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Arthur William Taylor - fairly bizzare television show

about him last night. Justice Minister Collins refused to be interviewed and so did the department, until a letter was dispatched to them by Ms Collins, though the department official said the reversal of the decision had nothing to do with anyone getting kicked in the butt by the Minister. Following from which, the department spokesperson, departed from the usual refusal to comment on the grounds of privacy, went onto reveal that the desperate Mr Taylor had been placed in solitary. When asked to explain how it was that Taylor could have taken photos of his gaol house law office, the spokesman said that 'incalcitrants' (something of that sort) were known to shove mobile phones up their bottoms, this was despite a deputy commissioner of police having described the security screens surrounding Taylor at all times. The deputy commissioner later went onto to describe how cunning Taylor was and other general descriptions that one would have thought would not be forthcoming from the commissioner knowing that Taylor had already appealed his conviction(s) for some gaol house organised drug importation of some description.
We also got to hear from the commissioner that Taylor, an armed robber among other things - so dispelling any misguided thoughts viewers might have harboured about armed robbers, pointed firearms at people and had spent around 30 years in prison. We got to see the grimace on Taylor's face when the Judge, sentencing him to 7 years, called him a minor celebrity who revelled in the role.
Not to be outdone the reporter questions Arthur's wife on the reasons why Arthur was permitted access to a law library and so forth, as though she, the wife, was instrumental in that decision. Overall, one might have got the impression that Arthur Taylor pissed the police and justice department right off for not only his dozen or so escapes but also because of his success in the courts over the years. Probably safe to assume that Arthur Taylor will have something to say in the Courts about the disclosures about him to the public. I know he's spent many years in solitary but it will be interesting to see how the Courts receive the news, that Taylor has not been able to prepare his defence (I gathered he has a number of cases going - some on behalf of other prisoners) and the QC appointed to advise him at his recent trial spoke of his acknowledgement of the legal skills of Taylor who, I seem to recall, was taken from Paremoremo a couple of years ago, to visit a dying Judge of the North Shore Court, at the Judge's request.
I once negotiated on his behalf when he was on a hunger strike and at other times teased him unmercifully about certain aspects of his slightly blemished character, during which discourses he would refer to himself in the 3rd person as AW Taylor when I reckoned he needed a good tickle. Blinking bank robbers.
Whatever is the motivation of Taylor, he's crossed swords with the police and justice department for 30 years and appears to be showing no signs of giving up. The unfortunate thing might be that nobody has been able to harness the formidable Arthur Taylor into a life of less conflict with the authorities, and that despite not being known as a violent man, has been treated as one because of his unbending spirit and willingness to fight the authorities every step of the way. I was reminded that as a page turns in attitudes toward the 'illegality' of certain drugs, and the futility of the 'war against drugs' without which Taylor may have moved from being an armed robber, to a more legit life, instead of apparently entering the drug trade. One thing is for sure, even locked in solitary, he won't be giving up - not even an inch.


  1. Arthur was still in good spirit when I left last May although he was
    stuck on the top landing D Block with Burton Baker and Bell.
    Spent most of his time downstairs in his office by the rec room
    constantly yelling out for me to sneak him some cake from the kitchen
    where I was after transferring from the Rock kitchen when I was deemed
    an escape risk.
    Still cant believe I was classsified maximum as a result of escapes I
    did 30 years prior.
    Although we had no physical proximity during the week ironically at
    visits every Sunday we were all together walking to and fro visits
    down the strip.
    Last conversation we had was days before my release
    He was bitching bout that flea Riccardo Sannds who gave both of us up
    years ago having just discovered by me as being down Wanganui jail
    under a newly changed name.
    As you say Arthur will never change or give up.

