Monday, March 26, 2012

Progress of the case against the stalkers.

Been some chat about this on the internet recently, mostly by the hate-siters jubilant about the case lost against them. Something, according to their normal routine, which isn't quite true. The situation is that I withdrew an application against a named a former Trade Me Director, had costs ordered against me in what was the normal fashion, but which didn't take into account a position made by TM that may well later be argued contributed to the costs. I appealed the costs and eventually reached a settlement. Not withstanding that it remains that I have options against TM itself, and in fact an indication from them earlier, to be included in the proceedings, the application against the Director resulted in TM board rules being changed, and three other defendants removed from the boards. Weighing those results gives rise to the question was it worth it? Of course only I can answer that, but I was happy to see TM reposition itself some what on the matter of board stalking and members privacy and for some of the worst offenders to be sidelined.

It remains however that the TM director was 1 of 4 defendants. 2 of whom settled, but who may yet be seen to have breached their agreements at least for a short period. Meanwhile, the Application proceeds against the remaining defendant along with a request to enjoin another hate-site member who was active before the proceedings and during them.. So the basking in the 'reflected glory' of the withdrawal of proceedings against the TM director is an attempt 'to always look on the bright side of life' as the song goes. Much of what has unfortunately found its way onto the internet is, yes as one would see as par for the course, criticism and spiteful comment about the lawyer representing me. The leopard in fact does not change it spots it merely looks for new targets to stalk. So I've written this to answer some of those unfortunate comments made by a number of hate-siters most of whom have been identified now. In the process of all of this, and looking at enjoining a 5th  person I've needed to look at the file again in detail and co-relate more recent material - even after almost 2 years it is shocking to see the attacks made against families by a group that claim to be seeking justice for Robin Bain. The same group who have attacked a jury, witnesses and even the publication of book while at all times been willing to stalk and intimidate people they see as opposition.

I recently published the musings of a hate-siter about what drove the group, or him in particular, and his contribution that if David remained silent, didn't apply for compensation as is his lawful right, if he hadn't spoken out, if 'Trial by Ambush' hadn't been published and with David having kept below 'the parapet' then the group would not be after David and others. A message for that group if they didn't get before, I repeat an opinion is one thing, law breaking, threats, lying, defamation, harassment and stalking quite another - the results of which all have lawful consequences. Along with that, in the message to this group, who defend Robin with lies, oppose his detractors unlawfully - NZ begins to see what and who you are.


  1. I see the same group is threatening to blow up Parliament. You should show that post to the judge, that will really impress him. Hell, why not go the full hog and show them the threat to put stickers on Cabbages in Supermarkets - although it could be difficult to identify the cabbages from the Counterspinners.

  2. That's easy, cabbages don't spin, expectorate, have foul breath or constantly break wind.