Tuesday, February 28, 2012

why Kent Parker doesn't want the public to read 'Trial by Ambush.'

One of the prejudicial building blocks that hate-siters have used against David Bain, and indeed his family, was that they were dysfunctional, that David hated his father, that David was conspiring against his father by siding  with his mother in the marital difficulties the family were having. Also that David was lazy, merely a 'paper boy.'

Personally, I don't have any problems with what jobs people choose to get themselves ahead. I can easily understand why doing a paper round suited David. First of all he was a sports nut of sorts. Anything sporty he was into it, and a paper round over a tough terrain was training - getting paid for it was bonus. It should be also understood that David has a busy life, mostly involving the theatre and music - the types of pursuit that set him apart into a group we all understand that exist. The type of people who are creative, who have the courage and mindset to 'go out' in front of an audience, to be damned or applauded by doing what they love. David was leading a full and productive life, some would say a life to be envious of because he had the courage to do the things he loved, productions and music. Of course it suits the hang bainers to trim out those details, leave gaps so that they can paint a picture of an aimless young man. Insulting enough that might be, and against all the evidence, but of course fertile ground for hate-siters.

Parker and his filthy mob also wanted the public to believe that the Bain family was dysfunctional. David denied that both in statements and in evidence. David at no point was derogatory toward any of his family, in fact he presented himself as somebody deeply involved, and caring of his family. In the way that is understandable he had a different take on the police and ultimately the hate-siters view of the family. He said they were close, that 'mums' reliance on the swing of a pendulum was odd. In all David supported all of his family and deeply cared for them, he also admitted that his hope that his parents difficulties would be resolved. He was a typical, caring young man who looked up to his father and who more than anything wanted his family unit to remain complete. That is the real David Bain, from the police and Court records - a thoroughly loyal and caring man. He wasn't involved in any plans to exclude his father from the family, his hope was for the opposite. Even the weekend before the tragedy the father and two brothers were out on boy's own winter dip. This isn't my story or my account, it's from the police records. In fact as I progress through the book it is the police record that is most at odds with the way David was painted by the prosecution and later by the dreaded sisters of the dead.

Remember if you will now that it was the police that called the house filthy with maggots in the kitchen. Of course we have no idea when the maggots might have hatched, but an assumption could be made, it was some time during the period of that morning of the killings or the long hours afterwards as the abortive police inquiry drew itself toward the wrong conclusion. Consider also that the dirty house, or the idea of one, the dysfunctional family or the idea of one - gathered a prejudice against the sole survivor David. The more that could be heaped on the family generally, the more that was heaped on David and took the focus away from the killer Robin. The police hid in their files the statement of Robin's friend, the psychologist Orphen Matches, who said that before the familicide Robin was 'gaunt, haggard and depressed.' The police and prosecution didn't want the jury to know that, nor do the hate-siters want the public to know that now. Kent Parker wants the truth silenced, suppressed and contorted into a misrepresentation that might cause hatred of an innocent man.

Parker has a stake in trying to retry David, in diverting people from the truth, and it is to do with his own ego. His own fragile hate-filled self and the inevitable embarrassment of knowing the truth will out. But his stake is bigger than that, it's do with his whole future, his destiny in fact as being fully revealed for being a person of hate and deceit, a person that wanted to burn books and hide the truth in order to escape his own humiliation and the very trial or his own character that looms before him.

More on this folks later, more on how the Crown sold a picture inconsistent with the truth, a picture designed to overcome the fact they had,  in premature haste, captured an innocent man who they wouldn't let go for fear of becoming apparent as fools. Even there they were mistaken, because anybody would accept a mistake, a step back to consider, a concession of being wrong because that is life - but to continue with a lie, that all but might kill a young man and the reputation of his family is simply wicked.


  1. I suppose Kent just doesn't want to fail at anything else. His life is characterised with an obvious lack of success. If must be really hard for him to accept he's wrong about yet another thing.

    Can't wait to see this 'new way of thinking' he's invented and is going to teach (according to one of his posts on the TM thread deleted).

    Perhaps it's about thinking without using commonsense. Kent seems especially good at that.

  2. Parker has a stake alright. His claims that Karam will withdraw the lawsuit before the information on his (Parker's) website gets publicised - which sounds very much like an attempt at blackmail - is yet another illustration of how very little he knows.

    Parker gives credence to gossip and maliciously embellished stories, but he doesn't bother to verify them, just accepts them unquestioningly and disseminates them willy-nilly. He claims to have access to all the documentation - but clearly is unable to read those documents. Or if he has read them, he is unable to read them critically and see where the holes in the story are. It's all there in the second trial.

    Parker is an attention-seeking nit-wit. Unfortunately his own assessment of his abilities and intellect is obviously over-generous. He lacks self-awareness, and apparently lacks the basic ethical responsibility to check the truth of what he says. His history of grandiose ideas started then neglected smacks of a man not comfortable in his own skin. And he blames Joe Karam. I suspect Karam's real fault as far as Kent Parker is concerned is that Karam achieves. Parker just talks big. Must be galling.

  3. I think he should talk on more international radio shows.
    The more he talks, the more ridiculous he becomes.

    1. He's doing a trial broadcast to a 40,000 penguin colony urging them to join his website and donate whole mackerels so that each time he gets one he can go 'holy mackerel.' He's kind of inventive like that.

  4. I read Joes book. Jeez its hard going at times!! the cops should be made to apologise to David and to Joe Karem, so should the government for not doing something faster and for having such a munted system. He should get heaps of money for compo. Kent and those lot on Trade me don't know what they are dribbling on about. I may not be clever like Kent thinks he is, but I am clever enough to know you shouldn't open your gob if you don't know what you are talking about. I reckon they haven't read Joes book 'cos they are too scared to, and 'cos its too hard for them.
    They said on TV that David is going to be on 60 minits on Sunday. Can't wait!!!!

  5. Kent Parker is looking for legitimacy. He has failed at everything he has attempted. His false presentation of himself as some sort of authority is pathethic, and smacks of mental illness. Web Developer - one look at his Counterspin page is evidence of that skill. It's jumbled, poorly edited, and far to wordy to portray his message. Musician, what can you say, listening to his music reminds me of my teenage daughter dancing in front of a mirror with a hairbrush, only she actually sung in tune. Psychologist - an unqualified one who is going to change how people think - I think Kent has read too much Freud, and sees himself in those theories (as he should do, Freud would have had a field day playing with Kent's mind).