  2. Something wrong having self-mutilators in D Block. Pretty disappointing that in these times that there is no psyche hospital available for them. I remember in Baker's submissions for his appeal against sentence, he told the Court that he'd had a chat with his mother, and she agreed that it minimum sentence (whatever it is) was a bit steep or similar - if you were ever going to hear a naive kid's voice in a man that was it. It's amazing that some people get out of there and manage to get their lives together because the odds are against it.
    Ah, Mr Sannds the art thief, and sort of person 'relied' upon to get to put people like Scott Watson and others in prison.
    Just makes me wonder why Arthur wouldn't be more determined to leave all that behind him, maybe he just can't.

  3. interesting a defender of taylor brings up sands, guys in taylors block few years ago found out how helpful to authorities taylor has been over fire arms, and he was moved real quick to segregated block , seems he was real helpful giving up fellow escapers but im sure his supporters will say it was for his love of general public and not to save his own skin

  4. something is hilariously wrong , has TAYLOR DIED.
    Carolyn Jameson ,his wife on her face book page states as late as 5 minutes ago ,she is widowed.and works at ARCWF, is this not the way Auckland Regional womens facility is known as.
    as one would think his wife woul be first to know of his demise are condolances in order.

  5. Ha, ha, somebody who has escaped a dozen times giving up an escape plan, and still able to walk among the same groups after a spell in solitary? Pure comedy. I do recall having read about a firearm being discovered but it followed a 'confrontation' of sorts between a group and an individual who was a mate of Taylors. The individual went to segregation and Taylor wasn't on the scene. Back to the drawing board with that one. Jealousy driven rumour, no more.

    Arthur might have polarised some opinion, but he hasn't been known for violence, or giving people up as you endeavour. He has unfortunately spent an inordinate amount of time in prison which few would envy and which doesn't, I'm sure he'd agree, do him much credit.

  6. Any idea who the post above re gun, was from ?
    Dont know anything about this recent gun incident

    Only 3 gun incidents I know of were

    1. Peter Fulcher was said to have turned one in back when Parry first
    opened according to Mihaly Bede.
    2.Arthur Taylor bringing back from court a gun into Mt Eden late 70s
    3.A gun buried in Mt Eden yard according to Mihaly Bede for Colin
    Prast to escape 1981
    Bede informed where the gun was got 12 months instantly off his lag
    and told Syd Ward the superintendant it was me that brought it in over
    the wall.
    I was Bedes mate until that happened but he refused once released to
    back it up in court.

    Whats the details on the recent incident?

  7. I published the names you included. Mr Fulcher has a troubled past and of course coughed to Aussie investigators in respect of the so called Mr Asia crew and may even have appeared at the Royal Commission.
    As for Mr Bede, he like Fulcher, Norton-Bennett and others from around the same time were happy to drop others in where they could. Norton-Bennett gave up a Bryan Curtis escape attempt in the 1980s but Curtis eventually escaped anyway.
    One of the characteristics of those you mentioned above, Norton-Bennett etc, were unlike, Curtis, Terry Brown and others, they'd sing for their supper, a situation which deteriorated as they got older and couldn't face up to long sentences without flinching. Unfortunately, rather than give up when they had no stomach for it anymore, they relied upon informing to lighten sentences or get some other advantage - instead of having the guts just to walk away. They were all dangerous in their own way, mostly relying on firearms and Bede was a tough nut, Fulcher and Bennett handy, and Sands a whimp.
    Bennett and Sands certainly got a clip, Fulcher was relieved of some funds.
    No, I don't know who the comment came from, maybe somebody being mischievious I thought.
    That later incident involved MJ from Wellington who in the process of being stood over for some gear, allegedly told his antagonists that they could 'take' the contents of a revolver he brought from undercover. The gun was later given up, MJ charged I think and sent to solitary, but AW certainly not involved. For a long time they were close mates and I haven't heard any changes on that.

    1. Hi, I'm Mihaly Bede's son - my Dad passed away a few months ago. I knew a little but about my fathers time in prison - including the story about the gun, and was hoping you might be able to tell me more about my fathers time ar Mr Eden...

