young man could emerge being convicted of his father's crimes. It defies all logic and basic policing, it is the very core of what went rotten in the investigation of the Bain killings.

I vouch for the authenticity of all that it is contained in these videos at their core base, proof of
Robin Bain as the killer of four of his family and of his suicide. I invite any of the Justice for Robin Bain, or Counterspin 'campaigners' to bring a civil action against me that can ultimately deny the key truth revealed in these videos. I also invite Robinson,  Lodge, or the most public of those that campaigned or continue to campaign against David Bain, the 'reporter' from The Press, Martin Van Beynan to sue me over the contents of these videos which I republish at my own will, because what this narrative implies, the subtext, the photos and conclusions is that they were all instrumental in one of the most, if not the most, significant Miscarriages of Justice in New Zealand history. A Miscarriage of Justice which shall echo for decades to come, against not only David, but his mother Margaret, sisters Arawa and Laniet, little brother Stephen, and his dad Robin who lost his way with no one to help him.



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  1. One correction needed is that cybernana, on messageboard thread, has said that the 'temple' was the location of Robin's gunshot. Binnie said 'forehead', and that's more accurate. The gunshot is about 1 inch above Robin's left eyebrow. It's not centered, but it is in his forehead, and certainly above his left eye.