Sunday, February 19, 2012

The odd characteristics of the Robin Bain fan continue.

It's well known that Robin was a freemason. What is less well known is that many of his 'dumbed down' supporters have freemason connections in some way. These are people that continue to celebrate David's acquittal as some sort of vindication of Robin. An example of the 'dumbed down' supporters.

So whats fresh and new on pages 389-385 and that jmhb may of missed.?

Quotejeeves-50 (10 ) 2:16 pm, Sun 19 Feb #1260

goldnkiwi wrote:

So a whole book was written for 6 pages? Sheesh could just have been a brochure.
Or an addendum. The next book could be about 'All the things I wouldn't claim as fact again', that could go on to be a whole movie.

Quotegoldnkiwi (632 ) 2:29 pm, Sun 19 Feb #1261

Gosh, the internet must be down in some houses - so no Word is being received by the faithful for blind repetition.

Quotejmhb51 (1 ) 2:48 pm, Sun 19 Feb #1262

The person known as Jeeves is actually Ralph Taylor a hate-site member, but also unfortunately a mason. The second is also a hate-site member, Rachael Membery, a law graduate, the daughter of a mason whom she sued in his old age. Joanne Black jmhb (jiggle my huge butt) if unconnected to the masons obviously has some disorder that makes her post at times like a doomsayer prophet. They're in a tail-spin at the moment over the revealing book 'Trial By Ambush,' one claims to have read it, another (Jeeves) keeps asking for details of it and administering his 'evolved and all-seeing' opinion of something he hasn't read, dumb? stupid? why yes, but certainly something more.

Because these 3 have either shown connections to the masons, or are connected to the hate-sites, they keep giving mileage to the incest allegations against Robin Bain and the association with masons who by in large do fantastic community work and avoid controversy. They also attack his family when they feel it is required and have developed an adulation of Robin Bain that ignores the crimes he committed. I think of sharks when in a feeding frenzy and injured will devour their own intestines. These hate-siters devour everything, they have no reservation, opportunity to pause for reflection, they are mindless consumers of their own hate.

An alarming, at least to most people, is that one of the hate-site administrators recorded in writing what was 'permissible' for Robin to have instructed his daughter Laniet about of an intimate sexual nature - that's is hard to consider any father my think was normal. Tellingly, not one of the hate-siters challenged him on that and he remains an administrator. Interestingly, as some might know, I've often referred to Ralph Taylor as fiddler bro, or pedo-supporter Ralph.

Would anybody want them on their side, spreading hate, giving new meaning to stupidity, desperate to gloss over the less than wholesome aspects of Robin's life? Attempting to persuade people to their views with lies and attacking anyone that might hold a different view. There are odd characteristic with those that prey on children, a feeling of superiority and entitlement. These  folks at the very least, feel entitlement to attack the dead Bain family, a jury, anybody that doesn't swallow their crap,  in short people they see as inferior to them and over whom they have entitlement to lie and manipulate.


  1. Goldnkiwi the kitten stealing law student has about as many brains as the kitten she stole, although, to be fair to the kitten, it was just a baby at the time. Rachel's photo shows she is far from being a babe of any kind.

    She and the other counterspinners are in a 'tail spin' trying desperately to make their rhetoric stick, when there is no chance. They will be spewing that 60 minutes dared to as Joe for an interview, and ignored Kent.

    In fact, everyone has ignored Kent and the only place they can get to promote their sick cause, is a deviant site that is the joke of the internet, and being promoted as a hang out for tinfoiled hat wearers and weirdos of any variety. Great place for paedophile supporters.

    Just when Kent thought he couldn't sink any lower, the trap-door opened and down he fell, dragging Vic with him, again.

    Jmhb has been dragged in again to promote the argument that the book says nothing new, but she's not intelligent enough to say why not. Obviously hasn't read the book or even opened it. A simple glance of the photos which have never been published before, something new she thought she'd lie about. That's what happens when you hang out with dishonest people, it's like that blood, it gets into your pores and nothing but a decent scrub will clean it up.

    Poor Jeeves is really lost. I'm finding I have to sit further away from the screen as his spit and dribble froths from his mouth whilst he spurts froth in a mental rage bought about by some needy effort to legitimise his argument.

  2. Our village idiots might have self-doubts if they could remember that 5 of the world's top judges disagreed with all of their points 5 years ago. So, when one of our village idiots says 'only an idiot could disagree with us', they could be reminded that Lords Bingham, Rodger, Brown, Baroness Hale, and Sir Paul Kennedy disagreed with them.
    One or more of our village idiots should phone those law lords, and sort them out...right?

    1. Goobergolf tried to approach somebody she referred to as the 'parrot lady' at the Privy Council. But the woman graciously told her that the PC didn't deal with mental health issues and dribbling problems but that old annie could try the lonely hearts club in Timaru where she duely met, and married a cow pat.
      Unfortunately, I have to report that nz has a disproportionate number of idiots called 'right thinking new zealanders,' these people are easily identified by their membership to Counterspin and Justice for Robin Bain. They are also noticeable in the street because they have gurnards up their bottoms and make seal noises as they waddle, or that could be widdle.

  3. The tortured pervert Ralph Taylor is disintergrating into an absolutely horrible person on Trade Me. While it's obvious he has sympathy toward those that committ incest that have made him lose sight of any objectivity long ago, I wonder why TM give such a sicko the opportunity to spread his hate and bile.

  4. Kent is advertising, seeking a roommate, so so it could be helpful for Ralph to apply for that position.