    2. First of all best wishes to you, I'm sure your dad would have wanted all the best for you in a life far away from that of his earlier years.
      There is possibly some recorded information about your father. You could write to Greg Newbold of Canterbury University who may be able to tell you if that is the case or not. I'll tell you what little I know with the rejoinder of not be able to vouch for it's accuracy because it is anecdotal and not altogether sharp in my memory.
      I think your father was involved in the 65 Mt Eden prison riots. In his prison time he was well-known and powerful in what could loosely be described as the underworld where safe breakers were considered the 'elite.' That was of course prior to drugs and gangs becoming part of NZ society. Some of his contemporaries would have been George Wilder, Peter Fulcher, George Wihana, Cecil Te Whui, a younger Saifiti and others I will mention later on if their names come to me.
      Fulcher as far as I know is still alive and living in Auckland. He of course readily tells about the past and often mentioned your dad. I think there was some suggestion that there had been an attempt to deport your father. Regardless those groups were mostly burglars and robbers who got some ridiculously long sentences and continued to 'rebel' in prison. That was part of the reason for the strike I'm sure, also opportunism.

      Contd below

    3. I think the authorities identified a 'top ten' and held them in Waikaria while Paremoremo was being built - the prison from which it was incorrectly said there would be no escape. I should just include John Gillies and Jorgensen here. Gillies I'm sure was deeply involved in the strike or some hostage taking around the time of the riots. Peter Williams QC represented Jorgensen on a few matters and might have even been involved in negotiating between the prisoners and the authorities during the time they were trying to burn the old prison down. For ten or more years after the riots your father and the others were treated with great caution by the authorities in a time when many of the prison officers and superintendents were fairly down to earth and worldly enough to have grudging respect for men that were often engaged in breakouts, attempted breakouts and trying to do deals to gain freedom earlier or some favours.
      Slightly off topic, but it emerged that some Mt Eden prisoners had keys and I recall a story of an individual prisoner who might have been able to come and go from the prison for some time under his own will.
      I think also that the 'separates division' below 'ground' in Mt Eden was built as a temporary 'high security' section whilst Waikaria was being prepared. Some of the men got bashed by what were called 'goon squads' of officers, also a common event in ChristChurch and more recently Paremoremo.
      I recall being told by Fulcher or some of the others that your dad was a smaller man although incredibly strong. Pretty much they were strong minded individuals who mostly did their own thing but who would band together when it suited them. Another of the escapers was Frank Matich, Pat Bennett, along with Fulcher later in the 'Mr Asia' gang was another of the group. When free they were seldom strangers to big money and pistols. I almost had the name of the giant, long haired fellow shot in the leg during the riots but it has escaped me for now. He was a massive body builder but not really a 'hard doer' like some of the others, including your dad.
      Anyway when getting your letter it may be feel for the children of those that end up on the wrong side of the law, the wives and parents. One of phrases I coined in the 80s during the later suicides and strikes of not passing the 'bad stuff' onto the children, in fact to do everything possible to ensure they had a good chance at normal and productive lives no matter the tough lives they may have been born into. Bank's, later MP, Minister of Police own father Archie and his mum were in thick with many of the 'crowd' named in here and I'm sure there are plenty of others who managed to do well for themselves despite the life styles of their parents.

    4. Thanks for the info - i have a few questions regarding your response, and also some other queries relating to some of the information that has been posted here - is there an email address i could reach you on?

