Thursday, February 16, 2012

All the hate-siters ever had was lies and that is all they have left.

This from a hate-siter Cushla Amos that signed the 'petition' 3 times.

All Cushla has is lies, a mantra that could only be digested by an it goes.
the palm print in blood on the washing machine
the scratches on Davids torso
no bruising consistent with fighting on Robin
the bloody jumper being in the washing that David put on....clang

Quotesoma2 (198 ) 1:07 am, Thu 16 Feb #765
So we take our answers from the evidence in order 1 through 4

The bloody handprint:

 “Lodge found four items in another cabinet which appeared to have blood on them: a pink cloth; folded up shower curtain; a face mask and swimming togs….
These were found on a shelf in the cupboard behind the cupboard door. There was no blood found on the cupboard. When they were tested by the police, they tested negative for blood. They were all folded up in a cupboard along with other towels and so-on. That old shower curtain was the supposedly bloodied shower curtain, not the one being used in the shower itself. There was no other blood found in the bathroom except blood on a towel which was found to be Robin’s blood and could have got there at any time.

So in fact no bloody handprint. Cushla Amos is just taking up the lies of Parker and repeating them, as marzuka also did but added in computer generated scenes and doctored photos. However, the evidence is clear only Robin's blood in the laundry.
The scratches on David's torso:

Q. He was subjected to very invasive tests of his body wasn’t he? Swabs taken?

A. He was examined by a doctor.

Q. When was that done?

A. Later that day.

Q. On that same day?

A. I think around about midday, half past 12.

Q. And we’re not talking about plastic covers around your hands or being checked, we’re talking about swabs being taken from the most intimate part of your body. And you’re saying that you didn’t mind doing that but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask for a test on his hands? Come on Mr Doyle.

A. These – these tests were carried out by Dr Pryde, there was a police surgeon and he carried them out in the normal way that he would do with any test I’m sure.

Q. And that is a particularly invasive test isn’t it?

A. Oh I’m sure it is.

Q. You have to follow a police directive as to what has to be done by the doctor?

A. The tests are required by the doctor, he has a procedure which is an agreed procedure, he follows that procedure.

Q. It’s an agreed police procedure for a police doctor to follow in a homicide, isn’t it?

A. That is correct.

Q. It involves strip-searching, swabs of intimate body parts, doesn’t it?

A. There are a number of tests, yes, all of those included.

Q. All of those are done?

A. Yes.

So we have details of the strip search the hate-siters claimed never happened, and no evidence whatsoever from the Detective Sergeant, or the Police Doctor of scratches on David's torso. Just more lies folks. He may have marks as attributed to a lowly prison officer days after the Doctors examination. But those 'marks' were not seen by any other prison officer and the prison officer who claimed to have seen them took 15 years to remember, but he didn't remember the names of any of the officers present. Truth, I doubt it. But even if you took his word, it means at the most David had marks days after the strip search and thorough examination by Dr Pryde. Just more filthy lies from Cushla Amos

No bruising consistent with a fight on Robin.

Simply look at the photos of Robin's blood stained hands below in a earlier post, see the dulled abrasions, cuts and swelling and read the comments by a scientist who believed Robin's right hand might have been broken.

The bloody jumper found in the washing that David put on

On first impression this might have had some significance. But the jersey of course didn't fit David, it was a jersey that Robin wore. So we return to Lodge's evidence above. The only blood found in the laundry Robins - found on a towel. Then we look at the photos of his hands and see blood wash on his palms. No doubt that David turned on the machine as he always did after returning from the paper round. No doubt either that it had inside the machine a jersey that the killer wore, linked both to the only blood found in the laundry, that of the killer - Robin, linked to the blood wash on his hands discovered on his hands and with held from the jury until the 2nd trial.

So Cushla Amos is just another filthy hate-siter spreading lies as though they were the truth. You'll note she uses no evidence because there is none to back up her lies. All her 'evidence' comes from a 'hate-site' closed to the public. Why is Parker's site closed, why does it have 'inner sanctums' that only approved kiddy fiddlers, or fiddler supporters can go - only one answer for that, because that is where they hide the real truth of who they are and what there objectives are.

I might post the 3 times Cushla Amos signed that 'petition' just so folks know what a scumbag she is.
Maybe I might print the real name of the photo doctorer, marzuka, the physics graduate, just to keep them all happy.


  1. Perhaps the fools from JRBG need to be reminded of the success of
    (our) opinions expressed in your blog
    Perhaps that may just make them realise we obviously have some insight
    into legal process..

    First the belief in David Bains acquittal at retrial and prediction of
    future compensation
    Then the retrial and release of Amanda Knox
    Now the release of Jeffery Gilham
    and soon to be an anouncment of retrial for Jeremy Bamber

    all of which you and I have made comment on and predicted

  2. Why are 'civil servants' who break the law(s) never punished?

    1. I've phoned these 'civil' servants and asked them, and they said they haven't broken any laws. So you don't know what you are talking about. Their mothers also confirmed they were good people.

    2. Yes Mikey, I'm sure you've rung all the right people. If you don't mind could you ring the remaining 400 people in NZ you've yet to speak with and talk to them as well. It doesn't matter what you talk to them about because they won't understand you anyway, I know that's never bothered you in past.
      Nor has it bothered you when you speak to people that don't understand English Mikey, so what the heck. When you've finally rung up all the people in NZ, Engish speakers and others, then perhaps you'd like to ring up everyone in Australia. It might take a while but I can wait.

  3. Because it falls into a grey area that eventually turns to shadow before disappearing. Maybe this time.

  4. I did remember a couple of senior civil servants who broke laws, and were punished: Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi. Those 2 were punished quite severely. Their mothers also confirmed they were good people.

    1. Have you any confirmation from Mikey Duckbrain's mother that she can confirm he is good 'people.' There have been complaints about Mikey Duckbrain ringing people he doesn't even know and frightening them with personal questions about their bladders, but if Mrs Duckbrain confirms that Mikey Duckbrain is good 'people' it will put people at ease when he rings them up and asks how much urine they passed in the morning.