Thursday, November 25, 2010

I hope that I have in myself to note with uncertainty,

whether or not my decision, a decision was right or not. No one can talk in absolutes about Pike River to the point that sides form to counter one another. One voice says, see, there have been two explosions in 6 days, while another says that for 6 days there has been safety to go into the mine. And I wonder about absolutes when none of us can be sure: can't be sure would suit me until we know, if we ever know. I'm not deceived by the idea that the OIC could act, or would act without consent of our highest elected officers. Some body's hands should go up, not that of a Regional Commander because he isn't, and never was the boss. And men, like the decorated police officer this year who pulled the boy from the burning wreck take risks, and families do but I don't think that anyone should say..I take the risk from you and I am right.

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