  8. sorry to disappoint ,not being mischeivious at all .back in Pare couple of years back copy of report written for taylor by some dude from Christchurch ex inmate Greg Some one now Law Professor down south , was circulating in our block ,said Taylor, had been co operating with authorities and given info to commission re where criminals obtained guns etc, certainly no secret among polynesian gangs in Pare at time

  9. Your change of tack has undermined what little credibility you had established. At the outset you talked about Arthur handing a firearm in. Now your claiming he had a report written on the subject by Greg Newbold (who you mention in passing detail in order to bolster your big porkies) that was presented to a Commission when in fact there has been no Commission.
    You claim this was common knowledge a couple of years ago, however, the first person to comment on this blog was in contact with Taylor last year and living in the same environment. You also say that it was 'no secret' among polynesian gangs yet Taylors co-offender was a leader of an firmly established Auckland gang - I admire your imagination but you need to deal with introducing continuity and common sense.
    Apart from that, I'm sure there is somebody that would believe you.

  10. Who listens to the defamatory words of Newbold.
    Whats that old saying from the very days of Mary Magdalene .."no one
    more virtuous than a reformed whore".
    Speaks volumes on the word of Greg Newbold the ex junkie than now
    spends his life denigrating the friends of old in an attempt to
    bolster his fame and ego.
    I admire his ability to change his life and his criticism of the
    justice system at large and reform of the penal service but I find
    deplorable his doing so at the expense of those he formerly held dear.
    Stick to the issues Greg not the personalities..

  11. Actually can't contribute the claim to Newbold, that assertion was this guy's (anonymous) second bite at the cherry, and it appears he supported his hearsay with more hearsay. Sound familiar?

    I do note that Greg has more often that not makes sound comment on things which he speaks out about and as you say there is no denying the changes he made in his own life.

    More than anything it was a 'boy's own' adventure for Greg and you get a sense of the tone of that in his book he published about prison life. He never harmed anybody or sold out any of his mates that I know of. I don't always agree with what he says and other times I think he's insightful and right on the mark - and it remains totally unproven, unlikely and improbable that any comment about Arthur giving things up is attributable to Greg.

    Anyway, glad to note that fire still burns in your belly.

  12. Isnt it wonderful to be misquoted then abused for misquotation, i dont believe i mentioned Taylor handling guns,i did say in error ,commission it was in fact Sir Thomas Thorps Fire arms review.
    Newbold quoted on page 2 of a not sure what correct term is ,will say letter of recommendation /Report for Parole Board and this is a direct quote,
    Arthur has co-operated with official agencies in recent years, one example is when i interviewed him for Sir Thomas Thorps Firearms review for which i was on a research contract,
    Arthur gave extremely useful information about where criminals get their fire arms from, what types are availible on street and what prices are paid for them.
    Second quote same page ,A second example occurred during and after the 1998 escape, Arthur was a powerful influence risking ostrascism and serious physical harm from other inmates he provided information to assist in their apprehension.
    Newbold goes on to say co-operating in this way in the black and white wotld of the maximum security prison represents a contravention of the highest and most sacred tenet of the inmate code.
    Im most happy to send a copy to any one you name to check authenticity.
    Yes Taylor was charged with KC patched members ,this was circulating after the charges,
    and before the trial.

    Before you attack the credibility of a patched member, find out the true facts first.
    General publis probably would give taylor medal for giving burton up .but a nark is a nark.

  13. Fascinating stuff, underdone by the fact that the authorities don't give up informers for obvious reasons.

    Would anyone believe that Arthur or anyone else could help the authorities by pointing out how firearms might be introduced into the authorities own fortress?

    Good switch from firearms to Burton. Do you reckon Arthur told some inquiry that Burton only had one leg? I didn't know that.

  14. who mentioned authorities giving up anyone?
    paper work was removed from cell in blocks,taylor tried real hard to get it back, but then as hes not a violent man we only imagined the threats, it was circulated to stop any more bros getting into trouble as KCS did doing business with Taylor .message was clear if and when it suits him ,gives you up ,still waiting for address to send it to so you can verify it

  15. Well, when confidential papers are circulated inside a prison - that is the authorities giving somebody up is it not? Where else could the papers have come from if they exist, it would appear only Arthur (and why would he do that,) Newbold, or the authorities - no one else would have access to them. Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if Greg had supported Arthur in a parole bid or that Arthur may have given information to the Thorpe review.

    If the papers exist, and I admit from what you've written they could do, it doesn't make Taylor an informant - it could simply mean he gave some 'useful' information for which he later claimed a credit through some arrangement with Greg. Dangerous ground in most respects, and not for me, but not enough to hang Arthur out to dry.

    More so because the authorities cultivate such 'relationships' particularly for their own benefit, outing an 'informant' doesn't suit that purpose for obvious reasons. As somebody else wrote above there has been a long history of people handing guns in for their own benefit. I now understand you don't say that Arthur did that but that rather he revealed ways in which guns might be smuggled into prison or obtained illegally - there is a difference.

    You might be implying that Arthur gave up his co-escapers including Burton. I don't know anything about that except that they were all caught, and Burton at least would have been able to sort that out with Arthur should he have needed to.

    I'm not blindly defending Arthur and you are welcome send an email address here and I will forward a way you can contact me if you wish. I can keep your address confidential....contd.

  16. ..contd..
    In any event it doesn't mean a great deal to me, apart from I don't like people getting labelled in this way when 'official hands' are involved, and Arthur has a lot of enemies among the authorities none of which avoids the fact the authorities look after their informers and don't out them. Look at Sands for example.

    On a personal note, I don't believe it. Equally, I reckon Arthur should have turned his life into something else years ago - but admit some guys can't do that. I once negotiated for him when he was deep into a hunger strike and have seen him endure years in solitary when others without doubt would have folded. That's a test. So too that no one has ever claimed he gave evidence against them. As for the crew he was allegedly co-offenders with this time round, they sat in Court with him and from what I read nothing in his defence, in his sentence or the conduct of his co-accused that suggested he was giving anyone up.

    Besides all that, if you are who you claim to be I hope you've given up that crap life yourself.

  17. Suspicious asked..July 29, 2011 at 7:56 PM

    > Any idea who this source is from the KCs ?

    No. Or even if he is one, which doesn't give any credibility with me anyway.
    Apparently relying on an official document that indicates that it was
    conveniently 'leaked' apparently having been found in Arthur's cell. You'd
    know more about it than I would, but the 'good guys' don't deliberately drop
    their informants in it, they might drop someone in it for revenge.

  18. wELL the authorities as the odd person on here well knows had stuff all to do with this, at the end of the day taylor met up with a storm trooper inside to whom he owed serious dosh ,no where to hide ,said person relieved taylors cell of odd few things paperwork among them ,then discovered what he had, Taylor was moved to segs for his own safety as it was put to rest of us,
    taylor never went on trial with all defendants only pulete, as most of them now in jails other than pare ,perhaps it would be interesting to hear their slant on things.
    Certainly more than a few at spring hill dont see Taylor through anything approaching rose coloured glasses,the word liability springs to mind.
    For the record my affiliations are not KC, second generation tribesman from Opotiki originally ,now South Auckland, dont need revenge, just telling it like it is.
    Any one in Pare 3 years ago will know unlike Taylor my word means something.
    Interested in the way people on here put an acceptible spin on giving info,
    cast your mind back to some big arrests in Waihi few years back on gun dealers,seems taylors real accurate.

  19. Work on that story, a tea-leaver who handed docs to the authorities because Arthur owed him money. Sure.
    I suppose somebody might believe that.

  20. I dont know or have heard of the stormtrooper story but dosnt sound right? What I do know for a FACT is that it was the crown ( Bruce Northwood) from Meridith Connell who applied for severance from the rest of the opperation WEB defendents. Severance applications are usually applied for by the defendent. But because Taylor had hammered the police and crown in the depositions at North Shore court they realised that he would drag their chances of a win to the gutter. Taylor exposed the poor police work done by Dect Mike Paki and his cohorts expertly. Taylor then had the prosecuter charged in the High Court with contempt. The only way they could minimise the hidding they were recieving was to get him out of that big trial. All those people in the second trial would have had their chances of winning increased if he was there. Ask yourselves why would the police ask for separation and have 2 long trials ? I dont believe that you will find a better researcher or defender to have next to you in a NZ court than this man. I have heard that from 3 seperate QCs.

    1. As for separate trials they wouldn't be doing it to save money, and if Arthur Taylor had walked the rest might have walked with him so I can see why the Crown applied for separate trials.

  21. This stuff about Arthur posted by "Anonymous" just shows you how easy it is for the cops to set someone up - especially when they aren't in a position to defend themselves .

    I keep in touch with a few of the guys in B block in Pare , where Burton has been for the past year and a half - so I thought I'd check this out - never having heard anyone ever mention a bad word about Arthur , which in itself is almost unheard of coz when you've been around as much as him and done as many lags you usually pick up a few enemies - "haters" - along the way who are only too willing to bad mouth someone behind their back .

    It's come back from my Bro up there , who's also checked it out with Arthur , even asking Burton about it. He was in D Block on the same landing as Arthur - ( it was Arthur who helped get his directed seg order thrown out by the VJ at the end of 2011 ) so got him back to B Block after 3 years - that this shit Anonymous has gone on about was an attempt by the North Shore CIB to set Arthur up . He got the goods on an informant of theirs codenamed "Oscar" - who had been giving Daryl Brazier ( even after he moved to Tauranga he remained her "controller" ) information for at least the previous 10 years on everyone from the Blacks to the Angels to the Heads (the Mob were apparently the only ones she hadn't mixed with lol ) - and whose info had led to many arrests . Arthur even called her out in front of a packed Nth Shore court in July 2009 during the deps hearing!

  22. The cops included a dummy letter to the parole board among the thousands of pages of disclosure about Operation "Spider Web" to one of the accused Michael Laumanu ( and only him - none of the other accused in that case got it ) and it basically said "Arthur had assisted the Thorpe firearms enquiry" in the late 90's by giving their researcher Geg Newbold information on where criminals accessed their firearms etc .
    It also said he had "helped with information on where Burton and the other escapers were" after they escaped in 1998 .
    The cops were no doubt hoping it would come to the notice of Burton and others in Pare and blacken Arthur's name . They sent it to Laumanu ( look him up on Sensible sentencing website - a BAD rapist doing PD, and the KC's should be ashamed of having him in their ranks not only for that but also for being partners with an informant ) so they could make sure he started spreading the shit around . At all times during this Arthur's been in D Block on directed segs , which is like being in prison within a prison , so he couldn't confront Laumanu about this .
    Oscar was visiting him at the time , even though he had already been warned she was an informant . She's nearly twice his age and if you ever saw them you'd think it was his mum not his partner ! But she's feeding him $ and other stuff . She used to visit Les green through the 90's until he woke up to her and now won't have a bar of her - anyone knows him ask him about her . Unfortunately for the cops , there are just too many people know how solid Arthur is , including among the KC's highest ranks - such as Vave ) and also knew Burton and him were still on good terms , which they wouldn't be if he had told the cops where Burton was hiding or if there was anyone who had been able to point the finger at Arthur for giving them up for anything - which there never has been to my knowledge. Anyone in the know about the escape knows Burton was caught through the cops checking the place where he was holed up through an outside light no longer being on , not because they were sent there , and Arthur never knew where he was anyway as he'd been arrested before Burton even came across the place and decided to hole up there .
    Arthur found out about this and brought a case against the cops to the Privacy Commissioner for releasing false information about him . The cops eventually made a settlement with him ( which they insisted be confidential ) and paid him over $8,000 , and the two cops Paki & Poore from Operation Spider Webb were supposed to undertake staff training so they never pulled this shit again
    As well , the cops had to make a written apology to Arthur . Yes , the Prosecution did apply for separate trials ( unheard of in itself ) And yes , it was because they didn't want Arthur unwinding their case against the others and destroying the real informants who gave evidence on that case on the stand . Rocky Pulete , who stood trial with Arthur can vouch for all the above as well as Wayne Clarke who also stood trial with him .
    Arthur was mainly responsible for him and Rocky gettting "Not Guilty's" on the 3 possession for supply charges and Wayne Clarke being section 347'd on all charges he faced . Rocky & Wayne have told everyone who needed to know this , so you "haters" out there , worry about the real informants and stop trying to blacken a good man's name .

    As far as the "Stormtrooper" bit , that's all shit , never happened ! Anyone who has much to do with the prisons ( even the screws ) knows how highly regarded Arthur is in every prison in the country , including the women's ones - you never hear a bad word about him - and his mana's even higher now after he won the tobacco ban case .

  23. Human rights observors will have wondered yesterday whether New Zealand actually was a fascist Police state after all.

    Prisoner Arthur Taylor was in the High Court to argue his case against the illegal prison tobacco contrabrand regulation implimented by the Corrections dept & indirectly seek redress for prisoners mistreated by the arbitrary smoking ban .

    He was transported , shackled , in an armoured van with 4 Corrections Dept guards , police vehicles acted a escorts & intersections were closed so the van didn't need to stop anywhere . A police helicopter buzzed the Paremoremo area early Thursday , then accompanied the prison van to the Court .
    It hovered over the Court until Prisoner Taylor was in the building.
    In Court , there were 2 armed police officers inside & 2 outside the Court throughout the Hearing . Police asked Justice Brewer to keep Arthur Taylor handcuffed & shackled throughout the Hearing , but this was thankfully refused .

    During the Hearing , Justice Brewer remarked that , as a territorials Brigadier in Afghanistan , he had seemn prisoners kept in holes in the ground . he said only application of the rule of law prevented that sort of thing happening in New Zealand . Arthur taylor's argument is that Corrections dept disregarded the rule of law .
    On return to Auckland prison , he was subjected to the mandatory full strip search & cavity check. According to "inside information", he then arrived at his cell to discover it had been turned upside down in a search in his absence , leaving his belongings discarded untidily .

    Arthur Taylor pays a huge price & endures impediments I haven't mentioned here , to stand up for human rights of others . prisoners are bottom of the heap , so if their human rights are downgraded , everyone elses are pulled down with theirs .

    Prisoners are entitled to be treated with dignity at all times , even when they are taking the prison service to Court . Everyone else has to manage conflict of interest - why should Corrections & Police be any different . Also , someone should be held accountable for the expensive security overkill on Thursday & Friday .

    The case itself went well . Taylor had the Judge's attention & a decision should be out in a month or 2 .

    The warrriors were the on

  24. Mihale's son. Send a comment here with your email address. I won't publish it but send you a email instead to make contact. Cheers.

  25. Hi,

    You might notice from my surname, i am not Mihalys biological son, but he was the man i called Dad for 28 of the 29 years ive been alive.. My biological father was Andrew Howie, who happened to share a cell with Mihaly Bede (its complicated!!) - He was locked up for Arson i think (He got fired, got drunk and burnt his boss boatshed down - and then felt bad and waited for the police.. i dont know much about him as he took his own life when i was 1)

    They would have been cellmates around the time Mihaly received a reduction in his sentence re: gun incident.. (just on that.. he tells a slightly different story to the one mentioned above.. the way he tells it was, he had his mate bring the gun into the prison and bury it, before he supposedly informed on the 'blogger' - Parents often have a way of embellishing the truth when recounting stories to their offspring, so believe me it wouldnt suprise me to know that someone else may tell it differently..)

    So, I was hoping you might be able to assist (or point me in the right direction) info about my other Dad (Andrew)...

    Oh, i did manage to get in contact with Greg, who attempted to make contact with Brian 'Ag' - According to greg he did time with mihaly - but so far i have had no response..

    Anyway, a big thank you to yourself for all your help.